Binge-Worthy Legal Dramas on Netflix For Aspiring Law Students

Joanna Tresa

Last Updated: October 16, 2023
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Hey there, law aspirants! Are you ready to combine your passion for law with your love for captivating stories? Look no further! In this blog, we have an exciting lineup of Netflix recommendations specially curated for law aspirants like you. These shows and documentaries will not only entertain you but also provide valuable insights into the legal world. Gear up for an exhilarating journey through legal thrills, courtroom drama, and thought-provoking narratives that will expand your knowledge and spark your curiosity. Go on, grab your popcorn (and maybe a book and a pen) and let’s explore the world of legal dramas that will both entertain and educate you in the most entertaining way possible. Let’s do some educational+entertaining binge-watching!

netflix shows for law students

Better Call Saul” – Navigating The Grey Areas

Enter the world of Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer with big dreams. This prequel to “Breaking Bad” explores the transformation of Jimmy into the notorious Saul Goodman. Witness the ethical dilemmas he faces, the murky legal territories he treads, and the complex web of relationships he weaves. As a law student, you’ll find yourself pondering questions of morality, professional conduct, and the consequences of your choices. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey that sheds light on the shades of grey in the legal profession.

Suits” – Mastering The Art Of Negotiation

Welcome to the high-stakes world of corporate law, where wit and charisma can be as powerful as legal expertise. Follow the brilliant college dropout, Mike Ross, as he lands a job at a prestigious law firm despite lacking a law degree. Join him and his mentor, Harvey Specter, as they navigate the complexities of the legal arena, solve intricate cases, and outsmart their opponents. “Suits” will captivate you with its witty banter, intense courtroom battles, and lessons in negotiation that will leave you itching to sharpen your own legal skills.

Making A Murderer” – Unravelling The Justice System

Prepare to have your mind blown by this gripping true-crime documentary series. “Making a Murderer” follows the controversial case of Steven Avery, a man convicted of a heinous crime under dubious circumstances. Explore the flaws and intricacies of the justice system as the series delves into the investigation, trial, and subsequent legal battles. This thought-provoking series will leave you questioning the reliability of evidence, the impact of media on public opinion, and the importance of a fair trial. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as you witness the complexities of the legal system.

netflix shows for law students

The Trial Of The Chicago 7” – Activism And Civil Rights 

Step back in time and witness one of the most influential trials in American history. “The Trial of the Chicago 7” tells the gripping story of seven anti-war activists charged with conspiracy during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Immerse yourself in the courtroom drama as the defence attorneys battle against all odds to fight for justice and expose political motivations. This powerful film highlights the intersection of law, activism, and civil rights, leaving you inspired and contemplating the role of the legal system in shaping societal change.

How To Get Away With Murder” – A Lesson In Criminal Defense 

Prepare yourself for a thrilling ride as law professor Annalise Keating and her students become embroiled in a web of murder, deception, and legal intrigue. “How to Get Away with Murder” explores the intense world of criminal defence, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional legal norms. As you follow the characters’ twisted journey, you’ll learn about criminal law, courtroom strategy, and the ethical dilemmas that arise in the pursuit of justice. Get ready for jaw-dropping plot twists, compelling character development, and a crash course in the art of getting away with murder.

The Innocence Files” – Fighting For Justice

Prepare to have your beliefs shaken as you delve into the world of wrongful convictions. “The Innocence Files” is a captivating documentary series that uncovers the flaws and biases within the criminal justice system. Witness the tireless efforts of dedicated lawyers, scientists, and activists as they work to exonerate the wrongly convicted and shed light on systemic failures. This eye-opening series will challenge your perception of the legal system and ignite your passion for justice. It’s a must-watch for any law student seeking to understand the impact of wrongful convictions and the importance of fighting for the truth.

The Social Dilemma” – The Intersection Of Law And Technology

Shift gears from courtroom dramas to the world of technology and its legal implications. “The Social Dilemma” is a thought-provoking documentary that explores the dark side of social media and its impact on society. Delve into the ethical and legal dilemmas arising from the use of personal data, algorithmic manipulation, and the addictive nature of social platforms. This eye-opening documentary will spark discussions on privacy rights, regulations, and the responsibility of technology companies. It’s a must-watch for law students interested in the evolving landscape of technology law and its societal implications.

netflix shows for law students

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You’ve now discovered a treasure trove of legal dramas on Netflix that will entertain, educate, and inspire you on your journey as a law student. From gripping courtroom battles to thought-provoking documentaries, these shows will broaden your understanding of the law, challenge your ethical compass, and ignite your passion for justice. So, grab your remote, indulge in some well-deserved entertainment, and remember to take notes—because you never know when you might encounter a case straight out of your favourite legal drama! Happy binge-watching!

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