What to Know Before Pursuing Studies in the UK


Last Updated: December 1, 2022
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It seems like you’ve started planning for your further studies, and you already have a place in mind! That’s amazing! The United Kingdom is among the most preferred destinations for Indian students for several reasons—starting from the quality of education to exciting work experiences. But before you decide to pack your bags and board the plane, we need to talk about the intricacies and tricky situations you might face before you leave India!

Time to Pack the Bags?

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We are all aware of how challenging and thrilling moving out can be at the same time. Managing everything on your own may also be demanding. We are, therefore, here to support you as you embark on your ideal journey on the British island.

To make things simple for you while you are moving out, we did an extensive study (so you don’t have to, you already have so much on your plate) and incorporated all practical information. Check out these pointers for international students coming to the UK.

The List Begins…

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  • Visa and Paperwork

The documents and visa are what officially start your journey. This stage is quite important, so make sure you have all the data on hand. Depending on the nation you are from, you may need to apply for a visa if you are an international student travelling to the UK. 

You will need the following—this is not a complete list—to obtain a visa:

  1. Visa application form
  2. Photographs
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Bank records
  5. Proof of accommodation
  6. Detailed travel itinerary
  7. Tuberculosis Test Results
  8. Biometric information
  9. Visa invitation letter (if applicable)
  10. Paid UK visa fees
  • University Scholarships | Student Advice

In the UK, numerous scholarships are available for students from other countries. The majority of scholarships cover your tuition costs, living expenses, return airfare from your nation to the UK, and additional fees. Scholarships for numerous courses are listed at both public and private universities. Please make a list of the universities and programmes you want to apply to, then visit their websites to learn more.

  1. Chevening Scholarships: Outstanding young leaders from all over the world who want to study for a one-year Master’s degree in the UK are eligible for the Chevening Scholarships.
  2. The Commonwealth Scholarship: The Commonwealth Scholarships are available each year to students from Commonwealth nations who want to study for a Master’s or PhD and advance their careers.
  3. The Royal Society Grants – This organisation, which is committed to fostering scientific brilliance, awards a sizable number of scholarships to bright and deserving students.
  • Create a Bank Account | Advice for Students

Don’t forget to open a bank account in the UK despite all the activity around you. Creating a new bank account is advised to make it more practical, even though many banks operate abroad. Look into the different student banking options.

When choosing the best bank account for your needs, keep the following in mind:

  1. Maximum overdraft.
  2. Choose an overdraft with the most extended 0% interest period.
  3. Examine the benefits of opening an account with a specific bank.
  4. Before applying, check your credit score.
  5. Set aside money to pay off your overdraft as quickly as feasible.
  • Medical Insurance

Many students frequently forget this one. The National Healthcare System is one of the most well-known healthcare systems in the UK (NHS). You can access it based on how long you want to remain and the sort of visa you have. Additionally, there are numerous private healthcare facilities available.

  • Create a Budget

Although creating a budget may not sound thrilling, doing so will help you keep track of all of your financial outgoings. If you do this, you’ll save time and ensure that your money isn’t being spent in the incorrect areas. A budget can help you stay in control because you might spend more than you can afford.

  • Looking After Your Health

Our health often suffers when we have so much to see, do, and consume in addition to adjusting to a new schedule. Studying is crucial, but so is being healthy. Please don’t ignore the requirements of your body, and give them full attention. Try going back to the basics: drink plenty of water, eat healthily, and get plenty of sleep. The most crucial thing is to balance everything you do.

  • Managing Stress

You are moving out to new surroundings, acquaintances, and life! It might be quite difficult for some of you to maintain your sanity when there is so much to enjoy. We are aware that there is a lot to process at once. You don’t have to figure everything out all at once, so take it slowly and in baby steps. Breathe deeply, take your time, and fully appreciate each moment. And remember what they say, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

  • Get Your Vaccinations.

Moving to a new location can be unsettling in a number of ways, regardless of where you are from. For some students in the UK, getting vaccination is a requirement. Get tested for allergies if you have them, and carry the required medications.

The following immunisations are advised for the UK by the CDC and WHO:

  1. Hepatitis A
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Rabies
  4. Meningitis
  5. Polio
  6. Measles
  7. Mumps and rubella (MMR), 
  8. Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis)
  9. Chickenpox
  10. Shingles
  11. Pneumonia 
  12. Influenza.
  13. Hacks for Packing 
  • Packing Tricks, Aka Please Don’t Overpack

Make a list of everything to keep things in order. Only do what is necessary. Be straightforward and helpful. Try to bring the essential items with you and have the rest sent. This will also help with your luggage problems. Keep an eye on weather changes to ensure you have the necessities.

  • Preparing Food and Dining Outside

You will undoubtedly attempt new things because you have to. London offers various delectable dining alternatives, from top-notch restaurants to outstanding local cuisine and fast food. Try to pick up a few of your favourite recipes. Try to pick up a few of your favourite recipes. Invite some buddies over and try cooking something fun together.

  • Install Helpful Apps

If you live in a technologically advanced metropolis, you’ll probably use applications to help you out a little bit.

The following are some helpful apps that can be beneficial in the UK:

  1. Citymapper (the most effective app for determining the quickest path from point A to point B)
  2. Tube live (details about tube and station facilities)
  3. ATM hunter (as the name states, to locate the nearest ATM) and many more.

Ready to Take Over the UK?

Study in UK

Okay, maybe not in a colonial way, but in the best, most peaceful academic way possible. Make sure you keep the points we mentioned in this article! It’s going to be a saviour; you can thank us later! 

And if you’re reading this article because you’re just a dreamer like us and want to study in the UK but need more clarification on it. We got you! Get in touch with our experts today here at Mentoria, and we’ll chalk the right plan for you!

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