Here Is Why Co-curricular Activities Look Good on Your Resume!


Last Updated: December 3, 2022
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Imagine being an interviewer on the panel and an interviewee walks in, you look at his resume and he has the most perfect grades, great college and even a little work experience here and there. Would you consider him for the job role? Even if you considered him, you would give preference to someone with better extracurriculars, right?

“Why so?”

Well, as an interviewer, you would wanna see if all the qualities and skills they have mentioned are backed by any activities they have done. The saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is relevant even here, just that “play” means your extracurricular. What did you do after your school hours? What are the things you do when you are not working?


Employers will be interested in your extracurricular activities if they have improved your talents (for example, if you wrote for the campus newspaper and are seeking a career as a writer). Your extracurricular activities will also be of interest if they demonstrate that you have achieved at a high level (if you were a varsity athlete on a strong team, most employers will consider that a plus). You, as an applicant, must keep their point of view in mind so as to have a great interview. You might be wondering what is co curricular now and how they even help your chances of a job. Well, you are in the right place. First, let’s look at what exactly are co curricular activities.


What Are These “Extra” Activities?

Let’s clear out the difference first! Activities that might take place in school but are not part of the curriculum are referred to as extracurricular. Activities that are not part of the standard curriculum but typically supplement it are referred to as co-curricular. You would categorize an activity as co-curricular if you aren’t earning academic credit for it. 

There isn’t a certain Co-Curricular Activity that will specifically help your resume. What matters are the skills you gain from the activities.Let’s take a look at some co-curricular activities that will look impressive on your resume!

Academic Related Co-curricular Activities

Listing these in applications for journalism, copywriting, or editing positions is appropriate.

  • Book clubs
  • School magazine editor
  • Poetry recitation
  • Story-writing
  • Debates

Social and Physical development Related Co-curricular Activities

For occupations that need effort, empathy, or social awareness, these are impressive accomplishments to highlight on a resume.

Cultural Development Related Co-curricular Activities

If you wish to apply for jobs in any of these fields, the skills come handy but they also make great hobbies! 

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Folk dance
  • Folk songs
  • Fancy-dress competitions

Arts and Craft Related Co-curricular Activities

Participation in these groups is beneficial for pursuing jobs that call for relevant abilities.

  • Album making
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Clay modelling
  • Knitting

These look like really basic and fun activities, right? Well, they can make a great difference to your resume. The hiring panel will judge you based on the abilities you learn and the enthusiasm with which you approach these activities. Want to see how? Let’s check it out!

extra curricular activities

Learning, Fun And More Opportunities? Co-curricular Activities!

It will seem boring if a person has just academics and no co-curricular, right? High school will be more interesting if you have fun with your friends, and those social skills will be helpful when you start your first job. 

You learn things that you can’t learn online or in a book when you participate in activities outside of the classroom. You learn how to communicate effectively, grow as a leader, master time management, and a whole host of other skills. Imagine the number of people you’d meet who would have the same favourite band, book or movie as you!

If you think your co-curricular activities don’t seem to meet the criteria for the job you want, you may make your CV stand out from the crowd by highlighting the soft skills you gained through participating in these activities. And that is really the whole point of participating in more co-curricular activities.

  • You can stand out from the competition by highlighting your extracurricular activities on your resume and showing that you have relevant experience for the position.


  • Even if you have minimal professional experience, mentioning any of these experiences demonstrates your ability to handle duties.


  • You can demonstrate a strong work ethic by demonstrating to potential employers that you have pursued and succeeded in extracurricular activities.


  • People who can manage many priorities, such as work, extracurricular activities, and off-campus jobs, are better at managing multiple priorities at work. They frequently exhibit flexibility at work and are better equipped to handle the increased responsibility.

So, How To Go About It?

Starting with “How to really get into co-curricular?” 

It’s simple, start with looking out for clubs and committees in your college and apply for the ones that seem interesting to you! Trust us, there are many cool festivals, events, and experiments happening all the time and they are always in need of volunteers and participants. This is your time to explore and meet new people.

Once that is done, do you have to list every extracurricular activity you participated in while attending school when you sit down to write your first resume or apply for your first job after college?

Absolutely not. 

Consider your past experiences that relate to the position you are looking for or that could serve as proof that you have gained new knowledge. 

You never know, the club you joined can make you a standout candidate in a future interview by provoking an engaging discussion.

Co-Curricular Is The Way To Go!

Now you are aware how activities outside of the classroom are a crucial component of every strong university application. Looking for more valuable information on careers? Check out Mentoria’s Knowledge Gateway! We’ve got a career library full of tips and advice as well as webinars from industry professionals. Sign up to Mentoria and get lifetime access to the Knowledge Gateway! Discover more here!