6 Reasons Why Companies Need to Hire Freshers


Last Updated: August 30, 2022
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The corporate world today is running at breakneck speeds to keep up with the rapidly evolving times. Managers do not always have the time to teach freshers from scratch, which is why companies are increasingly looking at hiring people with some kind of experience.

But freshers come with their own set of skills too. And if no company gives them a chance to prove themselves, how are they going to get the experience companies look for?

An experienced person would know the nitty-gritty of the job and, therefore, have a shorter learning curve. However, a fresher comes with a fresh perspective. Most of your fresher population today is millennials and Gen Z – two generations that are driven, motivated and eager for opportunities. Read on to find out why companies hire freshers and how it benefits them:

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Freshers vs Experienced Employees: Think Costs!

Freshers don’t come to you with skyrocketing salary expectations. They’re also full of ideas and eager to learn. For startups and companies with tight purse strings, freshers are the more economically sound choice. For instance, an entry-level content writer will not expect a CTA of more than INR 1.5-2 lakhs per annum.

However, if you hire experienced writers or technical writers, you will need to offer a minimum CTA of INR 5-6 lakhs per annum. This makes it more practical for small businesses and startups to hire freshers compared to the experienced workforce. 

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Training Freshers isn’t as Hard as you Think

Freshers are waiting for an opportunity to learn and grow. They are hardworking, driven and – since they’re fresh out of college – a lot more disciplined and receptive to training. This helps them learn quickly on the job. Additionally, millennials and Gen Z are expert multi-taskers, so they can handle numerous responsibilities much better.

Another reason why freshers are better than laterals is that they are technologically sound, and a detailed training manual and induction presentations are often enough to help them hit the ground running.

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They Unlearn Just as Fast as They Learn

Freshers haven’t worked anywhere else before. This helps companies mould them better to the policies and culture of their own organisation. This is your chance as a company to make a good first impression on your employees. An experienced person, on the other hand, has already adapted to a different company’s culture and policies, and unlearning isn’t that easy for everyone.

Freshers also come with fresh ideas and new perspectives. Encourage them to share their thoughts and give them a platform to voice their opinions. Who knows, your company’s next big idea just might come from them!

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They’re a Tech-Savvy Generation

Millennials and Gen Z grew up with technology. They understand social media, they know how technology can be used to create something better, faster and more efficient. Their constant online presence helps them know what’s trending, what customers like and what they don’t.  They can be a great addition to teams that deal with product development, digital marketing, UI/UX and other fields where technology plays an important role.

For instance, social media marketing is a crucial part of a company’s growth today. Freshers are great at learning new software and can transform the way your organisation operates just by utilising the latest resources! 

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Keep it Global – They’ll Tell You How

Today’s youth are more closely connected with their global peers, thanks to social media platforms. They know what’s happening in the world before you do. They also know how to look for a genuine needle in the haystack we all know as the Internet. If you’re looking at wooing a global audience, they’re the right consultants for you.

Freshers can not only help you tap the right target audience but can also assess their needs and build solutions that satisfy those needs. Thus, in a social media-influenced world, freshers are your biggest influencers!

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Catch ‘Em Young!

If you give freshers learning opportunities and a great work environment, they will thrive! Millennials and Gen Z come with their own strengths; utilise them such that your organisation benefits just as much as they do. This might just make them want to stick around for a long time. Freshers understand the value of a steady job and how it looks on their resume.

Moreover, freshers believe in constant growth and upskilling. So, once you onboard a fresher, you can rest assured that they will learn their way to the top all on their own! 

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Freshers vs Experienced Employees: Taking Notes

Let’s have a look at what we’ve read so far…

Freshers Experienced Professionals
Economical to hire Expensive to compensate
Easy to train Averse to training/upskilling
High adaptability  Low adaptability 
Strong technical skills Weak technical skills
Connect with global influencers  Lack connect with global customers
Easy to retain freshers Difficult to retain highly qualified workforce

There’s a whole generation of talented young minds waiting for a chance. Be the company that backs them and gives them that opportunity to prove themselves. They might just be the asset that helps your company prosper!

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