8 Best Jobs in Demand for the Future in India


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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There was a time when engineering was all the rage. Everyone wanted to get into engineering because it held a very promising future. However, today, most engineering fields have been taken over by machines and AI. This has led to a significant drop in the number of jobs available to qualified engineers. Having said that, AI and automation have also brought in a lot of new careers. Not just AI, there are so many trends blowing up all over the world and bringing in more and more niche career opportunities! 

To help you map your way around this “whole new world”, we’ve created a list of the top careers that are a direct result of the AI/trend explosion. These are the up and coming careers that you need to watch out for. So, sit tight and get ready to learn all about these jobs.

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1. Data Detective

Data Detective

We are downloading, uploading, and consuming data almost all the time. Companies use this data to drive products, engage with clients, and better their products. We are heading towards a world where virtual data will drive most technology. But who’s keeping track of this data? With data making in-roads into so many industries, we need someone to keep track of it. This is where data detectives come in. While the career is not at its peak now, soon, along with data, demand for data detectives will grow. 

To become a data detective, one of the most demanding jobs in future, pursue a degree (BE/B.Tech/ B.Sc) in data science from institutes like Praxis Business SchoolINSOFE, etc. 

2. Pharmacovigilance


Thanks to our booming pharmacological sector, there’s a cure for almost everything! A short-term cure, a long-term cure, name it and you have it. However, the rapid expansion of this industry calls for a vigil. Someone needs to keep an eye on these inventions and discoveries to check if they are in keeping with the ethics and industry standards. This is where pharmacovigilance comes in. You can find jobs in demand with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, clinical research organisations, pharmacovigilance units of medical colleges and hospitals, and even with Regulatory Agencies. 

To get into this field, you can go for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance or PG Diploma in Clinical Data Management from institutes like ICRI, India

3. Flavourist


We’re experimenting with flavours like never before. Be it in food, cosmetics, or healthcare products. But, not everyone is an expert at judging how flavours match with products. You need a flavourist for that. This is why industries are now demanding professionals with such skills. As a flavourist, you will be eligible for one of the most demanding jobs in future in companies and organisations dealing with food and beverages, cosmetics, fragrance, toothpaste, and any product where the flavour matters. To pursue a career in this industry, you may take up a degree in flavours in Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management (Mumbai), SRM University: Department of Food Process Engineering (Ghaziabad) and Central Food Technological Research Institute (Mysore).

4. Space Technician

Trips to outer space are no longer once in a blue-moon phenomenon. Today, spaceships are landing on various planets and exploring our solar system. But, the industry is facing a shortage of workforce when it comes to repairing faults in their machines. As we continue our many forays into space, the need and demand for space technicians will only grow, making it one of the most in demand jobs for the future. 

A BE or BTech in space engineering or space science with an aggregate of 65% will get you into colleges like Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) (Thiruvananthapuram), Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) (Dehradun), Birla Institute of Technology (Ranchi), etc.

5. Gerontologist


With advancements in medical sciences, Indians now have an average lifespan of  68.7 years at birth. This has led to an increase in the number of older people in our country. Owing to this, there is a rise in industries catering to the seniors in our society. This is where gerontologists come in. Be it caregiving, medical assistance or even professional assistance, they do it all, their job is now considered to be one of the jobs in demand However, taking care of the elderly requires specialised skills

To pursue a career in this field, enrol in Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) (Mumbai), which offers a course in gerontology.

6. Pet Groomer


Our sensitivity towards animals, especially pets, is growing by the day. Naturally, careers involving animals and pets have risen too. Pet owners are exploring options of pet healthcare and grooming making it one of the best jobs in demand. The demand has led to a swarm of pet spas and grooming centres in the country. If you enjoy working and being surrounded by pets and have a penchant for grooming, become a pet groomer! You can enrol in a number of courses offered by pet grooming institutes now present in almost every city like ScoobyScrub (Delhi), FuzzyWuzzy (Bengaluru), etc.

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7. Family Therapist


Fast-paced lives take a toll on families. When we feel lost or stuck, it affects our relationships. To keep these bonds from fraying, organisations and even hospitals are turning to creative methods, such as clubbing allopathy with creative group therapy for children – a first of its kind in India. To pursue this field, you need to pursue therapy or counselling. 

This degree deviates from traditional psychology. Instead, it focuses on adjustments in one’s mindsets to live a better life. As a family therapist, you are eligible for counselling roles at hospitals, corporates, schools and even government institutions, making it best future careers.

Top colleges for a master’s in family therapy and counselling include Indian Institute of CounsellingCollege of Social Work Nirmala Niketan, etc. You would need a degree in psychology or a diploma in psychotherapy or family counselling to be eligible for this course. 

8. Technical writer

Technical writer

With the insurgence of technology in every field, people who can decode jargons and bridge the gap between the industry and its consumers are the need of the hour A technical writer is usually involved with B2B publications, technical websites and print publications which cater to the niche audience of their industry. To get into this field, you would need exceptional writing skills and know-how of the industry you write for. 

You can pursue this career after any degree if you have a good command over the language. To hone your writing abilities, enrol in institutes that specialise in technical writing like ibruk.inTWB (Bengaluru)

If any of these future jobs in demand interest you or seem to branch out from your interests, reach out to us. We can help you find which jobs are in demand in india and help you chalk a clear path for your future career.

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