Assam CEE: Eligibility, Exam, and Application Essentials

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Last Updated: December 20, 2023
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The Assam Combined Entrance Examination (Assam CEE) is a state-level entrance test conducted by the Assam Science and Technology University (ASTU) for admission to various undergraduate engineering programmes in the state of Assam, India. Established with the aim of selecting candidates for admission to engineering courses offered by colleges across Assam, Assam CEE is a crucial examination for aspiring engineers. The examination typically covers subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, evaluating candidates’ understanding and proficiency in these key areas. The successful completion of Assam CEE opens doors to prestigious engineering colleges in the state, providing students with the opportunity to pursue their academic and professional aspirations.

Assam CEE plays a vital role in determining merit-based admissions to undergraduate engineering programmes, fostering a competitive yet fair selection process. The examination pattern is designed to assess candidates’ problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and application of scientific principles. Aspiring engineers from Assam and neighbouring states vie for the opportunity to showcase their academic prowess through Assam CEE, making it a pivotal event in the academic calendar for those aspiring to pursue a career in engineering.


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To be eligible for the Assam Combined Entrance Examination (Assam CEE), candidates must fulfil several criteria. Firstly, applicants must be Indian citizens and permanent residents of Assam, underlining the significance of local domicile. The age of the candidates should fall within the range of 17 to 21 years as of August 1, 2024, with specific relaxations. B.Sc graduates are granted an upper age limit extension to 22 years, while ST/SC candidates enjoy a relaxation of 3 years. Educational qualifications necessitate the successful completion of the 12th standard from a recognised board. Additionally, candidates must secure a minimum aggregate score of 50%, with specific relaxations for SC (45%) and ST (40%) candidates. Furthermore, the qualifying examination must include compulsory subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English. These eligibility criteria collectively ensure that candidates possess the requisite academic background and fulfil the necessary conditions for a fair and merit-based selection process for admission to undergraduate engineering programmes in Assam.

Assam CEE 2024 Exam Dates

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The Assam CEE 2024 is poised to unfold with a series of scheduled events, marking key milestones in the examination process. Commencing in the 2nd week of May 2024, the online registration window will open, inviting aspiring candidates to enrol for the entrance examination. The registration period is expected to conclude by the 4th week of May 2024, setting a deadline for applicants to complete the necessary formalities. A correction facility, slated for the 1st week of June 2024, offers candidates an opportunity to rectify any errors or update information in their submitted applications. Subsequently, the eagerly anticipated admit cards are projected to be available for download in the 4th week of June 2024, signifying a crucial step toward exam participation. The actual entrance examination is tentatively scheduled for the 1st week of July 2024, providing candidates the platform to showcase their knowledge and skills in the prescribed subjects. Following the exam, the release of the answer key in the 2nd week of July 2024 will provide insights into correct responses. Lastly, the culmination of the examination cycle is anticipated in the 3rd week of July 2024 with the declaration of results, shaping the trajectory for the subsequent phases of the admission process. As these dates are tentative, candidates are advised to stay vigilant for official updates and announcements to navigate the Assam CEE 2024 journey seamlessly.

Assam CEE 2024 Application Form

The Assam CEE 2024 registration process is set to commence from the second week of May 2024, signalling the beginning of the application period for aspiring candidates. The application form, a crucial component of the examination process, will be made available exclusively through online mode by the concerned authority. During the application procedure, candidates will need to furnish essential details such as their name, academic information, parental details, and other pertinent information. The application process will encompass several sequential steps, including initial registration, data entry, document upload, and the subsequent online submission of the application fee. As part of the documentation, candidates will be required to upload scanned copies of their photograph and signature in jpg format. Precision in providing accurate information is paramount, as any inaccuracies may result in the rejection of the application.

To ensure correctness, an edit window will be provided to registered candidates, allowing them to make necessary amendments. The deadline for submitting the application form is tentatively set for the fourth week of May 2024, and it is imperative for candidates to adhere to this timeline, as no applications will be accepted beyond this date. After successful submission, candidates are strongly advised to retain a hardcopy of the application form for future reference during the subsequent stages of the admission procedure. This meticulous process is designed to streamline the application experience and facilitate a smooth transition into the Assam CEE 2024 examination and admission process.

