Learn How To Make A Vision Board: A Step Closer To Your Dreams!


Last Updated: December 3, 2022
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If you have read The Secret or The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, then you already know about vision boards, but if you are not much of a reader, you might have watched its documentary. If not, then don’t worry we are here to tell you all about it! So, you know how at times there are certain things that you wish to bring to life? But how can you want something if you cannot even see it? Have you ever noticed how visualising what it would be like to accomplish your goals might motivate you even more? Let’s consider this example- In the documentary, The Secret there’s a part where a man discovers that he has been residing in the home that he envisioned since he was a young child.


Well, he had a picture of that house and even though it took years for him to reach there, he did get it! Of course, there was hard work involved but having your goals right in front of you every day when you wake up really acts as a catalyst for all the hard work! It is those end goals that motivate you to put in work even when the journey gets difficult, right? Don’t you wish to have your dreams right in front of you? That’s also one reason why people use Pinterest, right? Now, that’s where vision boards come into the picture. Let’s understand what a vision board is, if it really works and how to make one. So, jump right in!

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“Vision” Board? What Does It Even Mean?

It’s difficult to focus your efforts in a way that helps your goals without a clear vision. It’s also challenging to gather the help and resources you require without knowing your end goal. You may have heard people discuss manifestation, which is the belief that you may draw something into your life by thinking about it. Now even though that seems unrealistic, stop rolling your eyes and hear us out!  We are aware that dreams do not become reality on their own. It takes effort to realise your potential and reach your goals. That is exactly what we are talking about! A fantastic tool for helping you focus your vision and begin the actual manifestation process is a vision board. 

A collection of images or items arranged in a way to support you in realising your objectives or vision are called vision boards. You assemble a board with craft supplies, magazine cuttings, and other random stuff. Your dream board serves as a constant reminder of your values whenever you need to make a decision in life. Consider it to be a nudge in the correct direction. This board may be digital or physical. For long-term objectives, such as completing your 5-year plan, you can use a vision board. Or you may also make an annual vision board. The possibilities for a vision board are virtually endless.

Do you remember the last time you saw a picture or image that moved you? How did you feel? Does this emotion reflect your personal values? Images can have a profound impact on your imagination and help you have more vivid dreams.

By identifying what we truly want in life, declaring aloud that we are prepared to create or receive it, and then collaborating with the universe to manifest it, vision boards give us a special way to step into our power.  We know how clichéd that sounds but what’s the harm in trying anyway?

Plus, a new year is around the corner which means we have a new beginning, a blank canvas. An empty sheet of paper. The best part is that this blank canvas is yours to do whatever you want with it. This is a wonderful method to remind yourself of your intentions. Making a vision board won’t make your life perfect. However, it places creative control in our hands in a way that I believe many of us overlook as a potential. Let’s pay a little more attention to our own wishes rather than letting others’ expectations control what we do. Now you know what a vision board is and why you should make one, let’s understand how to make your own fun and creative vision board! 


Here Is How To Create Your Own Vision Board!

Firstly, there is no one you need to impress anyone with your vision board because it is just for you. Since creating a vision board is all about creating something that motivates YOU to achieve your aspirations and goals on a daily basis, there aren’t really any guidelines. This is just a basic flow for you to get started!

1. Slow down, Give it time!

Your board is not a task you can complete during a work break or something to pass the time while you commute. It’s something worth dedicating serious, focused time to.

Given that this is something you will see every day, you should take your time with it. Make sure the time you set up is free of other commitments and distractions. You should relax for a while and prime your mind. Trust us, starting will take at least an hour, if not more!

It can be beneficial for some people to discuss their vision while it is being realised while some people can get the most clarity about their priorities when it is quiet. Figure out your process and get started!

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2. Do you even know what you want?

A vision board is a tool with a goal rather than merely a collection of images that you like. Therefore, start by stating your vision. What specifically are you looking to accomplish with the board?

Your vision board should have three primary categories for your goals: tangible items, feelings, and accomplishments. Ask yourself: 

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What do I want to own?

