8 To-Dos for Internal Job Transfer Within Company


Last Updated: August 31, 2022
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Are you planning on changing your job? If yes, have you considered making the switch within your own organisation?

Changing job roles within your company comes with its own benefits; It cuts down the time spent familiarising yourself with a new organisation; it shows loyalty to your employer, your versatility to take up different responsibilities; and your drive to learn more and do well.

While this is all well and good, there are things you must keep in mind before you make this switch. Things that will help both you and your company win. So, read on to know how.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Switching

1. Reason with Yourself 

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Why do you want to change your job role – Do you want an increment? If yes, you should know that most companies don’t offer more money if you change departments at the same level – Do you feel like you’ve flatlined? Sometimes you get to the point where you have nothing new to add to your role, or you’ve lost your passion. In times like these, change is a good way to go. Just make sure that you make the switch for the right reasons. 

2. Know Where You’re Going

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You have to be sure about where you’re heading. It is unwise to change job roles frequently, as it may lead headhunters to perceive you as unstable, indecisive, and non-committal. The ideal time to change your role is when you have a good handle on your responsibilities and decent experience in your current role. At Mentoria, you can take an assessment test and find your true calling. If you make your next move based on what you’re passionate about, you’re more likely to enjoy your role and succeed at it.

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3. Talk to Your Manager

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Managers are answerable for the output and roles of their team members. Thus, it is best to keep them in the loop. Discuss your intentions honestly and give them a heads-up, you can also ask for their inputs and advice. This way you avoid “going behind their back,” and you will have someone to guide you through the process.

4. Be Proactive

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The best way to prove yourself at work is to accomplish tasks proactively. Take on projects in the new team that you join. Mind you, this may require you to spend more time at work so plan this well. In turn, you get to learn how the new team works, how the team members are, and what the general vibe is.

5. Interact with Your Team

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You need to share a good rapport with your prospective new manager and your potential team. Ask questions, make an attempt to get to know all the team members, and keep an open mind. Learn as much as you can about your team members and what they do, it will smoothen your transition.

6. Prepare for the Interview


When you officially have “the talk” or apply for the job, take your interview seriously, even though it is within your own organisation. Read up about your new responsibilities and highlight your skills in your resume accordingly. Have talking points ready and feel free to ask questions during your interview.

7. Plan Your Transition

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If you do land your new position, make sure you’re ready for it. Close all your current tasks and do a detailed handover. You should document all your processes, it makes the handovers and transfers much easier. It is also good to plan a break between your old and new job, this way you can come back and start afresh.

8. Keep Your Options Open

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While applying, you should realise that you may or may not get the job. In the case that you don’t, you can either choose to continue in your current role or look for a new opportunity. Give this serious thought before you apply so that you’re prepared for the outcome. If you do choose to continue at your current role, make sure you still give your best and not slack off.

Working with one organisation for a long time only works in your favour and highlights your good work ethic and your commitment. However, zeroing down on a new team and making such a big decision can stress you out. Get in touch with us to understand yourself a little better, you can talk to our career counsellors who’ll take you through the outcome of your assessment and help you make an informed decision.

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