From Hashtags To Hired: Mastering Personal Branding On Twitter (X) And LinkedIn

Joanna Tresa

Last Updated: August 25, 2023
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In the vast and sometimes bewildering world of social media, where cat videos and food photos reign supreme, lies a hidden treasure trove for job seekers—the power of personal branding on Twitter and LinkedIn. Instead of endlessly scrolling through memes, you could be showcasing your skills and expertise to potential employers in a way that’s engaging, impactful, and yes, even a tad bit hilarious. Your online presence is more than just a virtual resume; it’s a chance to strut your stuff and stand out from the crowd, all while sipping your coffee in your pyjamas. So, dust off your digital charm and get ready to unleash the might of your personal brand, because we’ve got eight ingenious tips that will transform you into a Twitterati and LinkedIn legend, ready to conquer the job market—one witty post at a time. 

8 Tips To Optimise Your Personal Brand


Cultivate A Captivating Profile

First impressions count, and your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles are your virtual introductions to potential employers. On Twitter, ensure your bio conveys your professional expertise and passions succinctly. Highlight your current role, industry, and key skills. On LinkedIn, take advantage of the Summary section to showcase your career journey, achievements, and career aspirations.

Twitter Bio Tips:

  • Use keywords relevant to your industry and job goals.
  • Include your current job title and any noteworthy accomplishments.
  • Add a dash of personality to make your bio memorable.

LinkedIn Profile Tips:

  • Craft a compelling headline that showcases your expertise and desired role.
  • Customise your LinkedIn URL to appear more professional.
  • Use bullet points to break down your skills and accomplishments, making it easy for recruiters to scan.
  • Level up your LinkedIn game with Mentoria’s LinkedIn profile revamps that are practically magic. Our expert career counsellors know exactly how to turn your profile into a magnetic force that attracts opportunities and connections.

Show Your Thought Leadership:

Become a thought leader in your field by regularly sharing insightful content on Twitter and LinkedIn. Post informative articles, industry trends, and thought-provoking opinions. Share your perspectives on the latest industry news, providing value to your followers and attracting potential employers’ attention.

Engaging Content Ideas:

  • Share relevant industry statistics, research, or reports.
  • Post links to informative blog posts or articles written by industry experts.
  • Ask thought-provoking questions to initiate discussions with your audience.

Master The Art Of Engaging Content:

Catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers with attention-grabbing content. Utilise visuals, such as infographics or images, to make your tweets and LinkedIn posts pop. Studies show that tweets with images receive 150% more retweets, while LinkedIn posts with visuals experience a 98% higher comment rate. A touch of creativity goes a long way in captivating your audience!

Visual Content Ideas:

  • Create eye-catching graphics that complement your tweets and LinkedIn posts.
  • Use images or videos to showcase your work or projects.
  • Craft personalised visual quotes related to your expertise.

Embrace The Hashtag Game:

Hashtags are the secret sauce to extend your reach on Twitter and LinkedIn. Research relevant industry hashtags, such as #JobSearch, #CareerAdvice, or #TechJobs, to amplify your content’s visibility. Did you know that tweets with one or two hashtags receive 21% higher engagement rates? Make the most of hashtags to widen your network and boost your personal brand.

Hashtag Tips:

  • Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags to reach a broader audience.
  • Create your own branded hashtag to promote your unique personal brand.
  • Keep an eye on trending hashtags to join relevant conversations.

Network Like A Pro:

Building relationships is the heart of effective job searching on social media. Engage with professionals in your field by responding to their tweets or LinkedIn posts thoughtfully. Share their content and offer value to establish meaningful connections. A LinkedIn survey revealed that 85% of all jobs are filled through networking, making it a game-changer in your job search strategy.

Networking Pro Tips:

  • Personalise your connection requests on LinkedIn with a friendly message.
  • Engage with thought leaders and industry influencers through comments and likes.
  • Engage in Twitter chats and LinkedIn groups to meet like-minded professionals.

Participate In Twitter Chats And LinkedIn Groups:

Twitter chats and LinkedIn groups provide ideal platforms to showcase your expertise and join conversations with like-minded professionals. Participate actively, share your insights, and contribute to discussions. Real-time interactions foster authentic connections, increasing your chances of being noticed by potential employers.

Engaging in Twitter Chats:

  • Research and join relevant Twitter chats in your industry.
  • Use the chat’s designated hashtag to participate and follow the conversation flow.
  • Be respectful of other participants’ views and contribute positively to the discussion.

Engaging in LinkedIn Groups:

  • Find and join LinkedIn groups related to your industry or area of expertise.
  • Start discussions or participate in ongoing conversations.
  • Showcase your expertise by offering valuable insights and advice.

Showcase Your Achievements:

Don’t be shy to share your achievements and milestones on Twitter and LinkedIn. Whether it’s a project you completed ahead of schedule or a certification you earned, celebrating your successes demonstrates your value to prospective employers. A tweet highlighting your recent accomplishments can spark the interest of hiring managers seeking top talent.

Achievement Showcase Ideas:

  • Create a portfolio on LinkedIn to showcase your projects, presentations, or published works.
  • Share success stories related to projects you’ve contributed to or challenges you’ve overcome.
  • Highlight any awards, accolades, or recognition you’ve received.

Stay Consistent And Persistent:

Consistency is key to a successful personal branding strategy. Regularly post relevant and engaging content, participate in conversations, and maintain a professional tone. Be persistent in your efforts, as building a strong personal brand takes time. A LinkedIn report revealed that those who post consistently on the platform receive up to four times more engagement.


  • Set a posting schedule and stick to it, ensuring you have a consistent presence on both platforms.
  • Engage with your audience regularly by responding to comments and messages promptly.
  • Monitor your social media analytics to identify your most engaging content and optimise future posts.

Optimise Your Personal Brand With Mentoria


In today’s competitive job market, optimising your personal brand on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can make all the difference in your job search journey. By following these eight powerful strategies, you’ll be well on your way to building a compelling online presence that attracts potential employers and opportunities.

At Mentoria, we understand the importance of a strong personal brand in today’s job market. Our experienced career counsellors are here to guide you on your journey to optimise your online presence and make the most of your job search efforts. From crafting an attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile to tailoring your Twitter strategy to your target audience, Mentoria’s personalised coaching will set you on the path to career success. Let’s embark on this journey together and make your online presence shine!