Here is How to Build an Impressive LinkedIn Profile!


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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Imagine having a Tinder but for jobs! You could right swipe the jobs of your choice and if the company likes you too, it will be a match! 

As funny as it seems, it could be great, right?

The concept sounds familiar? Great, you already know what we are talking about. Yes, it is LinkedIn!

Well, we do know that creating a LinkedIn profile isn’t on your list of tasks right now because of how boring it is. We even know how you dreaded your resume-making process. 


But if you think that your traditional paper-based resume is enough for you to get a job, let us tell you a little secret- you might be wrong. Hold up, hear us out first, you definitely will require a resume but you will also need a concise, online version of it and that’s exactly what a LinkedIn profile is. Imagine putting yourself out there, your USP, strengths, and weaknesses in the most creative and fun way possible. Even if you are not good with technology and get overwhelmed by the different elements of an app, don’t you worry! We have got you covered, here is a fool-proof guide on how to create an impressive LinkedIn profile.


Why Is LinkedIn Even important?

First of all, why not? It is free and there is literally no downside to having a LinkedIn profile, only advantages. Whether you are seeking jobs, looking for employees or just looking to learn from other people in the industry, LinkedIn has it all. Let’s assume you applied for a job and the recruiter searches your name on Google and the first thing that pops up is your LinkedIn profile. Having an impressive LinkedIn profile is the same as having an online personal brand, it helps in selling you in the best way possible. They can view your recommendations, connections, and your proof of where you have added value. 

  • Using LinkedIn Apply, you may directly apply for jobs, save job searches, and show the recruiters that you are interested in learning about opportunities. 
  • Through the recommendations and testimonials that LinkedIn lets your connections post on your profile, you can increase your own credibility. 
  • It is also an amazing tool to follow your dream companies and keep tabs on the job opportunities they post.
  • Before even submitting your resume to a particular company, you can check out their LinkedIn, see who’s going to interview you and what is the company looking for. This will show that you are well-researched. 

These are enough reasons for you to make a LinkedIn profile. Let’s dive right in and see how to make yours better!


Profile Photo, Headline, Summary…What’s What?

Your profile needs to stand out or else it will get lost in the crowd. The key here is to be persistent, contribute to creating a strong profile and follow many recruiters on LinkedIn. Here are the elements to take care of:


  1. Profile photo does the magic: Why wouldn’t you include a photo of yourself if your objective is to get noticed? A strong profile photo makes you more credible and makes you stand out from the crowd. Remember, the first impression is important! People see your profile with a headshot before they learn about you in your background. Everything matters, your photo background, clarity, smile, and attire. Plus we don’t need to remind you to make sure it is a recent picture, not a decade old one. 


  1. Background photo? Also Important: “One photo isn’t enough?” Well, you can also upload a backdrop image that is larger than your profile photo and shows a little bit more of who you are. Here, you might want to create something unique that reveals more about you to visitors. Maybe your office desk, your favourite city, or your unique interests, could be anything. This helps the recruiters remember your profile!


  • Avoid the No-No Words: Here, buzzwords are adjectives that are used in LinkedIn headlines and summaries so frequently that their meaning is all but lost.  We are not arguing that you can’t identify with these things or that it doesn’t matter if you do. However, merely stating that you have these qualities won’t persuade others of them. You must exhibit them as well, both in your self-description and in how you use the LinkedIn profile’s features to highlight your values.

  • Headline? Make it more than just a job title: Imagine if big brands just wrote simple headlines like “we are a shoe company” or “we make soda”. That’s not how it goes, right? Of course, there is no single recipe for a terrific headline. You can even consider any of these:
  • Share something personal to make yourself more approachable
  • Shift the focus to the candidate
  • Ditch the buzzwords for something more memorable
  • Ask rhetorical questions to encourage the response you want

There’s more to a headline than just your name and position. Use this area as a job seeking to highlight your skills. When you master this, your profile will be unique.

linkedin profile

  • Write a summary, say your story: People who visit your profile should be able to understand your objective, motivation, and abilities from the About section. If composing paragraphs is not your strong suit, you can use bullet points. This is your unique “Elevator Pitch,” as we like to say. How would you write this section if you just had 30 seconds to describe what you are good at, why you are good at it, and how you can benefit the recruiter?

  • Mention your work and educational experience: It should go without saying that you should keep your profile up to date with all of your professional experiences that fit with your current career ambitions.

The visitor can decide whether they can trust your knowledge in a certain profession or industry by learning how your career has evolved over the years, regardless of whether you are an authority or just starting out. Don’t stop writing after you’ve used up all the text in this section! You have the option of posting images, presentations that you are proud of, or movies that highlight your prior achievements in the media areas of each work experience.


  • Show Your Love For Learning: You will have the option to add a course certificate to your LinkedIn profile once you have finished a course on LinkedIn Learning. You can send updates about your learning to your network via the Learning History section of your LinkedIn Learning account. 

  • Add relevant skills: Your skill list is one of the most crucial elements of your LinkedIn profile. The website makes it simple to look for and choose talents that align with your background and areas of competence, but there is one important caveat: Due to the abundance of skills on LinkedIn, it is simple to overdo it and fill your profile with abilities that are only loosely relevant to your present or future employment.
  • If someone recommends your abilities, your chances of being found for opportunities involving those abilities will rise. To demonstrate your competence, you can also take assessments for the abilities you’ve indicated on your profile.


  • Add Recommendations: Your connections can write “recommendations” for your profile, and offer “endorsements” of your skills, and you can do the same in return. There is no restriction on how many suggestions you can ask for. A recommendation made by a connection that you approve automatically becomes accessible to your network.

  • Stay connected and keep updating: Once your profile is active, it’s a good idea to keep in touch. Spend at least 15 minutes each week checking in to see what you missed, commenting on pertinent stories, and responding to communications. Your expertise and leadership credentials on LinkedIn increase the more you share and comment on the information. While a strong LinkedIn profile is a terrific place to start, it needs continuous upkeep.


Also, Keep In Mind! 

You can lose out on opportunities if your contact information is out-of-date. Others prefer emails or phone calls, while certain recruiters and connections will use the built-in LinkedIn chat tool. 

After creating and updating the various areas of your profile, you may start letting your wider network see your public profile. Your public profile, which is accessible to everyone and appears in search results, is a simplified form of your full LinkedIn profile.

Happy Job Hunting!

You can make the most of your LinkedIn profile if you know how to maximise it. Pay your undivided attention. It only produces fruit when you water it. It takes time and effort to see significant growth in your LinkedIn profile, so don’t expect it to happen immediately.

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