Job Vs Career Growth – Which is Better and Why?


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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While all of us have our own reasons for wanting a job, the main reason for getting a job is to earn.
But is a job all about the salary?, or is there more to a job than the high pay?

Job Vs Career Growth: Isn’t it the same?

A huge paycheck can make you believe that you are on top of the world and have the job of your dreams, although you decide this merely based on the number of zeros in your paycheck.

While higher pay can make you feel more prosperous, in the long run, career growth is what will keep your roots strong during a potential storm.

The most critical problem with a huge paycheck is that it usually closes the door to future career growth. In fact it just stunts your potential; you are left in the fence, unable to decide whether to grow your career but your job, where you are not promoted

This is a tough position to be in, on one hand you have your comfortable life in the cocoon, and in the other one, you are thrown into the rocky land

You might have had the experience of your coworker, who earned the same salary as you, quitting their job out of the blue for a post with a lower wage.

It is human to think that they are making the wrong move. However, in fact, they may be making the right move.

Because some years down the lane, they will be making much more than they used to make.

Investing in your career growth is more important than settling for a high paying job. While a high paying jobs gives you immediate money, investing in your career growth will eventually give you more returns than the former

It is also not right to say that you get career growth only if you quit your present job and try your hand in another. If you are getting promoted and handling new responsibilities, you are growing professionally.

Focusing on career growth is much more critical as in doing so, you constantly invest in your future. You will be updated and skilled in the relevant skills, unlike being stuck in the same job.
A job with no upper mobility can only be termed as a stagnant dead end and
Career growth refers to your long-term vision for your career

How Does Career Growth Benefit You?

Increase your salary

If your job helps in your career growth, then you have nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, if you feel your job is limiting your opportunities, and decide to quit, it’s imperative to know that quitting your job might not instantly increase your salary. However, in the long run, with the growth in your career, you will earn more than before

Show your real potential

While quitting your job might be uncomfortable, sometimes you need to move away from your comfort zone. It helps a lot to have a job where you get to show your full potential. It will be a chance for you to understand your strengths as well.

Motivate yourself!

When you see that you are exceeding at your jobs and are getting rewarded for it, you get motivated to put in more effort and excel at your job. When you are motivated, you feel more confident which helps you achieve greater heights than ever before

How Can You Contribute to Your Career Growth?

Whether you work in a place that offers career growth or not, it is important to work on your abilities and work for yourself.

Some career growth opportunities

Earning a promotion

Earning a promotion comes with new responsibilities, and a higher pay. This helps you feel self-satisfied and a feeling of having accomplished something. Getting promoted saves you from the agony of having to quit your well paying job. Earning a promotion helps you climb the corporate ladder and also helps you in your career growth

Quitting your job and moving for a better offer

If your current job doesn’t give you opportunities to grow professionally, take up another job which will help you in your career growth. Quitting any job can be truly frustrating and scary, but sometimes, you have to take that decision for your own well being. Always ask yourself the job that you do provides you will career growth and that you aren’t left stagnant


If your job provides you with mentoring, then make the best of it. A mentor can help you learn more about your industry and help you grow professionally. It is always good to have a mentor who you can turn to, when you feel stuck. Hence get yourself a mentor, who can guide you and motivate you through your career journey


Networking is one of the most underrated opportunities for career growth. If you have the proper connections, you get to explore more opportunities and land incredible jobs. In today’s world, with the onset of the internet, networking has become the need of the hour. With a strong and relevant network, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors


Taking feedback regularly from your boss, be it positive or negative can help you learn and excel in your career. The only thing that you should keep in mind when taking feedback is not to take them personally. Understand their perspectives with an open mind and improve yourself

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