Top 10 Aviation Schools in the World


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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airlineTime to Fly! 10 Best Aviation colleges in the World

Do you think that you are made for the clouds? Does flying tire everyone around you, but you can’t keep your eyes off the window looking at the magical world below? Now imagine piloting that flight you loved the most, getting the best view possible, and also earning an incredible income.

Here are the top aviation schools you can consider:

  1. Purdue University Aviation college

Purdue University Aviation college is one of the most renowned aviation universities to get your degree from. There are various aeronautical degree programs at Purdue College of Technology. They include Aeronautical engineering technology, Aviation management, and Air traffic control, among others. The average tuition fee for local students at the University is $ 10,000, which can go up to $ 28 000 dollars for non-residents.

2. University Of the North Dakota 

University of North Dakota is another well-renowned pilot school. Owned by John D Odegard, the University is well known for its alumni of excellent pilots. The University provides undergraduate, graduate, and also doctorate degrees. The degrees offered include air traffic control, aviation technology management, a Master’s in Aviation, and a Ph.D. in the Aerospace sciences. The average tuition fee for North Dakota residents amounts to $ 8,447, and for others, it can be $ 20,047

3. Western Michigan University Aviation College

Western Michigan University Aviation College is one of the finest colleges for aviation in the USA and the world. The college has a legacy of more than 75 years and is still one of the most sought-after institutes for aviation. The degree programs include Aviation Management, Maintenance, and Flight Science. The average tuition fee ranges to around $ 24,000 for non-residents, while residents have a lower rate

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Located at Cambridge in Massachusetts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most eminent aviation universities in the world. Ranked #1 by QS World University Rankings, MIT AeroAstro Dates back to early 1914 and is the oldest aerospace engineering program in the USA. The college offers both Aeronautics and Astronautics as both graduate and undergraduate programs. The tuition fee is around $ 26,725

5. Academy College

Academy College is a private aviation college situated in Bloomington, USA. The college prides itself on its well-structured and result-oriented curriculum. It gives the students essential training to achieve greater heights in their aviation journey. The degree programs include an Associate of Applied Science, A certification program in the professional pilot, among others.

6. Hallmark University

Formerly known as Aero-Tech, Hallmark University is situated in Texas. The University is approved by the FAA and has an important place among the top aviation institutes in the world. The institute offers Aviation Technology and Maintenance programs, Airframe Technology, Powerplant Technology, and a Bachelor’s in Aviation Maintenance Management.

7. Aerosim Flight Academy

Located in Stanford, Florida, the Aerosim Flight Academy was founded in 1989. The institute offers courses in advanced, industry-relevant training, which prepares the students for careers in the aviation industry.

8. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology prides itself on its many alumni who have made remarkable marks in the aviation industry through the years. The institute has programs in aviation, aerospace, technology, and manufacturing. The college offers Diploma, bachelor, and associate programs. Diploma programs include a Diploma in Avionics Management Technology, Non-Destructive Testing, and Aviation Management.

Associate programs include Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance, quality control, and flight programs. Bachelor’s degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology Management. Associate degree programs can cost 82,864 in tuition fees

9. Georgia Institute of Technology

Located in Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology, alternatively known as Georgia Tech, is a renowned public university situated in Atlanta. The University is divided into six separate colleges that deal with a diverse field of education, such as business, engineering, and sciences. The Georgia Tech Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering Provides a BS degree, including coursework and research experience. The tuition fee is $ 137,888

10.The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University in Ohio is undoubtedly one of the best aviation colleges in the world and is among the top aviation colleges in the USA. Ohio State Universities Engineering’s Center for Aviation Studies has a distinct place among the most popular aviation colleges in the world. The college offers both graduates as well as undergraduate programs. The tuition fee can be 4,223 for non-residency but can go up to $10,023 for residency

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