Different Career Opportunities in Sports Industry


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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Chances are, most of us have looked at our favourite game being played on TV and thought, “I wish I could be a great sportsperson one day!’ You could’ve dreamed of becoming the next Sachin Tendulkar or David Beckham or the next Mary Kom. But you probably just left the dream at that.

While you might still be a fan of the game, not all of us are cut out to be great players. That doesn’t mean you should give up your love for the game though. You just have to channel it in another direction!

Not convinced how to do this without being at the peak of your physical fitness? 

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We’ll give you a list of careers that get you as close to the game as possible without actually having to play it!


Children Cheering

Manage your own sports team! | Sports Manager

You could become the general manager of a sports team and take charge of the team’s budget and players’ equipment. You would work closely with the owner and keep them updated on the team’s progress. And you get to work with your favourite players every day! Work your way up the ranks, and you become one of those managers who makes multimillion-dollar deals and works with the best teams in the world! Sounds cool? Wait till you try it!

Average Salary: According to Glassdoor, a Sports Manager earns a base salary of around Rs. 5L.P.A which is about Rs. 42k per month.

Coach the Legends | Sports Coach

Sounds like a tough one, right? How can you teach a bunch of great players without actually being excellent at the game? The answer’s simple: YES, YOU CAN. You can teach the sport you love without actually playing it! As a coach, you would be the leader and mentor of the team. You would plan their practice sessions, teach them the technicalities of the game and motivate players to do better. You would develop strategies and foster teamwork among your players. It’s a long road to the top, but the fame and glory (and the money) are absolutely worth it! 

Average Salary: According to Glassdoor, a Sports Coach earns a base salary of around Rs. 3L.P.A which is about Rs. 25.5k per month.


Sports Coach

If you can’t join them, heal them! | Sports Physiotherapist

If the idea of medicine intrigues you as much as sports, become a physical therapist for a sports team! You’d be the highly-educated healthcare professional rushing to the field to tend to an injured player, look after their recovery on and off the field and try to heal them best without surgery or heavy medication. The perks of this job? You get to travel with your team for every tournament! Imagine travelling with Team India for a World Cup series!

Average Salary: According to Payscale, a Sports Physiotherapist earns a base salary of around Rs. 5.9L.P.A which is about Rs. 49k per month 

Capture the action! | Sports Photographer

Every game is filled with action-packed, iconic moments that need to be captured and preserved for generations to come. If that sounds like something you’d love to do, then pick up a camera and work towards becoming a sports photographer! This branch of photojournalism allows you to travel around the world and capture iconic moments from famous games. Pursue this career and get picked up by leading newspapers or magazines to stay in the game!

Average Salary: According to SalaryExpert, a Sports Photographer earns a base salary of around Rs. 6.4L.P.A which is about Rs. 53k per month.


Sports Photographer

Help other fans celebrate the spirit | Sports Journalist

Do you find yourself rising up to cheer with the crowds every time your favourite player scores? Or voice your frustration when the game takes a wrong turn? Get into the thick of the action and be the one who guides fans into these emotions! How? By becoming a sports journalist! You would cover a game live or write about it, and get other fans to celebrate the good, bad and ugly of the game.

Average Salary: According to Payscale, a Sports Journalist earns a base salary of around Rs. 4.5L.P.A which is about Rs. 39.5k per month 

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Play with numbers | Statistician 

Why struggle with the sport when you can play the game with numbers! As a statistician, you would analyse the game, record scores, provide the right numbers and work as an official ‘scorekeeper’ for the game! You could also choose the academic side and collect data to study the game and come up with effective changes.

Average Salary: According to SalaryExpert, a Sports Statistician earns a base salary of around Rs. 13L.P.A which is about Rs. 1L per month.

Be the rule-keeper! | Umpire / Referee

Imagine being on the field, among the players, but not actually playing the game. Instead, your job would be making sure that everyone else played by the rules. Sounds interesting? Work towards becoming an umpire or referee! Not only do you get closer to the game than anyone else does, you get to make sure the players are doing it right!

Average Salary: According to Payscale, an Umpire/Referee earns a base salary of around Rs. 4L.P.A which is about Rs. 33k per month 

Work with the gear | Sports Equipment Entrepreneur

Every player needs the right equipment to succeed, and someone has to make sure only the best quality equipment goes out to them. As a sports equipment entrepreneur, that someone could be you! Right from racquets and bats to helmets and other safety gear, you’d be the one to supply everything your favourite athlete needs to win the game.

Average Salary: According to AmbitionBox, a Sports Equipment Entrepreneur earns a base salary of around Rs. 3.6L.P.A. which is about Rs. 30k per month.


Give the people what they want | Public Relations Manager (PR)

If communication is your forte, put your love for the game to good use by becoming the Public Relations Manager for your favourite team or player. You would maintain their image for the media, provide stories to news channels and enhance your team/player’s profitability by signing them up for appearances and endorsements. Who needs autographs when you’ve got the player’s attention!

Average Salary: According to Glassdoor, a PR Manager earns a base salary of around Rs. 4.5L.P.A which is about Rs. 38.5k per month 

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