Crack The Code: Insider Secrets To Excel In Actuarial Exams

Joanna Tresa

Last Updated: August 25, 2023
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Unlocking success in the highly competitive world of actuarial exams requires a strategic approach and a solid grasp of the subject matter. With their reputation for complexity and rigorous testing standards, actuarial exams can be daunting for aspiring professionals. However, with the right mindset and effective study techniques, conquering these exams is within reach. In this blog, we will share valuable insights and simple tips to help you crack the actuarial exams and pave your way to a successful actuarial career. So, let’s think outside the box and explore some unique approaches to exam preparation!


Tips And Tricks To Ace The Actuarials

Embrace Active Learning

Active learning is a powerful technique that encourages engagement and deep understanding of the material. Instead of passively reading textbooks or lecture notes, actively interact with the content. Summarise key concepts in your own words, create flashcards, teach the material to a friend, or use visual aids like diagrams and mind maps. By actively participating in the learning process, you are more likely to retain information and comprehend complex topics. It also helps in identifying any gaps in your knowledge and strengthens your overall understanding. So, step away from passive reading and embrace active learning to make your study sessions more effective and impactful.

Teach It To Yourself

The Feynman Technique, named after the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, is an excellent method for deepening your understanding of a subject. The technique involves teaching a concept as if you were explaining it to someone else. Choose a topic you want to master, study it thoroughly, and then explain it aloud as if you were teaching it to an imaginary student. By verbalising the information in simple terms, you can identify any areas where your understanding is lacking. Teaching a concept forces you to organise your thoughts, fill in gaps in your knowledge, and solidify your grasp of the material. This active form of learning helps to cement the information in your mind and enhances your overall comprehension.

Use Mnemonics And Memory Techniques

The world of actuarial exams is filled with formulas, technical terms, and complex concepts that can be challenging to remember. Mnemonics and memory techniques come to the rescue by providing handy memory aids. Create acronyms, catchy phrases, or visual associations to help you recall information easily. For instance, to remember the formula for compound interest (A = P(1 + r/n)^(nt)), you could use the phrase “All Pirates Really Need Treasures” to remember the order of the variables. Mnemonics leverage your brain’s natural tendency to remember vivid and unusual associations, making it easier to recall information during the exam. So, get creative and develop mnemonic devices that work for you, making the learning process both fun and efficient.

Embrace Gamified Learning


Studying for actuarial exams doesn’t have to be a monotonous and boring process. Injecting an element of fun and competition can make your study sessions more engaging and enjoyable. Embrace gamified learning techniques by exploring online platforms that offer interactive quizzes, educational games, and challenges related to actuarial concepts. These platforms often provide a structured and gamified approach to learning, allowing you to earn points, unlock levels, and compete with other learners. The competitive aspect adds excitement and motivation to your studies. Gamified learning not only makes the process more enjoyable but also enhances retention and understanding of the material through active participation and reinforcement. So, level up your studying game by embracing the gamified approach and turn your actuarial journey into an adventure. Here are a few platforms that offer gamified learning for actuarial exams:

  • The Infinite Actuary (TIA): The Infinite Actuary provides exam preparation materials and a gamified learning experience for actuarial exams. They offer practice exams, quizzes, and a study dashboard that tracks your progress and allows you to earn badges and achievements as you advance.
  • Exam P Prep: Exam P Prep is a platform specifically designed for the Actuarial Exam P. They offer a gamified learning environment with practice exams, quizzes, and interactive study tools to help you master the exam content.

Connect With Practising Actuaries

Actuarial societies and professional networking platforms provide a wealth of opportunities to connect with experienced actuaries. Engaging with these professionals can offer valuable insights into the real-world applications of actuarial concepts and provide guidance for exam preparation. Networking with professionals in the field can broaden your perspective, help you understand the practical implications of actuarial principles, and inspire you in your journey. Actuaries bring real-world experience to the table, and learning from their experiences can be invaluable in your exam preparation and overall professional growth. There are many ways to connect with practising actuaries. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Attend actuarial society events. Actuarial societies often host events such as conferences, workshops, and meetups. These events are a great opportunity to meet practising actuaries and learn more about the profession.
  • Join online actuarial communities. There are many online communities where actuaries and aspiring actuaries can connect. These communities can be a great resource for networking, asking questions, and sharing advice.
  • Reach out to practising actuaries directly. If you know of any practising actuaries, you can reach out to them directly. You can email them, connect with them on LinkedIn, or even cold call them.

Engage In Real-Life Applications

Actuarial concepts are not limited to the pages of textbooks. Actuarial principles and techniques find practical applications in various industries, such as insurance, finance, and risk management. Explore these applications to deepen your understanding of the subject matter. For example, examine insurance policies, investment strategies, or risk assessment in real-life scenarios. Understanding how actuarial principles are applied in practice can make the studying process more relatable and provide you with practical insights that go beyond theoretical knowledge. Connecting the dots between theory and real-world applications helps solidify your understanding and prepares you to apply your knowledge effectively in future actuarial work.

Develop Problem-Solving Strategies

Actuarial exams demand efficient problem-solving skills. Besides practising exam-style questions, work on developing problem-solving strategies. Experiment with different approaches, explore alternative methods, and learn from your mistakes. Develop your own toolkit of problem-solving techniques that work best for you. This way, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any challenging question that comes your way.

Simulate Real-Life Scenarios

Actuarial work involves making decisions based on incomplete or uncertain information, just like in the exams. Emulate this reality by creating hypothetical scenarios where you have to apply actuarial principles to solve problems. This exercise helps you develop critical thinking skills and trains you to make informed decisions under uncertainty. You can create these scenarios by using case studies, real-world data, or even role-playing exercises. By practising in realistic scenarios, you’ll gain practical experience and improve your ability to analyse complex situations, ultimately enhancing your performance in the exams and preparing you for real-world actuarial challenges.

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