Metaverse: A Future With Dynamic Prospects

Anuja Shah

Last Updated: October 17, 2023
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With the advent of the internet, humans are now able to do things which were not possible before. But, Metaverse is a step ahead. It is a virtual space where individuals can participate via their digitally personified image and interact, work, socialise, study, play games and much more. The same applies to businesses as well. It is pretty similar to creating a world beyond the one in which we are, and the opportunities are endless.

The Metaverse focuses on creating a virtual world which absorbs and engages a variety of technologies. It’s meant to provide interactive experiences, and as time goes by and technologies keep advancing, the Metaverse may become a convention and may gain space in our daily lives. 

The Metaverse market in India is expected to grow at a phenomenal rate and reach an enormous US $1.6bn in 2023. Worldwide, the market size is expected to reach at US $56 bn approximately in 2023. With such high expectations and opportunities expected in the field, Metaverse will have various options to offer.

Metaverse: A Future With Dynamic Prospects


Animation creates revolutionary experiences using both virtual and real life settings. Increased use of Metaverse will most likely increase the demand for animators. Their role is to provide the users with more realistic and three dimensional effects. Statistics show the growth of the global animation market to US $587.1 bn in 2030. What’s even fascinating is that this industry is expected to reach INR 190 billion in 2025. This is indicative of the high demand of animation skills in the future. Their average yearly salary ranges at INR 3.5 lacs. 

Graphic designers

The Metaverse uses a digital persona of an individual implying a huge scope for customisation in terms of clothing, designing, fashion and many more. It is a great opportunity for graphic designers to showcase their innovative, revolutionary designs to provide holistic experiences. Pursuing a formal education in graphic design with practical experience, developing a design portfolio are some of the keys to hone one’s skill. The average salary of a graphic designer falls around INR 18,000 per month. With experience in project management and organisation, they can be appointed as team leads and departmental heads. 


Blockchain Developers And Experts

Their job is to store data in blocks which then connect with the previous blocks with the help of codes providing high security. Block chain developers provide a unique form of data storage by using their coding, software development and programming skills. Block chain jobs are growing at a whopping 2000-6000% and their salaries are 50-100% higher than conventional developers. Depending on their skills and experience, the average salary of a block chain expert falls between 5,00,000 – 20,00,000 per annum.

Cybersecurity Manager

Their job is to save the virtual world from identity and data theft, malware, maintain privacy and more. The job of cybersecurity manager is very challenging because they need to be proactive and adopt new approaches to provide security. Their role also involves regular checks, maintenance and avoiding security lapses in the system. Their average salary stands at INR 12 lakhs. Demand and supply is facing a huge gap. Cyber security jobs in India are likely to be in high demand and in the coming years our country can become a cyber security hub. 

Artificial Intelligence Experts

Being a virtual world, Artificial Intelligence is central to Metaverse and it relies on AI to a great extent. AI experts facilitate effective representation of things. These experts create algorithms that will learn and make decisions. This will enhance user interaction and experience.  The Indian job market is expected to grow high in the coming years and AI is likely to be among the top demanding roles. The AI experts are expected to have knowledge and skills relating to machine learning and robotics. The annual salary range for AI experts is broad. It ranges somewhere around INR 6 Lac PA to INR 15 Lac per annum approximately. 

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Hop Onto A Promising Future With Mentoria

The Metaverse is the result of the internet revolution and it is likely to be a huge shift from our conventional interaction and communication with others. With growth in the digital sector, the field is likely to experience the same. It requires creativity, imagination, innovation and application of unique concepts. A solid foundation of programming languages and gaming engines will help to build a career in Metaverse. It is only a matter of time that we shall see the growth and expansion in Metaverse. 

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