15 Types of Software Developers


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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Here are 15 Types of Software Developers Simplified For You!

Are you someone who loves to build or design new things? Have you always had a knack for finding solutions to issues, especially those involving technology? Are you the friend in your group who is usually approached when anyone faces a technological problem? Are you the first in line when a new device is introduced? Do you consider yourself creative enough to create systems, conduct software research, design, implement, and manage the developed applications? 

Let us guess- You really adore the cutting-edge world of technology and the opportunities it offers! If the answer to the above questions was “yes” then software development is the field for you! In comparison to other occupations that have been around for a bit of a while, software development is a relatively young field and as such, is less well understood. Let us make it easier for you!

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What Do Developers Really “Develop”?

A broad word used to describe anyone who conceptualises, designs, and creates computer programmes and applications is called a “software developer.” If you have ever wondered how a particular app operates, how it is so quick, and the user interfaces so friendly then that is the work of software developers! They can develop the underlying systems for businesses and technology and operate on desktop or mobile platforms. Remember how sometimes you look at a website and it is so bad, you feel like you could have done a better job? Well, you really can become a developer!

The game that you are always stuck to on your mobile phone, the app that helps you keep track of your income and expenses, the app that organises your documents for you, well, all of that is the work of developers. Yes, the brilliant minds behind all kinds of computer applications are software developers! Now, just like there is a teacher for every subject, there are types of software developers as well, and each type specialises in a certain area of problem-solving. Here is a list of developers and their work!

Here are the Different Kinds of Developers Out There:

There are many different kinds of developers, and it can be difficult to tell which one you want to be, the differences between them are also quite blurred. You will fit more categories as you gain expertise and competence. Software developers use a broad set of abilities that allow them to manage a team and participate actively in the design and development processes. A smartphone developer, for instance, might be familiar with the same tools as a game developer, but they aren’t the same and can’t do the same work. This has a significant impact on the types of developers, so we’ve listed some of the more common ones below.

Remember the website which has a very easy interface and you could easily use it? A front-end developer is responsible for the software, system, or application user interface of the software, system, or application. Their efforts promote positive user experiences. For instance, they might change a website’s design or ensure a programme is easy to use and navigate. Front-end developers can contribute to the design of systems that satisfy user needs and function effectively by approaching programmes and systems from the user’s point of view.

Their job is to comprehend the design and human-machine interaction more than thetheory. Their expertise includes user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design and CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and UI Frameworks.

Estimated Annual Income : 7 LPA

How does the work of the front-end developer be visible? You guessed it right! Through a back-end developer. The backend of the website consists of servers, applications, and databases, and server-side developers help build and maintain these components.  A technological expert that works on the back end of software, apps, programmes, and systems is known as a back-end developer. 

They make it possible for the website’s user-facing portion to exist. Back-end developers frequently use particular coding languages when writing code. The terminology they employ can vary depending on the nature and purpose of the project they are working on. 

They are expected to be proficient in Java, C++, Ruby, Python, Scala, and Go development.

Estimated Annual Income : 10.5 LPA

Now, the one who can do both of the above! Full-stack developers are among the software development positions in great demand and frequently obtain training that enables them to construct and create full apps, programmes, or software. Full-stack engineers are in charge of the application’s front-end and back-end activities. They are capable of producing completely functional software. Front-end and back-end developers will both be a part of the full-stack developer’s skill set.

Estimated Annual Income : 5.8 LPA

As the name suggests, these developers frequently focus on mobile platforms and create applications with mobile consumers in mind. Knowing specific coding standards and languages can be necessary for mobile development. They produce code for Windows, iOS, and Android applications. Mobile developers are familiar with the environments and frameworks required to build applications for mobile operating systems.

They are skilled in many other types of development, including web development languages, cross-platform mobile suites, Java, Swift, Objective-C, and Application Programming Interfaces.

Estimated Income : 30,000 INR per month

Have you ever used Microsoft Office Word or launched GarageBand to write a document? So you have experience with desktop applications.

This is a programmer that only creates desktop operating system software programmes that run locally (such as Mac OS, Windows, and Linux).

If you’re using a computer to visit this website, your web browser is a desktop programme and the desktop developer creates it.

GUI toolkits, such as XAML, Gtk, WinForms, etc., are frequently used by desktop developers.

