Top 10 In-demand Foreign Languages You Should Learn!


Last Updated: December 3, 2022
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Do you often find yourself clicking on the Duolingo app for “fun”? Well, did you know that bilingualism can help to ward off the mental aging process? And we might assume that it leads to language confusion but that’s not the case. Federico Fellini once said that- “A different language is a different vision of life.” This is interesting because imagine going to France and actually being able to understand their country and people better just by speaking their language. We know the language barrier that Emily faced in the show ‘Emily In Paris’. Although Emily is polite and friendly and seems to be knowledgeable about marketing, her new French coworkers are not open to her suggestions. In fact, no one wants to work with her.


Why so? Well, she doesn’t know a word of French, and she assumes that her coworkers are fluent in English. Also, she undervalued the significance of understanding diversity. We are not here to spoil the show for you, what we are implying is, even if you don’t wish to work abroad, knowing foreign languages always comes in handy. Foreign language doesn’t mean just speaking the language. Imagine reading the original books of your favorite authors like Haruki Murakami or Fyodor Dostoevsky and not the translated version. Sounds pretty cool, right? But which languages to learn out of the many options available? We are here to help you with that! Let’s check out in-demand foreign languages that you should learn and why!

French Language

Let’s NOT Get Lost In Translation!

Nothing improves your chances of working in a field you desire and securing a great job, than learning a language other than your mother tongue. You are always at a competitive advantage if you can speak another language fluently. But let’s not talk about that, you can read the benefits of knowing another language here: Mentoria. Now, let’s dive right into the world of languages.

1. French

It’s understandable why French is the second most popular foreign language in the world after English. 29 nations, including France and Canada, have French as their official language, so whether you travel to Tunisia, Senegal, or Switzerland, you should have no difficulty connecting with natives. Learning the French language is simple, it  increases your chances of attending prestigious French colleges and business schools, which are among the best universities in Europe and the entire globe. You can keep up with French leaders and thinkers throughout the world as well as news from the top French-language worldwide media, that sounds great, right? You can always learn French online if you wish to!

2. Spanish

For Indians, learning Spanish is definitely one of the easiest languages to do, you can even learn it online! Spanish has a vocabulary that is very comparable to English because of its basic syntax and grammar. The majority of Spanish words can be easily pronounced. These kinds of lists nearly always place Spanish highly, and with good reason. With 477 million native speakers and more than 550 million total speakers, it is the official language of more than 20 nations. 

Spanish has always been a popular and well-liked language to learn thanks to Spanish culture, arts, and music. After Mandarin Chinese, it is one of the most widely spoken languages. You can practice your comprehension by watching one of the many Spanish-language Netflix series, including your favorite- Money Heist. As your proficiency increases, consider watching without the English subtitles. 

If you are from India and possess a degree or certificate in Spanish, you have the excellent possibility to work in many other countries, notably in EU member states, without needing to go through laborious administrative procedures or submit an employment visa application.

3. Mandarin

Over a billion people speak mandarin, which is the official language of the People’s Republic of China. Because it is a tonal language, the tones of words can be very different from one another. One of the hardest foreign languages for students to learn in India is Mandarin. Learning this language is a worthwhile endeavor due to its growing importance in the corporate sector. It’s undoubtedly important to learn Mandarin because Chinese companies are expanding internationally and because the nation offers developing outsourcing possibilities because of its low costs and strong production levels. Mandarin is the language of the future, even though it may take some time. You can always take a beginners course online to check if it’s your cup of tea!

Although learning Mandarin is challenging, the effort is worthwhile. Speaking and writing Mandarin will be quite helpful for your career if you’re trying to find work in China or other Asian countries.

Mandarin Language

4. German

It is the official language of Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and Germany. One of the most significant languages in Europe, this one has a great deal of effect on other tongues. Its history and culture are quite rich. You may pick up the German language quickly if you speak English well. German is a fantastic choice for you if you want to study abroad. You can start learning it online as well.

German is an important language for business because it is the third-largest exporter in the world and has the fourth-largest GDP. Germany produced some of the greatest thinkers and artists of all time, and it is still a major language in philosophy, literature, science, and the arts. Many German companies dominate their respective industries and if you want their business, you need to use their language.