This first step is a big brain dump of all the things you want to accomplish this year, from the big dreams and goals (write a book, learn how to meditate, take the family on vacation) to the smaller things like buying a new vacuum cleaner, setting intentions (be more mindful, connect with my family better), and choosing words for the year (clarity, joy, peace). You prioritise it as you wish! 

No matter what you want to achieve, you can. Just make sure it’s measurable and that you can keep an eye on your progress. In all honesty, it’s preferable if you pick three to four areas of your life to establish more ambitious objectives and gradually work toward them.

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Ignore the aspects of your life where you feel you already have everything under control or where you don’t care to make changes at this time in your life and instead concentrate on what is most important to you right now. You can always revise your vision board! Try and make SMART Goals.


3. How About Brainstorming Now?

Decide what you must do to accomplish your goal next. Consider phrases, mantras, motivational sayings, heroes, illustrations, or other tiny objects that are connected to or serve to remind you of your goal.

In a world where Pinterest is so well-liked, your goals are clearer. What better way is there to write down your goals, than from Pinterest, which many people use as their vision board? Check your Instagram saved posts as well; we are sure you have your dream home and dream life planned there. This is your opportunity to compile all of your inspirations onto one sheet of paper. In this stage, you will exhaust all sources of inspiration and just put it together in one place or maybe journal it down for ease. 


4. Collect your material

We have simply discussed setting goals and priorities thus far; we haven’t yet started filling in the blanks on our canvas. We hope your vision board will graphically express a lot of large ideas and targeted goals.

You may find yourself hunting for the ideal images for your new dream home even when you are unsure of what you are looking for. You may be familiar with the neighbourhood and the style of home you choose. perhaps even some information about the interior decor. But most importantly, you need to be aware of the emotions you want to experience when entering that room! Now, look at different pictures of houses. Which one gives you the exact same emotion? That’s the one to choose.

Now is the moment to look for and cut out pictures and statements that represent your objectives or simply speak to you.

From a box you already have at home, you can cut out a sizable piece of cardboard or you could buy a big poster board. You can even include craft supplies like fabric scraps. Alternatively, if it aligns with your objectives, you can include natural elements like tree branches. You might be reminded to spend more time in nature if you add some pine needles or leaves, for example. If it is appropriate for your board and contributes to realising your goals, keep it! Be as creative as you can since this is something you will see everyday.


5. Now Comes The Fun Part: Arrange It!

Spend some time arranging the objects in a way that appeals to your sense of sight and will enable you to make connections between them and your dreams. You can place the photos according to categories or just randomly.

Have fun while completing this task. You should be inspired by your layout. There’s no reason to rush. Use colours and backdrops that evoke the emotions you want to convey without making it too busy. When finished, bind everything together using your preferred material. 

You might even make a digital arrangement and then print the whole board out! Pin what you see on Pinterest to the appropriate board. However, if you’re using a design tool like Canva, you’ll need to consider where you want to put your photos.

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6. Display And Done!

Keep your vision board out in the open rather than hiding it. Put it somewhere you’ll see it often and take some time each day to look at it and think about it. Consider your living room, bedroom, or office. It is one thing to make a vision board and another to frequently look at it. You can frame it first, or simply tape it to the wall.

vision board

Start by thinking about incorporating your vision board into your regular self-care regimen. You can look at your vision board first thing in the morning. Use the visuals you’ve produced as inspiration when you meditate.

Remember that a vision board won’t magically bring things to life. We would love it if that was the case, but well, it is not! It’s just a reminder to check where you are heading!

Plan A Vision Board Party With Yourself!

A vision board is a creative yet effective tool for success if you wish to realise any of your goals. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you still need to work hard to achieve your goals. Plan a day for yourself where you make a vision board, watch your favourite shows when you take a break and have a great meal! If you are confused or stuck about any your goals, your career plans, Mentoria is here for you! Our experts judge you not only based on your strengths and weaknesses but also based on your interests and enthusiasm to pursue them. Our goal is to help you thrive in life, no matter where you are and what you choose to do. 

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