Career Opportunities You Can Explore In The United Nations

Komal Sharma

Last Updated: June 13, 2024
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You may be excited about making a positive impact in today’s fast-paced world where advancements happen every bolting minute. Or perhaps you thrive in a truly global setting and enjoy collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. Either way, you’re probably determined to work for a global agency that empowers others. 

In India, many individuals aspire to make a difference, serve humanity, and pursue their career in a multicultural and international environment. The United Nations (UN) is often considered a dream job by many, and there are various ways to make this dream a reality. This renowned international organisation frequently has job openings that offer an attractive compensation package, competitive salary, and benefits. Moreover, they provide various employment, internship, and volunteering programmes. 

Key Skills For A UN Career

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If you want to thrive in a UN career, you’ll require a skillset that extends beyond mere technical expertise. Here are a few crucial skills that are vital for a prosperous career with the United Nations:


The United Nations Careers section states that job applicants must possess a combination of skills, attributes, and behaviours: 

  • Teamwork
  • Customer orientation
  • Creativity
  • Commitment to continuous learning
  • Planification and organisation
  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Technological awareness

Management skills

To occupy command positions, they point out that the following skills are necessary 

  • Vision
  • Leadership
  • Give power to others
  • Manage performance
  • Build trust

Knowledge Of Languages

Working at the UN necessitates being proficient in multiple languages, irrespective of the desired role, owing to its global nature. English and French, being the primary working languages, are particularly crucial. Additionally, the organisation highly values proficiency in the other four official languages: Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

UN Career Opportunities: Where To Look

Job Offers And Talent Fund

You can find the latest job opportunities by visiting the UN Job Offers section, which is divided into different categories.

  • Professionals and higher categories
  • Field services
  • General services and related categories
  • National professional civil servants
  • Professional practices

If there aren’t any job openings that match your qualifications, don’t worry! You can always join the Inspira Talent Pool. Recruiters regularly search through the pool to discover potential candidates, and as a subscriber, you’ll receive updates on job opportunities that align with your preferences and skills.

Competing For Language Positions 

If you’re looking to work for the UN, another way to get in is by taking part in competitions they hold for language positions (CELPs). These tests determine who is qualified to work as reviewers, editors, interpreters, and translators.

The CELPs for each role are conducted roughly every three years, and you need to register several months ahead of time.

UN Young Professionals Programme

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This is a programme to recruit skilled professionals who are ready to kickstart their careers as international civil servants at the United Nations Secretariat. The recruitment drive happens annually, with applications typically opening up in June.

To join this programme, you need to:

  • Hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or a 3-year equivalent degree related to the programme’s theme
  • Be a citizen of one of the countries participating in the programme (the list changes annually)
  • Be 32 years old or younger
  • Have proficiency in English or French

Make sure to take an entrance exam that includes a range of subjects aligned with the UN’s standards, and participate in professional development opportunities.

Global General Services Test 

The GGST is a computer-based test that must be taken under supervision, which is necessary for applying to General Service roles. It assesses fundamental skills and abilities needed to carry out the job duties described, by presenting realistic situations and assignments.

United Nations Volunteers Programme (UNV)

People involved in the United Nations Volunteer Programme are active in around 130 countries, where they focus on peace promotion, disaster relief, community empowerment, and working together to create sustainable livelihoods. If you’re interested in joining, visit or check out the specific calls for United Nations Volunteer assignments.

Temporary Jobs

These are temporary roles that last for less than a year and are designed to handle seasonal or peak workloads. According to the UN, these positions can be extended beyond one year in exceptional cases, such as when there are specific operational needs or special projects with limited timeframes. If you’re interested in learning more about these types of job openings, you can also check out Inspira.


The United Nations often needs to hire experts for short-term projects. These experts must be recognised authorities or specialists in a specific field. To get involved, you need to sign up on the Inspira consultant list. However, there is another employment option called the Junior Professional Officer Programme, but it’s only open to individuals from donor countries.

United Nations Career Opportunities With Job Title And Roles 

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Programme Officer – Environment Education

The WWF is looking to hire a Programme Officer for Environment Education in New Delhi, India. This role, which is part of the United Nations, involves creating and executing environmental education initiatives to increase awareness and support conservation in the area. Joining this team means playing a crucial role in promoting environmental education and awareness in India, while also contributing to WWF and the United Nations’ conservation goals.

