Fashion Model

Who Is A Fashion Model?

As a model, your life is a big deal. Your looks make hearts flutter. Your job involves getting clicked by professional photographers. You grace the covers of well-known magazines. Everybody from fans and advertisers to competitors and the media praise you for your looks and confidence. Most importantly, you get paid for the beauty you’re blessed with.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But, is it easy? Absolutely, not!

There is glamour on the outside, but there’s intense hard work on the inside. To begin with, you will need to meet certain appearance requirements such as the right height and weight. That drop-dead gorgeousness does not come easily; it takes immense work. Maintaining it is even more difficult. It’s not impossible, though. Models do it and so can you. If you’re passionate enough to put in the work, you will see the results for yourself.

Fashion Model

Roles & Responsibilities


Posing for the camera. You need to understand how to pose right and make the right expressions for the camera. No photoshoot ends with just a few clicks; you will have to provide various poses and expressions until the photographer gets the shot he/she wants.


Showcasing unique clothing for fashion shows, commercials and print media. You will have to sport the attire suggested by the brands you’re endorsing. You need to be comfortable and confident sporting any and every style.


Getting featured in TV, print and digital ads for promoting products and services. Your photographs will grace magazines, billboards, TV ads, digital ads – just about wherever your brand wants you to be. You should give it your best shot and be prepared to see yourself all over town!


Working closely with photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers and other experts. It takes an army of people to help you look so good after all!


Understanding the photographer’s or director’s perspective. All of you have the same goal – creating the best possible pictures and videos. You will have to discuss your poses and expressions with the photographer or director beforehand and understand their vision before you begin the shoot.


Devoting time for fashion show rehearsals. You will need to rehearse and practice tirelessly to give your best for the final show.


Maintaining a standard portfolio. This is a standard requirement for every model. You will need to share your portfolio with modelling agencies for shows, shoots, and other opportunities.


Following a strict diet plan and undergoing intensive physical training and exercise. Maintaining an excellent physique and drop-dead gorgeous looks won’t be as easy as you think. You will have to eat right and work out regularly.


Socialising and networking. You will have to stay active in fashion circles and build as many contacts as you can, not just among agencies and photographers but also fellow models. This will help you get more modelling opportunities.


Developing a confident attitude. Confidence is what will take you ahead in this industry. You need to be confident while posing for photos, walking down the ramp and networking.

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What Skills Will I Need To Have To Do This Job Well?

As exciting as this sounds, there are some things you’ll need to learn to do the job right:


Modelling can be fascinating, but the level of competition that exists in the fashion industry can make you lose hope. This is where you need to practice confidence. You have to stay positive and have faith in yourself. As a model, you’re not cut out for every role. Don’t lose confidence if you fail to match a particular requirement. Always be on the hunt and you’ll find a place where you fit.


The level of freshness you bring with your looks determines your worth as a model. You need to have high levels of understanding to connect with the role given to you. This comes with experience. You should be well-versed with portraying expressions that grab the attention of the observer instantly.


Fashion models don’t deal with nine-to-five job schedules. As a model, you’re always on the run. You’ll need to be disciplined with daily tasks in this wonderful chaos. You have to strictly plan your day and accordingly schedule appointments and other work. If you show up late, you could be instantly replaced with another model. You also have to be disciplined about your eating and exercise routine.


The number of hours it takes for a shoot to wrap up is never fixed. You’ll mostly be on set, shooting all day and staying up on your feet. You cannot allow factors like locations, travelling, climate suitability and other factors interfere with your work. At the end of the day, regardless of what makes you uncomfortable, you have to look good in front of the camera. You need to have the stamina to get work done and stay resilient even when things don’t work smoothly.


This is one area where many models fail. Modelling is seen as an artistic career. However, you need to think and act like a business person to survive in this profession. You have to keep expanding your contacts with different experts such as fashion designers, photographers, makeup artists and more. The more people you know, the more scope there is for you to grow.

What Will My Workplace Look Like?

As a model, you’re never tied to one fixed working environment. Models work at both indoor and outdoor locations. You will be spending most of your work time at studios or outdoor sets and, of course, on ramps.

Your work environment also depends on what type of modelling you would be interested in. If you’re a promotional model, you will be working with big brands and attending live events. If you’re an editorial model, you can expect both indoor and outdoor locations to be your work environment. Runway models work and rehearse at studios, and perform at big arenas. Your niche in modelling determines your work environment.


What Is My Scope For Career Growth As A Fashion Model?

Scope for growth in modelling comes down to your experience and reputation in the industry. Create a  portfolio of your best shots and work on getting opportunities like print or TV ads, photo shoots, business shows and more.

The key to growth in modelling is maintaining good contacts with experts and taking good care of yourself. As you gain experience, you can find a way to work with famous brands and get paid more.

Modeling is a career with connections to numerous industries. You can also shift to the film industry if the right opportunity comes by. Similarly, you can start working on TV shows or online series. You can also enter contests and award shows to build a reputation. If you gain a title like Miss World, it can instantly open up doors for numerous opportunities.

After a few years, you can also start working on international opportunities. You have to plan them right and have a vast, high-quality portfolio. You could end up working with some of the best designers in the fashion capitals of the world!

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How Much Will I Get Paid?

Fashion modelling is a career with no fixed salary structure. It all depends on how much you’re willing to work, what brands you work with and your level of expertise and experience.

As a beginner, you might not make much. But if you are persistent, your efforts will show. You will find more and more credible work and, thus, earn more.

You need to find that one opportunity that will help you break through the clutter. Of course, this opportunity will come after immense hard work and tireless efforts. As you gain more experience and become more popular, your earnings, too, will increase. It all depends on the chances you take and the efforts you make. India’s top supermodels get paid in lakhs per show or campaign. You must set your sights that high if you really want to be successful.

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5-Step Career Roadmap
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STEP 1: Find a Professional Photographer

Starting a career in modelling requires you to have a portfolio. You can hire the services of professional photographers to help you with this. Once you get in touch with a photographer, you can finalise the pictures, angles and looks that need to be shot.

STEP 2: Build your Portfolio

Just like a degree certificate helps a regular person land a job, your portfolio will help you get hired for modelling opportunities. Maintain a portfolio that instantly strikes a good impression. It should convey your photogenic qualities to the person hiring you.


STEP 3: Start Networking

Make friends and move to a city that has heaps of modelling opportunities, like Mumbai or Delhi. You could also hunt for opportunities online. Join modelling-related groups on social media platforms and socialise. This is the best way to get a headstart in the fashion industry.


STEP 4: Register with Modelling Portals

There are many online portals dedicated solely to new models. You can register with one of these websites as a private model and frequently receive alerts about shows and shoots.

STEP 5: Get a Job

Focus on gaining experience once you’ve got hold of enough contacts to help you get started. You can take things slowly by accepting small modeling roles, photoshoots and other gigs. Start preparing for auditions that look for fresh faces. Gain experience and never look back.

Congratulations, you are now officially a fashion model!

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