School Life vs College Life: How to Prepare for College


Last Updated: September 7, 2022
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Ting! Ting! Ting! How did it feel to hear the school bell for the last time? Your school life is finally over! It’s the end of an era. You no longer need to wake up early, put on your uniform and rush to catch your school bus. No more assemblies, homework, tying up your hair in plaits and ribbons or keeping them short. The two worlds of school and college are totally opposite. You are treated like a child at school, you have childhood friends, and you fantasise about your ideal job. However, in college, you are suddenly treated like an adult, with few friends, working toward a job, and wishing to be a child once more. These emotions are highly typical in college students, as well as adults in general.

School Life vs College Life

Time Management 

In school, your family members, teachers, and coaches had much more say in your schedule. You had a regular scheduled day.
In college, on the other hand, there will be no one to remind you of your deadlines, or to push you harder to achieve your goals.


Size of the Class 

In school, the classes are usually small, with 20 to 40 students. Individual attention is given to each student by the teachers. You are familiar with everyone in your class and school. Moreover, you are recognised by all of your teachers. 
And in college? the average class size consists of 80-120 students.Lecturers do not pay attention to each and every one of their students personally. Students are in charge of what they study. You barely know anyone in your class.


While in school, you grew up in a protected environment. You never stepped out of school except on special events like field trips, picnics, educational visits or tours.
And college? It brings the sweet smell of freedom into your life! You will no longer be confined to a classroom or forced to sit for all lectures, you are free to explore the entire campus. Don’t get ideas. We are not at all advocating class bunking. Remember, college authorities take attendance very seriously.


When in school, your teachers and parents will remind you to study on a regular basis. They  constantly push you to improve and achieve higher grades. Your exams are held at a set time, and you will complete your education at a specific age.

In college, on the other hand, It is entirely up to you to select when you want to study and whether or not you want to study at all. Nobody forces you to sit down with your books or reminds you to do so. The institutions set a time limit for you to complete your exams. You have complete control over your grades and graduation date.

Although college life is going to be a lot of fun – meeting new people, participating in events, organising fests and hanging with your friends, it will also require you to take some serious decisions. You will have to make some life-defining career choices and start working towards your dreams and goals.

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The pressure can really get to you at times. Choosing between the path paved by your parents or the one taken by your friends and the one that you actually want, can be very challenging. It is okay and totally normal to be confused. Here’s how we suggest you could make your life a little easier: take the Mentoria Solution today to find your true calling and ideal career path.

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Here are a few tips that could help ensure a smooth transition for you:

Adulthood Spells Responsibility

Once you enter college, you are perceived to be an ‘adult’. Though adulting sounds fun, it comes with equal responsibilities. Some of you might travel away from your home to another city or state or even country to pursue your studies. You will have to learn to live on your own. With your family no longer pushing you to work harder, it will be your responsibility to motivate yourself and do so.  

Be Organised

In the quest to manage your daily chores, college assignments, events, activities and studies, you might find yourself all over the place. You know you want it all. Hence, it is important to prioritise and organise so you don’t miss out on anything. An organised self is something that will be critical in every sphere of your life thereafter.No More Spoonfeeding

“Children, mark paragraph two as the answer to question no. 1”. Often heard instructions like these in school? Well, those days are over. In college, you will have to find your own answers and finish your own assignments without being spoon-fed the same. Your efforts are what will result in better performances.

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Open Up to Your Parents

The one thing we millennials are not very good at is communicating with our parents. You need to understand that whatever you are going through right now, your parents have gone through it all way before. They are the best people to guide you in life. Hence, it is very essential to talk to them about anything that you need help with.

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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

The people you meet in college will be way different from the ones you knew in school. You might find it difficult to stay true to that promise you made of staying in touch with your mates on the last day of school. People come and go, that’s just the flow.

In college, you will meet people from completely different backgrounds. You will soon notice your friends making a significant difference in your life and being a key influence on your decisions. You will need them not just for some fun company but also when it comes to making some critical decisions. Make sure you choose well. No one understands a young adult better than a young adult. Find your Rancho, Raju and Farhan and say “aall is well”!

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Social Life vs Academics

In school, social life meant going to your best friend’s house for a day, and if you were lucky, be allowed a sleepover on a weekend. Once in college, you will find yourself socialising a lot more. Going for lunches, dinners, movies, clubs, trips, etc. are what you will call an outing. Though the freedom can be exciting, it is very important that your social life doesn’t get in the way of your academics. Balancing between your social life and studies is the key to ace your college life.

Choose Your Subjects Wisely

While in school, you studied various subjects whether you liked them or not. How much did you dread studying the laws of physics or cramming mathematical formulae or marking on maps that just didn’t interest you? Well, your college will give you the liberty to choose the field you are most interested in and choose to pursue a specialised degree. Hence, it is absolutely essential to choose carefully the stream you actually like to ensure a successful future.

If you have all the above points covered, rest assured, you will have an absolute ball in college. You are about to enter a phase in your life that will help you grow into becoming more independent and ready to take on the challenges of the practical world. It is exciting, it is fun and it requires you to be very responsible. Make the most of it!

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