  • Job Location: New Delhi 
  • Publication Date: 28 Feb 2024
  • Application Deadline: No Fixed Date


  • Conduct intensive outreach and mobilise schools/colleges for environmental education programmes.
  • Assist in developing and executing school/college engagement plans.
  • Identify, engage, and coordinate with key stakeholders as per programme requirements.
  • Develop and execute plans for programme visibility.
  • Prepare timely and high-quality documents and reports on project activities in compliance with WWF India’s and donor requirements.
  • Assist in conceptualising and organising events, workshops, and sessions in compliance with programme requirements.
  • Develop and execute post-engagement plans for programme beneficiaries.
  • Monitor programme progress and impact against both programmatic and budgetary targets. Ensure services are delivered on time, on budget, and in compliance with organisational regulations.
  • Document project impact through surveys, testimonials, case studies, etc.

Qualifications And Experience

  • Postgraduate degree in education, environmental sciences, or related field.
  • Minimum one year experience in the education or development sector, preferably with programmes for school children or youth.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.

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Gender Specialist

The International Labour Organisation (ILO), a UN agency that focuses on labour and employment, hires Gender Specialists to advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment in these areas. They create policies, carry out research, offer technical support, and push for gender-responsive practices. Gender Specialists are crucial in promoting women’s rights and supporting sustainable development at the ILO.

  • Job Location: New Delhi 
  • Publication Date: 29 Feb 2024
  • Application Deadline: 2 Apr 2024


  • Lead and coordinate technical support for the Decent Work Agenda and social justice, focusing on gender, equality, diversity, and inclusion (GEDI).
  • Review and strengthen institutional, legal, and policy frameworks for inclusivity.
  • Provide expert advice on GEDI to promote inclusive policies and programmes.
  • Support constituents in identifying needs and providing technical support.
  • Contribute to the design and implementation of Decent Work Country Programmes and development cooperation frameworks.
  • Conduct research and analysis on gender equality issues and develop policy advice and guidelines.
  • Develop and disseminate gender-mainstreamed policies, initiatives, and knowledge products.
  • Provide technical inputs for reports and publications.
  • Strengthen constituents’ capacity in GEDI policy design and implementation.
  • Identify and develop partnerships in GEDI areas.
  • Organise and contribute to seminars, conferences, and events.
  • Conceptualise and submit development cooperation project proposals.
  • Mobilise resources for GEDI projects and activities.

Qualifications And Experience

  • To qualify for this position, you need either a Master’s degree in social sciences, public administration, law, or economics, with demonstrated technical expertise in gender equality or a related field. Alternatively, you can have a Bachelor’s degree in one of these fields, along with two years of additional relevant experience, instead of a Master’s degree.
  • At least seven years of experience in the world of work issues with a particular focus on gender equality and non-discrimination, including at the international level.
  • Excellent command of English.

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Procurement Assistant

The role of a Procurement Assistant at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which is a part of the United Nations, is centred around aiding in procurement activities to obtain goods and services cost-effectively. Duties involve helping with procurement planning, carrying out market research, drafting tender documents, assessing bids, and keeping procurement records up-to-date. Additionally, the position requires communication with suppliers and internal parties to streamline the procurement process. Ultimately, the Procurement Assistant plays a crucial role in advancing UNDP’s mission by guaranteeing transparent and efficient procurement procedures to back its development projects and endeavours.

