13 In-Demand Content Specialisations Every Writer NEEDS to Know


Last Updated: March 3, 2023
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Are you someone who loves to write, keeps getting creative ideas and can pen them down? Worry not, even though you do not have a degree in Literature or Mass Communication but if you are good at writing then Content Writing can be the field for you! Whether your forte is poems, fictional writing, short stories or articles– there is something for you in the content writing field! 

With the vast amount of content available on the internet, it’s no surprise that content writing has become a highly sought-after skill. However, with so many different types of content out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which area to specialise in. Should you focus on writing blog posts, social media captions, or maybe even video scripts? Let’s talk about the broad sections of content writers needed to meet your professional needs.


So What Are The Types Of Content Writers?

Content writers need to be good writers, but not only writers. Other skills equally necessary for this position, like SEO, sales strategies, social media, and branding, to mention a few. There are several categories of freelance content writers available today based on their expertise, because not all content writers can master all forms of content. On that note, let’s  a look at what’s cooking in the content market:


1. SEO Writers

SEO writers are like the knights of the internet. They wield their pens (or keyboards) with great skill and strategy, using their knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) to help their clients’ websites appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). I’m sure you’ve surfed the internet to find a couple of pages displayed on the first page based on your search query.  This is because these pages are search engine optimised. 

SEO content writers are in charge of writing text that incorporates particular keywords in order to prompt web pages to rank as highly as possible in search engine results pages, which is an essential component of many digital marketing tactics. 

An example would be using short sections with bolded headings and subheadings to increase reader engagement and benefit search engine algorithms. 

To successfully rank in a search engine, SEO writers conduct keyword research using accessible keyword research tools and then include those keywords in their writing. 

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2. Technical Content Writer

Technical content writers specialise in producing technical information in a manner that can be comprehended in layman terms. These writers have an in-depth understanding of information technology as well as software, hardware, and electronics.

Technical writing can be challenging but is also incredibly rewarding. Employers typically favour hiring writers with a background in technology. Since they are tech-savvy, they are better able to understand the customer’s exact requirements.

While some technical writers focus on writing for an expert audience, others excel at educating readers who are unfamiliar with the subject matter about highly complex concepts, frequently in the form of manuals, product descriptions, or FAQs.

technical writer

3. Marketing Content Writer

This is one of the most fascinating and difficult fields in the entire field of content writing. Marketing content writers provide written materials such as flyers, newsletters, e-newsletters, audio and visual content, and brochures. A keen eye towards detail is necessary while writing content for communications and marketing. For maximum impact, the content should be presented and ordered in a way that is appealing to the audience.

There are plenty of topics that you can write about. Content for websites, blogs, articles, PPTs, social media, Ebooks, press releases, newsletters, email campaigns, internal and external communications, marketing collateral like brochures and flyers, and audio and video content are all examples of marketing content.


4. Lead Generating Writer

The main aim of content writing is lead generation, right? This means turning prospects into clients! Lead generators are aware of how leads behave. They are entirely focused on a single goal– to generate more leads, which will then generate more business. They create tasks that compel leads or potential clients to perform in response to the information provided.

Lead-generation writers try to eliminate the flaws that prevent a company or brand from attaining the intended results. For this purpose,they are highly adept at understanding complex data and analytics and are aware of how important it is to provide a clear message. They are therefore very sought-after in the digital world.

5. Academic Content Writer

As nerdy as it sounds, being an Academic Content Writer  is quite a fun job! These writers produce online content that students and learners may access. It’s crucial to be able to express academic views clearly in writing. 

Depending on the audience, academic writers utilise various vocabulary and sentence constructions. All writers need to do significant study and have a firm understanding of topics when writing academically.

The daily responsibilities of an academic writer include abiding by a tight code of behaviour and becoming proficient in editing and improving poorly written papers in their fields.

6. Legal Content Writer

As the name suggests, legal writers can be categorised as individuals who write in-depth articles on legal topics for readers in the legal and justice departments, including lawyers, judges, advocates, and professionals who apply the law. The work of a legal writer is overwhelming and difficult. They are tasked with producing something that is authentic at its essence.

Since legal blog writing requires proficiency and comprehension, it cannot be written without any knowledge base. Legal writers specialise in in-depth legal topics for readers who work in the legal industry, focusing on fundamental issues. Working as a legal writer can be both rewarding and challenging.