Estimated Annual Income : 5.5 LPA

As the name suggests, a person who creates video games is known as a game developer. They can make engaging experiences for people thanks to their abilities. Developers of video games may create games for consoles, computers, mobile devices, or specialised operating systems. They are experts in game writing and have specialised knowledge and abilities in creating fun, interactive gaming environments.

They possess specialised expertise and abilities in creating fun interactive gaming experiences. They are classified into four main groups: Developers for the:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Virtual reality

Estimated Income : 14k – 43k INR per month

Programs are written by data scientist programmers to analyse data sets. They typically oversee predictive modelling, machine learning, and statistical analysis. The skill set a data scientist should possess should include a variety of scientific topics. It is crucial for these kinds of engineers to be able to communicate any flaws and problems.

Their expertise includes multivariate calculus, numerous efficient approaches, machine learning techniques, programming languages (R, Python), and dealing with data flaws.

Estimated Annual Income : 6.9 LPA

A person who specialises in working with big data is known as a big data developer. Huge data sets are referred to as big data. Developers with big data frequently employ specialised tools and information libraries that are only available for large data.

Big data developers create software applications to store and access massive volumes of data from systems like data warehouses, ETL systems, relational databases, data lake management systems, etc. 

Estimated Annual Income : 4-14.5 LPA

The main duties of database developers, usually referred to as database programmers, are designing and developing computer databases. They assess the effectiveness and performance of the database programme, choose the finest database management system for a certain client, and troubleshoot and fix issues. To create or administer a database, they frequently employ programming languages including C, Node, PHP, Python, SQL, and Ruby.

Estimated Annual Income : 2.16 LPA

One example of something that isn’t exactly what you’d consider software development is a digital camera. Though it is. Developers must incorporate an embedded system into digital cameras in order to improve specific functions like photo storage.

Computer systems that are integrated into a larger mechanical device are referred to as embedded systems. The majority of the technology you use outside of your PC is undoubtedly an embedded system. You’ve only recently picked up the vocabulary necessary to recognise these systems in daily life.

Estimated Annual Income : 4.7 LPA

To maintain customer information, communicate with customers, and carry out other customer-related tasks, many businesses employ CRM software and technology. In order for this to operate, a developer will be required, right? Developers with a focus on creating these systems are known as CRM developers. 

They frequently place a lot of emphasis on developing and enhancing the systems that support organisations’ efforts in relationship management. In order to satisfy the needs of the enterprises employing them, several CRM offerings have distinctive features. CRM programmers may assist in building platforms that satisfy the needs and goals of clients while providing positive user experiences.

Estimated Annual Income : 3.86 LPA

A software developer is essential in identifying, designing, installing, and testing a software system that has been specifically created for a business in order to make sure the operations are going as planned. Software developers can also work on networks and systems, assisting in the creation of broader frameworks to support certain technology or technological advancements. 

Software development applicants can apply for specific positions with the help of their coding and coding language knowledge. Coding abilities in languages like JavaScript, C++, Ruby, and C#, and.Net are required for a software developer. These developers ought to feel at ease writing and analysing queries and utilising various frameworks

Estimated Annual Income : 3.95 LPA

To sustain in the online world, every business needs a website, right? An individual who works on developing websites for businesses and people is known as a web developer. They may work on back-end coding, which manages the site’s core functions, or front-end website elements, which are the sections that users see.

In order to construct websites that satisfy client needs and function properly for visitors, web developers frequently take into account website elements including layout, navigation, and accessibility. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, FTP, JavaScript and WordPress is required of web developers.

Estimated Annual Income : 2.32 LPA

Security can be crucial for businesses because it can help them safeguard critical data and consumer information. To test software security, a system must be established. A security developer is someone who develops and enhances methods and procedures for doing so. Their work might aid in defending various systems and software from risks and attacks related to cyber security. Their work’s objective is to ethically hack the system and find its weaknesses.

Estimated Annual Income : 9 LPA

The task of integrating technology into the game and video production industries typically falls to graphic developers. Developers who specialise in developing scene effects including shadows, light, depth, and texture are known as graphics developers.

New, open-source frameworks for graphics programming can make it simpler for new developers to master crucial job skills. Computer science and Maths skills can be helpful for developers in these professions.

Estimated Annual Income : 3 LPA

Ready to Become a Developer?

For all types of software engineers, the future is promising. Now that you’ve taken a deeper look at this important position, you can determine whether or not you were designed to work in the software development industry. If you are still confused about how to pursue these options or which one would be perfect for you, Mentoria is the answer! 

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