  • Job Location: New Delhi 
  • Publication Date: 26 Feb 2024
  • Application Deadline: 11 Mar 2024 


  • Implement sustainable procurement strategies and policies aligned with fairness, integrity, and transparency.
  • Ensure full compliance of procurement activities with UNDP rules, regulations, policies, and strategies.
  • Provide inputs for mapping procurement business processes and developing internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Support procurement processes for the Country Office (CO), projects (National Implementation (NIM) and Direct Implementation (DIM)), and other UN Agencies upon request.
  • Provide inputs for procurement plans for the country office and projects.
  • Organise end-to-end procurement processes, including preparing RFQ, ITB, or RFP documents, and evaluating quotations, bids, or proposals.
  • Assist in the evaluation and negotiation of conditions of contracts for Individual Consultants (ICs).
  • Prepare Purchase Orders and contracts in the ERP system and outside of e-procurement, manage vendors and buyer profiles, and maintain the filing system.
  • Prepare submissions for internal procurement review committees.
  • Support the implementation of internal control systems for Purchase Orders (POs).
  • Ensure timely corrective actions on POs with errors. Manage key categories such as Hotels and Events.
  • Provide information for cost-recovery bills for procurement services provided to other Agencies. Support the implementation of joint procurement processes for UN Agencies.
  • Contribute to sourcing strategies to find the best values in the marketplace. Update rosters of suppliers and compile information for different types of procurement.
  • Assist in the preparation of Long-Term Agreements (LTAs) for UNDP and other UN Agencies. Support procurement knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the CO.
  • Participate in procurement training and contribute to knowledge networks and communities of practice.

Qualifications And Experience

  • Candidates must have completed secondary education. While a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance, Economics, or equivalent is beneficial, it is not mandatory. However, possession of CIPS level 2 certification is a requirement for this position. If certification is not currently held, it must be obtained within one year of recruitment.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years of relevant core procurement experience at the national and international level if they have a secondary education. If they hold a bachelor’s degree, 2 years of relevant experience is required. Experience in public procurement within the government or non-profit sector is desirable. Proficiency in computer skills, including the use of office software like MS Word and Excel, is necessary. Familiarity with advanced automated procurement systems, database packages, and web-based management systems such as ERP is considered an asset.
  • Fluency in English and Hindi language. 

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Anti-Harassment Counsel

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The Anti-Harassment Counsel at the World Bank, a division of the United Nations, plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and respectful work environment. Their primary responsibility is to establish and oversee policies and initiatives aimed at preventing harassment and addressing any incidents that occur. They provide guidance and support to employees, investigate harassment complaints, and ensure that appropriate actions are taken by the organisation’s guidelines. Additionally, they strive to raise awareness about harassment and foster an inclusive and respectful atmosphere for all employees.

  • Job Location: New Delhi 
  • Publication Date: 27 Feb 2024
  • Application Deadline: 18 Mar 2024 


  • Conduct confidential consultations with clients reporting allegations of harassment, and other inappropriate behaviours.
  • Prepare written summaries of consultations, identifying issues, parties involved, and recommendations for next steps.
  • Review allegations of harassment and other forms of harassment involving World Bank Group (WBG) staff in the workplace. Recommend whether to address the allegations with the Anti-Harassment Coordinator, refer them to the BIR team for formal review, or refer them to other resources such as Ombuds Services and Mediation.
  • Provide confidential guidance and advice to staff who have experienced or witnessed harassment, explaining available options for addressing it.
  • Prepare correspondence in harassment cases, including talking points, referrals, and cautions, for review by the Anti-Harassment Coordinator.
  • Conduct post-resolution monitoring of cases after intervention to address harassment or other situations. Seek feedback to ensure there is no recurrence of problematic behaviour and to address concerns related to retaliation.
  • Maintain and track inquiries and responses in the case management system and additional reporting tools.
  • Guide the AHC Data/Quality Control Analyst in calculating reporting data and ensure consistency and accuracy in case management, analysis, documentation, and reporting.
  • Collaborate with IT to enhance the case management system.

Qualifications And Experience

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in law, alternative dispute resolution, or other relevant field.
  • Candidates must have at least five (5) years of significant professional experience in workplace conflict resolution, corporate compliance, law, or a related field. This experience should include addressing allegations of harassment, sexual harassment, or other workplace-related issues through formal or informal mechanisms, as well as reviewing allegations of misconduct or other wrongdoing.
  • Fluency in English and Hindi language. 

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GIS Officer

The GIS team at The Nature Conservancy, working under the United Nations, uses spatial data to assist in conservation efforts. They map habitats, analyse biodiversity data, and create visual aids for decision-making. Additionally, they collaborate with other organisations and stakeholders to gather and exchange GIS data for conservation projects. In essence, their work is vital in leveraging technology to safeguard natural resources.

