Common Questions Asked in an Interview with HR Professionals


Last Updated: December 3, 2022
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Looks like you’re looking for a new job! We love a good change. But as you prepare for your new job and the endless rounds of interviews, let us remind you to make a brilliant impression in the first phone call! It’sIt’s generally the HR or an HR generalist! An HR professional (often a recruiter or HR Generalist) will ask candidates a series of HR interview questions during the initial screening stage of a hiring process. They generally aim these questions at you to gauge your basic skills and interest in the role and to clarify various points about your application as well as the resume.

To help you face and ace the rapid-fire round with HR, we compiled a list of the top interview questions asked by HR or hiring managers and what these questions entail!

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What are the top 10 HR interview questions you need to keep an eye out for?

  • What made you apply for this job?

This inquiry seeks to gauge your level of enthusiasm for the position. Are you genuinely determined to be hired for this position, or are you simply mass-applying to every job posting available? You must demonstrate that you made a deliberate choice to submit this application!

  • What prior experience do you have that might be relevant to this position?

Using this question, recruiters can determine whether you believe in yourself. With this question, they want to see whether you thoroughly understand the requirements. The trick to ace this question is to bring up prior experience that connects to your job description; this will make the recruiters understand that you KNOW what you’re doing.

  • Share with us your experience in…

This is a tricky one! Despite being identical to the preceding query, this one inquires explicitly about the most crucial facets of the function. For instance, a business looking to hire a copywriter will undoubtedly inquire about your experience with various forms of writing or editing.

  • What about the job description did you like the most?

This one is one of the best HR interview questions to start a discussion about obligations and duties. Additionally, it helps the HR evaluate how well you comprehend the role.

  • Why are you quitting your work now? Why did you leave your last position?

The most qualified individuals will provide valid justifications for leaving their current position! Being unfavourable or disparaging to your previous employer is a warning sign. There must be a balance, of course. Be honest and respectful and know where to stop! It’sIt’s perfectly OK, for instance, if you say that you left your last position because it didn’t pay you at a fair market rate. However, it would be suspicious if you went off on a rant about how dishonest your old company was.

  • What do you know about our company’s product/services?

The purpose of these types of HR questions is clear: the HR professional wants to ensure that you have researched the company and understand what you’re applying for. You don’t need to show deep knowledge of the company and its products. Still, you need to know everything that can be discovered via a simple online search – of course, if you have already used the company’s products/services or if you know someone who works there, that’s a plus!

  • Why is there a gap on your resume?

This is one of a number of frequently asked HR interview questions that could be about anything “out of the norm” or intriguing on your résumés, such as a brief stint at a position that seemed unconnected to your background or experience or a clear employment gap. These HR interview questions are designed to make sure there are no discrepancies and to clarify these topics further.

  • Describe the workplace where you will be most content and effective.

The question “What can we do to keep you satisfied if you were hired?” is another example of how this may appear. or “What qualities about your current position would you like to see here as well?” These are a few illustrations of culture-fit interview questions designed to gauge your appropriateness for the position. Don’t worry there is typically no right or wrong response. Everything depends on how well you can make this fim feel like your home!

  • What salary goals do you have?

Similar HR inquiries to this one concern other “technical” aspects of the work, such as your desire to relocate or travel or your capacity to adhere to a schedule. To ensure they’re not speaking to an applicant who has unrealistically high compensation expectations, HR professionals utilise this inquiry (or who is generally unable to meet the job’s demands).

  • Have you got any questions/suggestions?

You should always have the chance to ask questions yourself, regardless of the hiring process’s stage, so they can determine whether the position is a suitable fit for you. The second reason HR asks this question is to decide whether or not you are genuinely curious to learn more. You should inquire intelligently about the business and, if possible, the position as well.

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