Top 10 Engineering Colleges From All Over The World


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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Want to pursue engineering in the best college? Check out this List of Top 10 Engineering colleges from all over the world 

Finding the best engineering college to pursue your degree is nothing less than a Herculean task. Why should you choose the best engineering colleges? Because the best colleges give you the best experience and grow your network. These Universities will connect you to like minded people who will influence you and help you get to greater heights

1. Massachusetts Institute Technology of Technology

If you aren’t Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang theory, then you will love MIT. Contrary to what Sheldon Cooper believes, MIT is a prestigious university established in 1861. MIT is the number one University to study according to the QS World Ranking 2021. With a 166-acre campus area and several off-campus facilities such as the Bates Center, Haystack Observatory, it was ranked 1st in engineering by the QS World Ranking 2021.

Notable Alumni include

Mike Massimino – Astronaut and Engineer

Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut in Apollo 11

Richard Feynman – Physicist (Nobel Laureate)

2. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the best places to receive your engineering degree. One of the specialties of Harvard University is that it follows an interdisciplinary teaching method. The University collaborates with public service organizations and other universities to give adequate exposure to their students. March and September are the only months when the university hosts intakes. The cost of tuition can range up to 50,000 USD.

3. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)

ETH is a leading university in science and technology in the world. The University is known widely for its cutting-edge research and innovation. Established in 1855, the University has to its credit 21 Nobel laureates, 2 Pulitzer winners, and 1 Turing Award winner in leading Albert Einstein. This university was ranked 4th in engineering according to the QS World Ranking 2021

Notable Alumni include

Albert Einstein : Nobel Laureate

Alfred Werner: Nobel Laureate

Philippe Kahn (Entrepreneur)

4. The University of Cambridge

Cambridge University has a long history. It was established in the year 1231 by Henry III. Ranked by the QS World Ranking 2021 as the 3rd  best engineering college in the world. The University is one of the most sought-after institutes for overseas study.

Notable Alumni include

Charles Babbage, who discovered computers and is hence known as the father of computers.

Stephen Hawking – theoretical physicist

Maurice Wilkes who invented the first programmable computer

5. The University of California

The University of California in Berkeley was  founded in 1868. It is ranked as the 7th best place to study engineering in the world by QS World Ranking 2021. The university has had 114Nobel Laureates, 30 Wolf Prize winners and many more.

Some of the most popular Alumni of this University include

Steve Wozniak – Co-founder of Apple

Natalie Coughlin – Gold Medal winning Olympic Swimmer

6. Nanyang Technological University Singapore

The Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is an autonomous University established in 1991. This university is the second oldest University in Singapore. Q S World Ranking 2021 has ranked this University 5th in the world for engineering category. This University has the second largest campus in Singapore.

The main Alumni of this University include

Shirley Meng – Two-time laureate of the Blavatnik Awards Of Young Scientists

7. University Of Oxford

This renowned and prestigious University was established as early as 1026 (older than the Cambridge University). Oxford University is the second oldest university in the world, that is still in operation. This University is situated in the present-day Oxford. The QS World Ranking 2021 has ranked Oxford University 6th in the category of Engineering. The prominent Alumni of this college include

Indira Gandhi – The first female prime minister of India

Manmohan Singh – Former prime minister of India

Margeret Thatcher – Former prime minister of the UK

8. Imperial College London

Officially named The Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, this renowned University was founded in 1907. It occupies the 8th rank in the Q S World Ranking 2021 for the engineering category.

The notable Alumni from this University include

Rajiv Gandhi – Former Prime Minister of India

 Ralph Robins – The CEO of Rolls Royce

Chew Choon Seng – The CEO of Singapore airlines

9. National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is located in Queenstown in Singapore. It has a special place among Singapore’s oldest autonomous collegiate research universities. Notable Alumni of this university include

R Nathan – The 6th President of Singapore

Abdul Razak Hussein – The second Prime Minister of Malaysia and

Margaret Chan – The director general of the world health organization

10. Stanford University

 The QS World Ranking has given Stanford University 2nd rank in the world for engineering. The University has a spacious campus, is well renowned worldwide, and is prestigious.

The major engineering departments at the Stanford University Include : Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Management Science and Engineering among others

The prominent Alumni of this University include

 Ellen Ochoa – Astronaut

Atul Gawande –  Surgeon

 Sally Ride – First US Woman in space

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