The Ultimate Guide to DSSSB Exam Preparation: Your Path to Government Job Success

Komal Sharma

Last Updated: December 20, 2023
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A student is preparing for DSSSB exams with full concentration.

If existence were a grand adventure then the DSSSB sector would be like starting a really exciting chapter, full of great opportunities. The Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board is one of the leading bodies involved in government recruitment in India.

DSSSB is one of the major and crucial organs of the Government of Delhi which selects and moulds aspirants for different departments and agencies under the Delhi Government. Think of this as a door to millions of opportunities.

The Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board(DSSSB) is one of the biggest and most important government recruitment bodies in India. DSSSB (Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board) is a government body responsible for opting and retaining aspirants for varied departments and organisations under the Government of Delhi. DSSSB conducts multiple examinations like post graduate teacher( PRT), Trained graduate teacher(TGT), Primary teacher(PRT), Special teacher etc. throughout the time to fill vacancies in teaching, non-teaching, and specialised positions.

DSSSB’s Recruitment Journey

The Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board has a standardised procedure for recruitment, in which those eligible are picked for various posts. The process usually involves a written examination and then Selected students may proceed to a skill test or an interview. The nature of the syllabus and examination patterns depends on the selected position. Aspiring candidates should familiarise themselves with the hiring process to adequately prepare for the exams.

Where Dreams Take Flight: The Crucial Importance Of DSSSB Vacancies

The Recently released 1841 vacancies in different posts like post graduate teacher( PRT), Trained graduate teacher(TGT), Primary teacher(PRT), by The Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board are a sure sign that one can easily get a job in the educational sector of Delhi. These vacancies highlight the requirement for competent and skilled workers to occupy different teaching and non-teaching posts. The above mentioned information can guide aspiring candidates in choosing paths and customise their preparation strategies. some of the benefits for the employees:

  • Decent salary based on the 7th Pay Commission
  • Good Promotional Scope every year/ quarter
  • Paid Maternity leave up to 6 months for female employees
  • Job security and other benefits

Exploring DSSSB Vacancies

Vacancy released

Besides, DSSSB provides an array of posts spanning various ranks in teaching and non-teaching positions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the major posts under DSSSB exams:

Different posts under DSSSB exams

  1. PGT (Post Graduate Teacher): In government schools, PGTs conduct classes at the postgraduate level. These postgraduate teachers have a high level of subject expertise, often being hired for specific subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, and so on.
  2. TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher): TGTs teach masters and PhD students. These people pass knowledge and advice on different fields like social studies, Hindi, Sanskrit, and others.
  3. PRT (Primary Teacher): PRTs are basic or primary school teachers who teach children in their first steps towards learning. This is essential for creating a solid foundation for early learning among learners.
  4. Special Educator: Special Educators deal with learning disabilities and students with special needs. They act as teachers’ assistants, supporting students as they develop academically and socially.
  5. Other posts in DSSSB: Besides the stated teaching functions, DSSSB also provides for other non-teaching posts like Librarian, Clerk, Lab Assistant, etc.

Eligibility Criteria And Educational Qualifications:

Eligibility Criteria as per Age

The exam, DSSSB 2023 can be given by Indian Nationals.

The age limit varies for several posts :

  • TGT Post: Maximum age should be 32 years
  • PGT Post: Maximum age should be 36 years
  • PRT Post: Maximum age should be 30 years

Educational Qualification

Primary Teacher– Essential requirements:

  • Senior Secondary examination with at least 50% marks and a 2-year Diploma in Elementary Education
  • OR Senior Secondary examination with at least 50% marks and 4-year Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • OR Senior Secondary with at least 50% marks and a 2-year Diploma in Special Education
  • OR 50% marks in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

TGT( Any Subject)- Essential requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised University.
  • OR BE/B.Tech (for the post/ subject applying for) from a recognised university

PGT: PGT stands for Post Graduate Teachers. The essential qualification for PGT:

  • Master’s Degree from any recognised University on any Subject.

