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Last Updated: August 31, 2022
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A startling survey revealed that 93% of students in India are aware of just seven career options. This unawareness seriously limits a child’s scope of learning and finding the right career path. With over 12,000 career options available, it is imperative that children understand well which one they are most likely to succeed and excel at. This is where Mentoria comes in. Schools today have realised that it is their duty, as early influencers in a child’s life, to enable students to learn about the career options available to them. Especially, with highly specialised careers coming into the picture, students need a credible source they can rely on to get a clearer picture of what lies ahead. Mentoria not only helps students figure out the best career options for them but also guides them in terms of how they should go about pursuing them. We have partnered with several schools over the past two years, one such school is Indira National School. 

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Indira National School, Pune (INS)

INS is a unit of Shree Chanakya Education Society. Mr Prasad Pardeshi, Principal, shares that INS focuses on developing children’s democratic spirit, scientific spirit, self-confidence, human values and spirit of enquiry. The school provides an atmosphere where children are allowed to discover their own strengths. With this vision in mind, Indira National School, partnered with Mentoria to help their students #CareerReady. 

The Programme

On 20th April 2019, Mentoria conducted a #CareerReady workshop at Indira National School, Pune. 63 excited students and their parents attended the workshop. Out of these, 21 students invested in The Mentoria Solution.  

These students took Mentoria’s psychometric assessment, which analysed their core interests. This was followed by a 60-minute career-counselling session with our expert counsellors, who validated the results of the assessment and helped students – and their parents – understand their strengths and development areas. During the counselling session, our counsellors helped students shortlist the top three careers they are most likely to enjoy and excel at. The counsellor then answered any questions the student or their parents had regarding the shortlisted careers. Once the session was complete, students were given access to Mentoria’s Knowledge Gateway, which provides detailed information on their chosen careers – from the stream and courses they should pick and the skills they should acquire right down to the roles and responsibilities they would take up in their career. Students also connected with industry experts through pre-recorded webinars, which helped them gain a deep and realistic understanding of what goes on in their chosen careers. 

Discover more about Mentoria’s Knowledge Gateway here:

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Here’s What They Had to Say

“At first, I was not sure which career I should pursue, but Mentoria helped me understand that there are more options than just science and maths, which really helped me choose the right career. I also learnt many things about the different options I had for my future.”

Harshana Yadav

“Mentoria helped me choose my career wisely and helped me get clarity about my future. They helped me find out what career I should pursue and how I can go about doing that.”

Soumya Joshi

“My counsellor, Pradnya Ma’am, guided me very nicely, helped me understand my different interests, which colleges I could apply to, what careers I could pursue and so on.”

Avani Bodhi

“Mentoria’s test and counselling session were really good. The counsellor understood my expressions clearly and helped me understand my interests and strengths better. She also helped me figure out which career path I would be good at.”

Amey Parekh 

The Mentoria Solution continues to help many students discover more about themselves and their ideal careers. And also equips them with all the information they require to become #CareerReady. Mentoria hopes to continue this initiative of partnering with schools to help more and more students lead happier, more successful lives. If you would like to partner with us to help your students grow into happy, #CareerReady individuals, reach out to us to join the #CareerReady movement!

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