  • Job Location: New Delhi 
  • Publication Date: 1 Mar 2024
  • Application Deadline: 22 Mar 2024


  • Conceptualise, execute, manage, and lead all geospatial and technology work, including setting programmatic objectives and identifying and bringing on additional capacity as needed.
  • Ensure that global and field-based projects utilise cutting-edge geospatial technology and science to address large-scale, complex problems.
  • Coordinate a multidisciplinary team, including team engagement, and staff management (objective setting, coaching, and mentoring).
  • Conduct spatial planning of land, water, and oceans across India.
  • Design, direct, and execute complex and diversified projects, coordinating the work of other professionals, managing budgets, and ensuring geospatial and technology programme accountability.
  • Build a geospatial data library with the necessary data and tools to guide conservation work across India.
  • Meet the programme’s spatial analysis needs across programmatic areas and major initiatives.
  • Undertake analysis for landscape-level, land-use, and conservation planning.
  • Provide technical coordination and support of geospatial activities between members of the TNC-India team, TNC-Global teams, and project partners.
  • Take leadership and project management roles when necessary.

Qualifications And Experience

  • To be eligible for this role, you must hold a Master’s degree in Geography, GIS, remote sensing, geospatial science, conservation science, Computer Science, or a related discipline. Moreover, it is essential to possess 5-10 years of relevant experience. In case you don’t meet the exact educational criteria, we will also consider an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Current Project Management certification is highly preferred.

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Junior Programme Communication Associate – Electric Mobility

United Nation Career

The United Nations relies on the Junior Programme Communication Associate for Electric Mobility to make a significant impact on communication efforts concerning electric mobility programmes. This role is pivotal in creating and sharing communication materials like press releases, social media content, and newsletters to raise awareness about electric mobility initiatives. Additionally, they play a crucial part in event organisation, media engagement, and the formulation of communication strategies. Ultimately, the Junior Programme Communication Associate is instrumental in promoting and championing the widespread adoption of electric mobility as a sustainable transportation solution.

  • Job Location: New Delhi, Mumbai 
  • Publication Date: 1 Mar 2024
  • Application Deadline: 22 Mar 2024



  • Create engaging visuals to simplify complex research findings.

Website, Social Media, and Events Coordinator

  • Perform quality control checks on all new and revised content for websites and social media.
  • Collaborate with WRI India’s core communications staff to ensure timely sharing of media coverage on social media platforms, websites, newsletters, and external media outreach.
  • Create or supervise simple social media infographics/visuals and disseminate research data in a visually appealing format using tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Premier Pro.
  • Support in facilitating webinars, workshops, partner engagements, roundtable discussions, and FGDs, including digital and on-ground planning and social media coverage.
  • Provide on-ground support for events and workshops, coordinating with local vendors.
  • Contribute to website content updates.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Develop and deliver the communications and partner engagement strategy, including annual schedules for communication and event activities, to engage partner forums.
  • Establish good working relationships with partners to ensure engagement in communications initiatives.
  • Research transport and electric mobility-related developments across Indian cities and globally.
  • Support the team in ongoing projects, research, content generation, reports, and proposals.

Qualifications And Experience

  • Must have 0-2 years of full-time experience as a Media communicator in the development sector, with a preference for experience in Transport and Electric mobility-focused organisations. Strong writing and editing skills in English are a must. Knowledge of Hindi is a bonus.
  • Previous experience in content management systems for website and newsletter content production is required. It would be beneficial to have a basic understanding of design software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Canva, or other AV/animation software.

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Explore Global Career Opportunities In The UN

If you have a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world and a sense of purpose, a career in the UN can be incredibly rewarding. It provides a chance to work alongside others who share your passion, interact with different cultures and viewpoints, and tackle some of the most urgent global issues we face today. Embrace the opportunity to join a remarkable global network and help shape a brighter future for everyone.

If you need help, support, or some expert advice, Mentoria is here to assist you. Our team of experienced mentors are ready to guide you with personalised strategies and helpful tips to enhance your career. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us–we’ll be your guiding star on the path to success.