Everything You Need to Know About the Top 10 Hotel Management Courses in the World


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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We are sure you have been on great trips and vacations. Think about your favorite one- The location, the travel route, the luxurious flight. But, wasn’t that good hotel service one of the best parts of your trip? Imagine the amazing spread of breakfast, clean and beautiful rooms facing the pool, and quick room service bringing in your lunch because the bed is so comfortable you do not want to get out of it. Do you picture it? Let’s take a minute and think about what goes behind this luxury that you love. Who makes these dreams of yours come true? Well, that could be you for someone else! 


Hotel Management is the answer!

hotel management

Why Hotel Management?

Great hotels can be found anywhere, whether in Australia or Sweden. Considering how widespread it is, new staff are hired every single day. The hotel management industry is definitely enjoyable to work in, with daily interactions with different people and travel to new work locations. 

A hotel needs all kinds of professionals, whether they are hotel managers, chefs, or even accountants. You can work in any place you choose because there are hotels everywhere. The hospitality sector offers a well-paying profession that is sufficient to cover your bills and offers room for advancement in the future. 

So, if this whole idea of luxury and managing the working of the hospitality sector appeals to you then hotel management might be your true calling! You’ll obviously need the appropriate training and expertise in hotel management to execute this. Why then simply restrict the courses to India when you can also take a lesson from abroad?

So if you are planning a career in the field of hotel management, here are some top courses in the world which might be perfect for you! To look at the best courses, it will be easier to check out the best colleges that also offer those courses. Here we go!


Top Courses From Across The World!

Since learning can be done from anywhere, here is a list of top courses and their college in no particular sequence of their ranking:

  1. BS in International Hospitality Management: Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), regarded as the top school in the world for hospitality and leisure management, prepares students for managerial positions in the hotel and hospitality sectors. 

The Swiss institution provides executive programs, a BS in International Hospitality Management, an MS in Global Hospitality, and other programs, all supported by cutting-edge infrastructure and top-notch instructors.

The institutes currently house more than 2,000 students from close to 90 different nations. EHL offers an international education, a wide selection of programs in hotel administration, culinary arts and restaurant management, as well as online options for executive education, from campuses in Switzerland and Singapore.

EHL Hospitality Business School

2. BS in Hotel Administration: Cornell University 

One of the best universities for studying hotel management is Cornell University, which offers degrees in hospitality management, including a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. The Cornell School of Hotel Administration (SHA) provides the most relevant and cutting-edge instruction to reward extraordinarily high-quality services.

It lays the groundwork for the business and essential operations of the hotel sector by developing dynamic, purposeful, and genuine leaders in the field of hospitality. You’ll be a part of the only Ivy League program of its type and get to know our proud Hotelie community, which includes some of the top technologists, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and hoteliers in the world.


3. BS in Hotel and Tourism Management: New York University

The functional hospitality programs offered by New York University include classes in hotel management, restaurant management, and meeting, conference, and event management. An MS in Hospitality Industry Studies and a BS in Hotel and Tourism Management are both available. 

The studies in the Hotel Management program start off by giving an overview of many aspects of the business and then move on to more focused ideas such as front desk operations, event budgeting, production and planning, marketing and management for conventions, etc. The curriculum gives you the freedom to explore career options much beyond what a regular degree in hospitality and tourism may provide.


4. MBA in Global Hospitality Management: Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

This hotel management school provides a variety of programs, including a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, a worldwide degree in hospitality, a certificate course in hotel management, a postgraduate degree in hospitality management, and a master’s of business administration. The institute is ranked as one of the top three employers in the world. Over 40 international hotels and independent companies have been known to hire Les Roches International School graduates. Few of the well-known employers are:

  • Bloomberg
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Qatar Airways
  • Tesla
  • Booking.com
  • Hublot

This is ideal for those who want to change careers or for ambitious hospitality graduates who want to focus on hotel management.

MBA in Global Hospitality Management

5. BBA in International Hospitality Business: Glion Institute of Higher Education

The Glion Institute of Higher Education was Switzerland’s first (private) university-level program in hotel management. It has more than 50 years of experience in the field of higher education.

The institute currently provides a London summer program in hospitality management along with a diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and postgraduate diploma. Working through simulated hotel building and business initiatives with knowledgeable faculty members will help you learn how to run a hospitality business and become an expert with the tools used in the industry.


6. BBA in Hospitality and Real Estate: The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

 Being one of the top universities for hotel management, it provides students from all over the world with cutting-edge programs including the BBA in Hospitality and Real Estate, the MSc in Management of Real Estate and Hospitality Assets, and the Hotel General Managers Advanced Management Programme. 

The School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong seeks to produce entrepreneurs and managers who have a thorough understanding of worldwide trends to innovate the hotel and tourism sectors. The institution extends the course to provide students with a transformative learning experience and allow them to interact with peers in the industry.

BBA in Hospitality and Real Estate

7. Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management: Hotel School Vatel (HSV)

The first business school group in the world specializing in hospitality and tourism management is known as Vatel. Both a bachelor’s and a master’s program in international hotel management are available at this HM institution. For around 31 years, Hotel School Vatel has provided training programs to prepare applicants for the hotel management field. Vatel Bordeaux has dedicated itself to developing individuals who can succeed in that setting by continuously adjusting to the changing terrain of the hospitality business.


8. Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management: The University of Queensland 

If you are looking for a hotel management course in Australia then here you go! The University of Queensland is the perfect place to hone your managerial abilities, business savvy, and professional skills for planning and delivering top-notch travel experiences. To provide a high-learning environment while also imparting knowledge of various operations and technical applications, it offers a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management and a Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management degree.


9. BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management: Oxford Brookes University (OBU)

The Oxford Brookes University International Hospitality Management program is run by the Oxford School of Hospitality Management and is renowned throughout the world. 

The Oxford School of Hospitality Management, which has a distinguished international reputation and is recognized as one of the top suppliers of management education, is the organization in charge of teaching the International Hospitality Management course.

The B.Sc. with honours in international hospitality management, M.Sc. with honors in international hospitality, events, and tourist management, and M.Sc. with honors in international hotel and tourism management are all offered at this institution. Oxford Brookes University is a prestigious university with its headquarters in the United Kingdom.


10. Bachelor in Hotel and Tourism Management: Cesar Ritz College

There are three campuses of Cesar Ritz Colleges, and they are all in Switzerland. Graduates of this hotel management college’s double bachelor program receive both a bachelor’s degree from César Ritz Colleges and a bachelor’s degree in hospitality business management from Washington State University (USA). The State of Valais recognizes the higher diploma and bachelor of international business in hotel and tourism management programs that are available. This institute offers courses in food and beverage management, hotel rooms division, and the hospitality industry in addition to courses in international business, business planning, and specialties. The courses offered here employ a practical methodology that will lay the groundwork for your future professional success.

Bachelor in Hotel and Tourism Management

Become A Part Of The Luxury!

It’s not easy being a hotel manager. You will have to put in a lot of effort to acquire the ideal position. However, if you enjoy a little bit of adventure and are prepared to combine it with a lot of hard work, you will undoubtedly enjoy working in this field. Confused about what country and what course to choose? Start by choosing Mentoria! 

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