The application fee for all category candidates participating in the Assam CEE 2024 is uniform at Rs 850/-. This fee structure ensures a standardised and equitable process for all applicants, regardless of their category. Candidates are required to submit the application fee exclusively through online mode, eliminating the need for physical transactions. The online payment gateways, including options such as debit card, credit card, or net banking, provide candidates with convenient and secure avenues to complete the payment process.

This digital approach to fee submission aligns with contemporary trends in online transactions, streamlining the application process and enhancing accessibility for candidates. It not only ensures efficiency in the application process but also contributes to a more transparent and traceable financial transaction system. As candidates embark on their Assam CEE 2024 application journey, the online mode of payment stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of examination processes, emphasising convenience and accessibility for all participants.

How to Apply for Assam CEE 2024

The Assam CEE 2024 application process is designed to be a systematic and user-friendly experience for aspiring candidates. Commencing with a visit to the official Assam CEE website, applicants can navigate through the steps with ease. Upon clicking on the designated “CEE Application Form” link, candidates are directed to the application form tab, where they can input essential details such as personal information, parentage, address, and educational qualifications. A crucial aspect involves the seamless online submission of the uniform application fee, set at Rs 850/- for all categories, using debit card, credit card, or net banking options.

Following the fee payment, candidates proceed to the upload section, where scanned documents, including photographs and signatures, are submitted as per the specified jpg format. As a final step, applicants are advised to generate a printout of the payment receipt, a vital document for future reference. This comprehensive and digitised approach not only ensures the accuracy of information but also streamlines the application process, making it accessible to all. By following these step-by-step instructions, candidates can successfully navigate through the Assam CEE 2024 application procedure, marking the initial phase of their journey towards engineering education in the state.

Exam Pattern And Syllabus

The Assam CEE Exam Pattern for 2024 is outlined to provide a fair and comprehensive assessment of candidates’ knowledge and aptitude. The examination will be conducted in offline mode, utilising OMR answer sheets, with a duration of 3 hours allotted to candidates for completing the test. The question paper comprises a total of 120 questions, all of which are in the form of Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

The medium of the paper will be in both English and Assamese to cater to the linguistic preferences of the candidates. In terms of the marking scheme, candidates will receive 4 marks for every correct answer, while 1 mark will be deducted for each incorrect response. The distribution of questions is uniform across three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, with each subject featuring 40 questions.

As for the Assam CEE 2024 Syllabus, it is grounded in the NCERT curriculum of class 11th and 12th levels. Candidates are expected to prepare for the exam by focusing on topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Major topics include, in Physics: Kinematics, Gravitation, Laws of Motion, Current Electricity, EM Waves, Optics, Thermodynamics, Work, Energy and Power, Oscillations, and Waves, Atoms and Nuclei, Electronic Devices, EMI and AC, among others. In Mathematics, topics cover Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Mathematical Reasoning, Sets, Relations and Functions, Statistics and Probability, Linear programming, Calculus, and more. In Chemistry, candidates should prepare for Solid state, Solutions, States of Matter, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Hydrogen, S block elements, p block elements, d and f block elements, Alcohol, phenol and ether, surface chemistry, Aldehydes, Ketones, and a carboxylic acid, among other key concepts. This comprehensive structure ensures that candidates are evaluated across a broad spectrum of topics within the three core subjects, paving the way for a well-rounded assessment of their readiness for engineering studies.

The Assam Combined Entrance Examination (Assam CEE) serves as a pivotal gateway for aspiring engineers seeking admission to undergraduate programmes in the state. The comprehensive examination pattern, conducted through offline mode with OMR answer sheets, encompasses Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, providing a thorough evaluation of candidates’ knowledge and skills. The clear marking scheme encourages precision, while the diverse syllabus, rooted in the NCERT curriculum, ensures a holistic assessment of candidates’ understanding across various subjects. The emphasis on both English and Assamese as the medium of the paper reflects the commitment to linguistic inclusivity. As candidates embark on their preparation journey, covering topics ranging from kinematics and thermodynamics to algebra and calculus, the Assam CEE 2024 stands as a robust platform for selecting deserving candidates and shaping the future landscape of engineering education in the region.

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