Legal copywriters produce elegant, smart, and aesthetically pleasing documents. A legal writer needs to be knowledgeable about the many clauses and vocabulary that make up legal writing.

legal writer

7. Long-Form Content Writer

White papers, eBooks, case studies, and evergreen content are examples of long-form content, a broad material category. Articles about subjects with enduring value in the never-ending stream of online content are those that are not related to fads or trends that come and go. A different type of long-form web material is something you see in blogs. Lead generation can be significantly  improved by engagement with these posts. This is a growing field which opens up a portal of opportunities to explore!

8. Social Media Writer

There is so much content put up on social media platforms  already. How then, can content for social media be made interesting, engaging, and produce results?

Social Media Writers are aware that creating conversational and interactive content is the ideal strategy for trying to stand out on the social media scene. Social media has a distinct personality and quirks of its own. Writers in this field can make use of content that is specifically tailored for each social media platform.

Besides curating content, social media writers are aware of the touchpoints of the  content journey on several  platforms. This indicates that social media content  is  widely spread if it has an impact and creates buzz among users.

social media

9. Finance Content Writing

Finance and Content writing together? Yes! You know how money can be a tricky thing? Well, finance content writers are the superheroes who can help make it all easier to understand. They write articles and blogs about money-related stuff, like investing, saving, and budgeting. Finance content writers have to make sure their writing is clear and easy to understand, even for people who don’t have a finance degree. That means breaking down complex financial jargon into simple, relatable terms.

financial writer

10. Sports Content Writing

Love sports and interested in writing? A writer of sports content curates content on subjects pertaining to the sports industry. If you enjoy communicating with sports fans and are a decent writer, sports journalism could be something you can look into

Writing sports content requires you to make sure your writing is informative, interesting, and entertaining. A good sports content generally requires extensive research, visits to relevant games, and networking with industry professionals.

Several writers produce content exclusive to one sport, such as baseball, basketball, or football (depending on the common sport in the region), while others cover a variety of sports. Unlike other forms of journalism, the written information for sportswriters is incredibly detailed.Their work can be found in expert blogs, publications, newspapers, television programmes, and radio shows.

sports writer

11. Travel & Hospitality Content Writing

Travel and hospitality content writers are like tour guides, but instead of leading you around in person, they take you on a journey through their words. They write articles, blogs, and other content that helps people plan their dream vacations, find the best hotels and resorts, and discover amazing destinations. And just like a good tour guide, travel and hospitality content writers have to be knowledgeable about the places they’re writing about. They research destinations, hotels, and activities to make sure they’re providing accurate and helpful information.

12. Fashion & Lifestyle Content Writing

Sounds so cool! This can be an interesting field for you if you love fashion. Writers of lifestyle content produce written, visual, or audio information about daily life. Your lifestyle comprises things like travel, physical fitness, overall health, pastimes, handicrafts, home maintenance, money management, and cooking. landscaping, interior design, and other things.

Fashion material sticks to strict phrasing, tone, and style guidelines that are particularly brand-specific. The client’s brief, which may include brand standards or specifications, has a significant impact on the content.

Apart from these basic in-demand specialisations, there are definitely more in this field! Be it health, sports, fitness or finance- content writing has something for everything if you can articulate it well!


13. News Content Writer

The people who turn field reports into news articles are known as news writers. These pieces could be printed in newspapers or published online.  It is advised that those seeking a career as a news writer for content have a degree in journalism. Writing articles that are both expressive and very informative while yet being simple to grasp is required for such content writing careers.  Being a news writer requires objectivity and the ability to compose stories with reasonable conclusions.

To create high-quality content from unprocessed data and figures, a very professional level of ability is required.


It’s Your Time To Write and Shine! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get that notebook and pen and grant life to your ideas because William Faulkner rightly said, “If a story is in you, it has got to come out.”

Whatever you are good at, you can curate great content if you can brew magic with words. The field of content writing offers a diverse range of job opportunities, which is great news for students and aspiring writers. With so many different types of content writing jobs available, they have plenty of options to choose from based on their interests and skills. 

Depending on how well one understands the prospects and the working in this industry, a content writing career might be solid for some while potentially being a challenge for others. Take your time to figure out your writing style and specialisation. If you are confused and need guidance on your journey in content writing, then Mentoria is here for you!

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