Top Courses You Can Pursue After BHMS


Last Updated: September 17, 2022
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Courses after BHMS

Kudos, scholar! You’ve finally graduated with a bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery degree! All those hours of intense studies have paid off, and you have your certificate in your hands; what a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? However, we know you want to grow and build your career further!

The contemporary educational spectrum has progressed from foundational bachelor’s degree programs to specialised courses focused on a specific field of study. In addition, many students choose specialised master’s level programs to help them acquire expert-level knowledge of their desired topic of interest.

Sadly, having a graduate degree might not get you the dream career profile, which is why numerous students opt for specialised master’s level programmes that can help them acquire expert knowledge of their preferred field of interest. So, if you want to pursue your master’s or advanced certificate courses in Homoeopathic medicine and surgery after you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree, you’ve come to the correct place! 

About BHMS

Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery, or BHMS, is an undergraduate medical program. After achieving this degree, you will be qualified to practice homoeopathy as a doctor. 

Homoeopathy is an alternative medicine system. Patients are cared for by raising the human body’s natural healing power. 

Homoeopathy is based on the notion that the body’s self-healing power permits it to regenerate itself. Therefore, all we have to do is assist it by improving its inherent healing abilities. Then, the patient is given homoeopathic treatments based on their physical symptoms, mental health issues, and lifestyle. 

The best part of this practice, which sets it apart from others, is that it has no adverse side effects on the body!

But now that you’re finally done with BHMS, thanks to your degree, you are officially a doctor and qualified to use the prefix “Dr.” before your name! So it’s time for us to help you navigate through courses after BHMS you can easily pursue to enhance your career!

Courses after BHMS

BHMS medical courses are highly famous. This is because it gives numerous subject options to the students. For example, you can build your career in homoeopathy or even nutrition.

It also permits you to venture around other specialisations such as research, gynaecology, acupuncture, etc.

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree. And you are still searching for a diploma that is best for BHMS.

Then this list down below is undoubtedly going to help you out in making up your mind.

The best postgraduate and list of diploma courses after BHMS

You should always choose graduate studies or other additional courses to excel in your speciality and add more value to patients. However, you might be struggling to decide which course to take after BHMS to increase your possibilities of finding a better job and better serving your patients. We, too, understand this confusion and want to help you, so here’s a compiled list of postgraduate, short courses and diploma courses you can take after BHMS.

Diploma in Food and Nutrition

Course duration: one to two years

After the pandemic swept the world, people became conscious of the significance of good health and nutrition. This will open the door for you to pursue an education in nutrition and dietetics. This course will discover the connections between medicine, nutrition and chemistry. In addition, you will learn what nutrients the human body needs. The study also covers interesting topics such as food microbiology, sports nutrition and weight management.

Master in Hospital Administration

Course duration: two years.

Once you’re done with your BHMS and want to change your field of study, you can easily shift to the Master of Hospital Administration. The programme is open to all, but medical students are specifically privileged. The course will teach you essential things like epidemiology, bed management, I.T. management, financial management, relationship management, and other dexterities. After this training, you can get a position in a hospital’s administrative department, and the growth rate is relatively high!

Master of Science in Applied Nutrition

Course duration: Two years

We’ve already discussed the diploma course in dietetics, but we also understand that some of you may not choose a diploma after BHMS and will be looking for a postgraduate course. Then you can easily choose a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition program! The programme consists of four semesters in which you will study topics such as exercise and fitness, sports nutrition, food microbiology and weight management, and other essential topics. In addition, many nutrition organisations, medical centres, gyms and weight loss clinics hire students as interns and employees after this course.

Master of Science in Clinical Research

Course duration: Two years.

Another favoured option for BHMS students is the Master of Science in Clinical Research. The programme is at the P.G. level and evaluates drug safety and effectiveness. In this course, you will explore clinical research procedures and research related to disease diagnosis, prevention, and cure. Graduates in MSc clinical research are employed as researchers, clinicians, analysts, project managers and coordinators after this course. Overall, it is a good career choice in India!

Masters’ in Homoeopathy.

Course duration: Three years.

M.D. in Homoeopathy mainly focuses on the practical clinical aspect of training, and there’s a fair share of theoretical methodology but less compared to practical practices.

M.D. program courses have numerous disciplines underneath for students. Therefore, you can choose the best M.D. programs that suit your interest in becoming a doctor after BHMS.

  1. M.D. in Psychiatry (Hom).
  2. M.D. in Repertory (Hom).
  3. M.D. in Endocrinology (Hom).
  4. M.D. in Paediatrics (Hom).
  5. M.D. in Homoeopathic Pharmacy (Hom).
  6. M.D. in Practice of Medicine (Hom).
  7. M.D. on Organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic Philosophy (Hom).

Doctor of Homoeopathy

And if you wish to further advance with a PhD after the master’s degree, you can easily opt for the doctor of homoeopathy degree.

During the course, you will learn about homoeopathy and the science behind it. There is no fixed time duration for the course; it depends on how fast you can finish your research and support your dissertation.

BHS doctor

Careers After BHMS: Jobs

After completing BHMS, there are numerous professional opportunities both in India and overseas. Many manufacturing and research firms worldwide are looking for experts in this subject, and you could be next!

The BHMS degree qualifies a person to be a doctor and to work in private practice. Hence a homoeopathic practitioner might consider working as a medical representative or even as a doctor in a private or public hospital.

Professionals in this industry can work for firms that specialise in homoeopathic medicines. And don’t worry, that’s not it! If you’re passionate about teaching, you can easily pursue a career as a lecturer or professor in homoeopathic colleges! Apart from these, with the help of your knowledge, you can associate yourself with NGOs and volunteer to help the needy. So the sky’s the limit when you decide to pursue a career in BHMS. 

Careers After BHMS: Job Profiles

Here is a list of some of the key job prospects after completing the BHMS programme:

  • Doctor
  • Lecture
  • Private practice
  • Consultant
  • Medical assistant
  • Scientist
  • Pharmacist
  • Public health specialist
  • Spa director

Finally, in terms of salary, the medical area has always had the gold standard among other fields. This is also the case in the field of homoeopathy! According to Glassdoor, the national average salary of a Homoeopathic Doctor in India is ₹3,60,000 p.a. While pursuing courses after BHMS, you can research and explore varied specialisations and at the same time expect a hike in your salary depending upon the job profile and organisation!

These were some of the best options after you’ve successfully completed your BHMS course. You can now easily make a decision based on your interest and choose your desired career option! Still unclear about what to do after BHMS? Well, worry not! Instead, contact Mentoria and get the answers and solutions to all your questions right away!

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