Forensic Scientist

Use your scientific expertise to aid criminal investigations.

Who's a Forensic Scientist?

What will you do?

Analysing samples

One of your primary tasks will be to analyse samples such as hair, body fluids, glass, paint and drugs using the equipment in the laboratory. You will be using methods like chromatography, mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, and genetic fingerprinting to draw conclusions and share them with the concerned people.

For example – Hair acts as a good DNA marker and also carries traces of any illness that the body might have. You can use the details to identify whether a person frequented a particular place by texting the hair samples found there.


Collecting evidence

While a lot of evidence will come to you from the people investigating, there will be times you will need to visit a crime scene to look for anything they might have missed or if any sample was contaminated during transport.

For example – The samples presented to you may have a mix of people who happened to be at the scene and the person you are supposed to be investigating. In that case, you will have to visit the scene again to get the correct samples.


Recording findings

Just collecting and analysing samples is not enough. You will also be asked to record your findings in such a way that the report aids others to investigate further. The reports have to be extensive and at the same time understandable by a layman.

For example – Your report on the genetic markers in a hair sample will help the investigators look for people sharing the same genetic mark

Coordinating with other teams

While your work in the laboratory will be done in isolation, you will be required to work with other teams occasionally. You might work with investigators gathering and analysing evidence or with lawyers trying to explain what your reports mean and prepping for trials.

Researching new techniques

Although forensic science is not new, there is still a lot of scope for innovation in this field. Especially when it comes to digital crimes. You have to look for ways to bring about innovation in your methods.

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Where will you work?

Private Consultancies

Private security, insurance, and investigating firms require a team of forensic scientists to carry out investigations. You will be working with a team of other investigators who might have their own set of specialisations.

Government sector

There are different sections within the government where you can find a job. The most coveted departments include Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Even the police force has a separate forensic science department.

Private laboratories

While some private companies prefer to have their own forensic science departments, there are many who choose to outsource the work to private laboratories. These private laboratories are a great place to work if you want to specialise in a certain field.

Education sector

Forensic science is a growing field with more institutes offering specialisations. These institutes are on the look-out for professionals who can offer a hands-on experience to  the students. 

How do you get there?

This stream won’t help you make an entry into this field.

This stream won’t help you make an entry into this field.

STEP 1: Class XI-XII/Junior College

If you want to get into this field, you will need to pick science with physics, chemistry, and biology as your primary subject.

STEP 2: Graduate Degree

You can pursue a 3-4 years degree program in B. Sc Forensics. The course curriculum includes the subjects like Criminal Procedure and Evidence, Crime Victim Studies, Constitutional Issues in Criminal Procedures, Fingerprint Analysis, Crime Scene Investigation, and Theories of Crime Causation etc.

STEP 3: Postgraduate Degree

It is ideal to pursue your Masters immediately after you complete your graduation. Pursue a two-year Masters or PG Diploma in Forensic Science. It typically consists of core subjects like drug analysis, criminalistics, biological evidence, DNA analysis, trace evidence, Blood splatter patterns, and toxicology etc. You should have at least 3.0 GPA to join MSc in India.

STEP 4: Internship

You can take an internship with a laboratory or a research centre to learn the ropes of the job and gain some practical knowledge. The entry in this field is competitive and you might find short-term contracts and agency work that could lead to full-time appointments.

STEP 5: Land a Job

Congratulations, you’re officially a forensic scientist! You can now continue working in the same place where you did your internship or look for more opportunities in crime labs, police departments, and governmental agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration, hospital labs, medical examiner’s offices, and pharmaceutical companies.

STEP 6: Doctorate

A doctorate degree is essential if you want to seek a lecturing job or go for research or opt for any kind of advanced leadership positions in Forensic sciences. To join the doctoral courses you have to complete your master’s degree and have to get at least 3.0 GPA.  You can pursue your specialisation course in the fields like Forensic Biology, Forensic Serology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Ballistics, Forensic Entomology, Forensic Botany etc. in the Forensic science field.


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What skills would you need?

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

Working with eggs and embryos is a very tedious task. Every little detail matters when you are observing them. If you are good at giving attention to detail, then your job at the laboratory will be made much easier.

build this skill
Communication Skills

Communication Skills

It’s harder than ever to get people’s attention, what with so much information being thrown at them. But, people cannot resist a good story. Every good marketing campaign has a story to tell their customers and relate to them on an emotional level. Marketers who tell great stories through their marketing campaigns are always in great demand.

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Critical thinking

Critical thinking

Marketing strategies involve a lot of trial and error. You will come up with a lot of ideas that sound great on paper. When you analyse them, you might learn that they can’t be executed as per the budget. You should be able to look at an idea practically and see if it will serve its purpose.

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Time Management

Time Management

The best - and worst - part about marketing is that there is never a dull moment. But this also means that there is NEVER A DULL MOMENT. Be prepared to be working on several tasks at once. That means that there are times when you will have to put certain projects on the backburner. You will have to know how to prioritise so that you don’t lose out on any opportunities.

Problem-solving Skills

Problem-solving Skills

Patients will be coming to you with different issues with fertility. You must be able to assess their problem, analyse the reason and work on coming up with a solution.

build this skill
Creative Skills

Creative Skills

As a marketer, you need to get people hooked on your brand. This requires you to come up with fun, entertaining, and exceptional ways to engage your audience. There is a lot of competition in the market, and the only way to be on top is by constantly doing something new and innovative.

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How do you make it to the top ranks?

  • promotion-1
  • promotion-2
  • promotion-3
  • promotion-7


You will be tasked with shadowing other forensic scientists. You will also be able to gain a lot of practical knowledge

Junior Scientist

You will be working with the most basic analyses. Your work will involve following protocols that have been set by the seniors.

Mid-level Scientist

You will be working with all the analyses that will go through the lab. You can also set new protocols for the juniors to follow with a senior’s approval.

High-level Scientist

You are the one who oversees everything in the lab. You will be in charge of training new people and will also have certain administrative roles.

Pursuing your career locally VS abroad

How much would you get paid?

What are your career options?

Forensic Pathologists

As a forensic pathologist, you help in determining the time and cause of death in police cases.


Forensic Anthropologists

As a forensic anthropologist, you help in identification of individuals for the cases like murders or disasters like plane crashes, explosions, fires, etc. You also provide assistance in knowing the age, sex, ancestry, stature and unique features of the dead person.

Clinical Forensic Medicine Experts

As a clinical forensic expert, you work as the examiner of victims or the dead person who has injuries while committing a crime and provide certain conclusions regarding the time of the crime.


Forensic Serology Experts

You use your expertise to analyse the blood groups, blood samples, and other body fluids and perform DNA tests to identify the victim of the crime.

Forensic Chemists

As a forensic chemist, you help in detection and identification of traces and evidence of illicit drugs that are used in certain cases like explosions and gunshot residues etc.


You need to be a professional with qualification in chemistry or biochemistry to work in police departments while detecting and identifying the drugs, poisons, toxin levels, etc. in the body.


Forensic Expert/Scientists

You work as part of evidence teams and also work with the police and investigators while investigating the crime to get major crime evidence.

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