Reasons Why You Need To Participate in Co-curricular Activities!


Last Updated: September 27, 2022
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Academics is not enough anymore, is it? 

Picture this, your friend has got straight As in all subjects but that’s it and there’s you,who, with a B+ score are good at even dancing, debate, and sports. You definitely get the upper hand, right?


Well, co-curricular activities are highly valued today and non-academic or co-curricular learning is gaining global popularity! This term refers to extracurricular activities or subjects. These activities include subjects that are not part of your academic curriculum but are necessary for an individual’s holistic development. 

Earlier, they were considered a “waste of time”, now these activities are given more importance than academics. Don’t you want to get better at these and improve yourself and your CV? However, there’s more to it than just names in your CV, let’s look at the meaning and importance of co-curricular activities!

What are these “extra” activities?

Once you get out of school and meet new people, you may realize that people were building new skills out there while you focused on just academics. Following a strict academic curriculum can result in your growth being stunted and make you feel out of sync and left out.

what are co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are defined as those that supplement and complement the main syllabi activities. These are an essential component of educational institutions for the development of students’ personalities as well as the reinforcement of classroom learning. Depending on the nature of the activity, co-curricular activities can take place individually or in groups, inside or outside the classroom. Co-curricular activities are classified into several categories based on the motivation or skill you want to develop. 

Some examples would be better, no? Have a look!

some activity

These are just some of the common co-curricular activities available in Indian Schools. This list of co-curricular activities is endless, and there are numerous other extracurricular activities to choose from. How would they help you though? Let’s find out!

Why Are Co-Curricular Activities Important?

When various types of co-curricular activities are included at the school or college level, their main goal is to contribute to the student’s overall development. Extracurricular activities for students aid in closing the gap between education and innate abilities. They supplement what students learn in school and help them develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, morally, creatively, and physically.


There are a lot of perks of participating in these activities. Here are some of them:

1. Social Skills and Relationship Building

When your nose is deeply buried in a book, it’s easy to forget that communicating with your peers is critical to ensuring your high school experience is as rich as it can be. Even if you don’t enjoy social situations, joining a school club is a great way to meet people who share your interests. Students frequently engage in co-curricular activities with students from other grades, which aids in the development of relationship skills and, in many cases, long-lasting friendships.

2. Developing Self-Esteem 

Developing as a person entails pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Academically, not all students excel. Success or recognition for a contribution to a co-curricular activity can boost students’ self-esteem significantly, and you may discover a new interest, talent, or even career goal. Try as many as you can to find the ones that will make you a better person.

3. Better Academic Performance

You may be concerned that participating in extracurricular activities will interfere with your schoolwork, but this is not the case. Active participation in an activity that you enjoy will help your brain function better. You will improve your concentration and time management abilities. Sports, for example, will teach you to focus, build stamina, and persevere in the face of failure or difficulty.

4. Helps with University Applications And CV Building

Co-curricular activities are an important component of any successful university application. They can demonstrate perseverance: you can commit to something and stick with it. These activities will even add to your resume or CV, making you look multitasking and skillful. 

some extra activities

5. Broaden Your Horizon

Co-curricular activities help you decide what actually interests you and trying different things here and there will make you more self-aware. It will develop a sense of belongingness and make you a natural decision-maker. There are so many clubs, committees, and fests happening that deciding one for yourself automatically makes you better at decision-making.

Now, since there are so many options available. How do you select activities for yourself? Here you go!

How To Choose Co-Curricular Activities For Yourself

Co-curricular activities should be chosen with the understanding that they should not interfere with family time and that you should enjoy going to class. Make a list of co-curricular activities that may be beneficial to you or that you are interested in, and then meet with your parents or seniors to discuss them.

Some school boards, such as the CBSE, phase out extracurricular activities as students progress through the grades. They frequently discourage sports, art, and other extracurricular activities. Most schools also do not provide music or dance instruction. There is also no guarantee that the classes offered at the school will match your child’s desired level of expertise. 

how to get into co-curricular

In these cases, you can look for your child outside of school. There are numerous institutes that provide specialized training in a variety of disciplines. You can seek advice from other parents, visit institutes, and read reviews. You can also check with the teachers to ensure that your child is enrolled at the appropriate level.

You can also choose an activity that will not only interest you but will also help your college and/or job applications. If you still need help, Mentoria’s career counseling and mentoring sessions can help you untangle some knots. Our experts evaluate you not only on your strengths and weaknesses but also on your interests and motivation to pursue them. Our goal is to assist you in thriving in life, regardless of where you are or what you choose to do.