6 Creative Assignment Ideas to Make Your Students’ Holiday Homework Fun


Last Updated: August 27, 2022
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The term ‘holiday homework’ raises a collective groan when you mention it in class. The last thing your students want to do during their holidays is spending more time with their noses buried in textbooks. But who said homework had to be a dull and dreary activity? There’s plenty of time and then some to learn concepts at school; holiday homework can focus on skill-building and be a lot more fun! Here’s a list of top creative assignment or homework ideas to help students take the ‘work’ out of homework, and replace it with a whole lot of fun! 

“Assignment 1: For the Filmy Fans”

As a life coach who holds film therapy workshops in Bengaluru, Rohit Sasvehalli believes that movies can have a deep impact on the psyche when approached consciously. “Pick a specific concept the child wants to learn about, say Apartheid. Ask them to watch a movie like Invictus to understand the tensions in South Africa. It will invoke an explorative mindset,” says Sasvehalli. Give your students a choice of topics and movies to watch, review and write an essay or make a presentation on what it got them thinking about. Surely your students aren’t about to complain about watching a movie or two!

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“Assignment 2: For the Wanderlusters”

Families often set out on trips during the holiday season. A trip is often a great platform to learn about new places and new cultures. Ask your students to document every bit of their travel, discover fascinating aspects about the place they’re visiting and turn their findings into a fantastic travel presentation for the class! It could cover a long vacation or even a day trip to the museum, beach or a nearby park.

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“Assignment 3: For the Bookworms”

This creative assignment may not appeal to all your students, but the voracious readers in your class will surely welcome some binge-reading over the holidays! For this set of students, assign a list of books they can review over the holidays. Encourage them to get a library membership or even a Kindle, if they’re more accustomed to reading digitally. Give them a mix of fiction and non-fiction titles that will broaden their knowledge and urge them to think. It doesn’t have to strictly follow the curriculum; books on current events will also help them get a better perspective of what’s going on in the world.

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Assignment 4: For the Crafty Ones

Do you see your students stumbling over certain difficult topics in class? Ask them to bring out their ‘crafty’ sides over the holidays and turn those concepts into flashcards! Flashcards make learning easier, and making them will help your students hone their artistic skills!

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Assignment 5: For the Volunteer Wonders

A school in New Zealand recently got its students involved in building an outdoor classroom and won an award for creativity! Volunteering as a homework idea will help them understand the kind of problems the world is facing, put things in perspective and also help them learn how to work in a team! You could give them a list of places they could visit over the holidays or plan a class trip yourself. Let them volunteer at an animal shelter, old-age home or orphanage, where they can perform different activities like maintaining the gardens, teaching other children, reading to the elderly, or even organising a performance for the underprivileged.


Assignment 6. For the Budding Philosophers

If your students are at a stage in life where they have critical future decisions to make, ask them to ‘introspect’ over the holidays. What makes them happiest? Which activities do they most look forward to? What piques their interest and what fails to grab their attention? Give them a homework idea and ask them to write a detailed summary of their interests and how they could translate into a career option a few years down the line. If they’re confused, ask them to opt for professional guidance that will help them discover who they really are and what they should pursue in the future. We can help with that. Students with clarity on their future are likely to be less stressed in class and focus better on their academics!

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Holidays are perhaps the only time when students can study at their own pace without the looming burden of a jam-packed schedule. The holidays give students enough time to explore their interests and use them to enhance their studying technique. Don’t overburden them with lesson plans and tough projects; instead, let them focus on building skills, exploring interests and making the most of the holiday season both in terms of education and entertainment!

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