Effective Preparation Strategies

For candidates to be competitive in DSSSB exams, they must employ good test strategies that will cover all the topics and boost their chances of success. Let’s explore some key strategies to enhance preparation:

The DSSSB Exam Pattern And Syllabus

  1. Overview of the exam structure: Knowledge of the exam pattern like the number of sections, time limit, and marking scheme is paramount. The exam is offline in nature and consists of 200 questions with a maximum mark of 200 & 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong answer and 1 mark for every right answer. This contributes to efficient time management during the examinations.

students giving exam

  1. Detailed analysis of subject-wise syllabus: Examine the syllabus for every subject within the exam which contains subjects like General Awareness, General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability, Arithmetical & Numerical Ability, Hindi Language & Comprehension, and English Language & Comprehension. Break this subjects into small sections, and plan adequately on ways to prepare thoroughly.
  1. Importance of previous year question papers: Do as many previous year question papers as you can as this will reveal the exam patterns, important topics, and time management. It is also an avenue for knowing the type of questions asked in the actual exams. For previous year questions you can check various educational sites like Adda, Textbook etc. which provide complete previous papers.

Step-By-Step Preparation Plan

  1. Effective time management techniques: Plan and schedule enough study hours to cover the whole syllabus. Divide time according to the subjects’ weightage and confidence you have in the subjects.
  2. Creating a study schedule: Come up with a suitable study plan depending on your daily routine. Specify particular time frames for every subject and theme. Provide breaks regularly to keep focused and be more efficient.
  3. Recommended study resources and books: Utilise top-notch study materials, coursebooks, and reference guides customised particularly for DSSSB tests. Consult with experienced educators or mentors to understand the study material.

Exam-Specific Tips And Tricks

Library full of books

  1. Strategies for improving speed and accuracy: Practise solving questions within a time limit to improve speed and accuracy. Learn shortcuts and tricks to solve complex problems quickly.
  2. Practising mock tests and sample papers: Regularly solve mock tests and sample papers to assess your preparation level. Analyse the results to identify strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving the areas that require attention.
  3. Guidance for personality and interview assessments: For certain posts, candidates are also assessed for their personality traits and interview skills. Seek guidance from experienced professionals to enhance your communication skills, body language, and interview performance.

Comparing Different DSSSB Posts

  1. Differentiating between PGT, TGT, PRT, and other roles: DSSSB PRT school teacher profile is for teachers being employed for the primary section. TGT educators are recruited for tutoring classes 6th- 10th, and PGT teachers are recruited for 10th- 12th classes.
  2. Salary and perks associated with each post: The amount of money and other incentives a person will earn for each position may change depending on their qualifications, experience, and pay scales set by the government. In making career decisions, consider the salary and perks attached to each post but let’s discuss approx. gross of each post.
  • DSSSB PRT Teacher Salary – 46,000/- ( approx.)
  • DSSSB Delhi PGT Teacher Salary – 59,042/- ( approx.)
  • DSSSB TGT, Music & Drawing Teacher Salary – 56,246/- ( approx.).

Ace The Exam With Mentoria – Your Guide To Mastering Success

This guide has highlighted how important DSSSB exams are and their recruitment process. We talked about all the various positions provided by DSSSB and examined their roles, pay scales, and other conditions. Apart from that, we also gave preparatory steps, understanding the exam pattern, and contents, and choosing suitable positions among others. Begin your preparations today, keep track of the vacancies, and proceed on the way to getting appointed as a government worker with DSSSB.

However nothing is impossible to crack but it totally depends on our capabilities, abilities and attitude towards our goal and how dedicated we are towards our mission.

Also, In case you need guidance, assistance, or expert opinion, Mentoria is there for you. Our experienced mentors would be willing to advise on individual approaches and tips that can improve the DSSSB course. Feel free to contact us; we’ll be your guiding light on the journey toward success. Good luck to everyone taking the DSSSB exams, I hope knowledge leads you to success.