5. Japanese

Let’s say you want to learn a\. In such instances, the language that pays the highest in both India and abroad is Japanese.

Japanese is the third most widely spoken language in the world, with about 170 million speakers. One of the six official languages of the United Nations is Japanese. It is important to remember that there are two main dialects of Japanese: Northern and Southern. Each has its own grammar, vocabulary, and set of rules.

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced and integrated countries in the world, with highly inventive businesses and the second-largest investment in R&D globally. Japan is constructing our future robot overlords, so perhaps we should all hop on board and take advantage of this situation. Start this journey by checking out online courses for Japanese language.

6. Arabic

We are now addressing the languages of more than 25 different nations- Arabic!

Although Arabic is a lovely language, learning it is typically thought to be rather challenging for English speakers. Considering that it differs greatly depending on where it is spoken, A speaker of Arabic from Algeria may not be able to understand a speaker from Lebanon, and vice versa. The majority of the economies in Arabic-speaking countries are flourishing and growing quickly.

With Arabic language fluency, you can anticipate a wide range of prospects in business, government, non-profit, education, and other fields in Middle Eastern nations like Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, etc.

While there are summer programs and short-term options, long-term programs are advised to fully understand Arabic’s intricacies. You can choose from private homestay programs, institutions, and language schools.


7. Korean

For all you K-Pop fans, yes Korean is among the top 10 languages you can learn. Knowing Korean will provide you a competitive edge in the employment market because it is a major player in the economic and international spheres. 

Although the unfamiliar characters might seem challenging, you can learn the Korean Hangul alphabet in just a few hours. Given its easy pronunciation and lack of gender-specific nouns or intonations, Korean is a doable language to learn. It’s also well recognized that learning Korean is considerably simpler and more rational than learning Chinese.

In practically every industry Korean businesses are active. Be it

  • Information technology
  • Business research
  • Consumer electronics
  • R&D
  • Life sciences
  • Media 
  • Tourism

Aim for at least Level V of the TOPIK exam whether you want to study in South Korea or advance your job. Whatever your motivation for learning Korean, you won’t look back and regret it.

8. Russian

Russia has been identified as one of the four major world powers whose influence is growing fast. It takes a lot of work to become proficient in this challenging language. It is among the most difficult languages in existence. Additionally, India and Russia have positive social and economic ties. 

Russia offers a wide range of career prospects for Indians in the 

  • Engineering
  • Science, and 
  • Technology, 
  • Oil
  • Gas 
  • Defense industries 

Thus, studying Russian can give your resume a competitive edge.

In the past several years, Russian has become increasingly popular among students in India. A learner must be able to comprehend complicated phrases, read and write a range of short and lengthy texts, converse smoothly, and employ proper syntax and vocabulary in order to master the language. You will have many opportunities in the global business if you have a strong command of Russian.

Russian Language

9. Portuguese

For individuals who value the arts, Portuguese is a fantastic alternative. Brazil is the birthplace of many musical subgenres, including bossa nova, samba, and funk carioca. Authors like Paolo Coelho and José Saramago are native Portuguese speakers.

It was ranked among the top ten languages for the UK’s future by the British Council, which cited potential benefits for trade, science, education, and diplomacy. Despite being a significant world language that has always been in demand, Portuguese is just now being acknowledged as a crucial language for business and international relations. Even though it is simpler than most languages, it still requires labor, and long-term programs are preferable. But, for starters you can check out online courses.


10. Italian

Italian multinational corporations with a strong presence in India include Fiat, Diesel, Gucci, Pinnacle, Bennetton, Marconi, and Lloyd. You will be delighted to know that these businesses are actively seeking Italian-speaking employees.

In India, more students are choosing Italian as a second language. Enrolling in an Italian school in India is the finest choice for individuals who desire to pursue their higher education in the language.

Italian will sound the most familiar to English speakers wishing to improve their language abilities. There are many words and sounds in both Italian and English that have a similar Latin origin.

The intermediate level and the beginner level are the two categories into which the Italian language training in India is split. It takes four to five years of study to become fluent in Italian but there’s nothing wrong in starting with an online beginners course.

Let’s Wrap This Up Then?

The language you are most interested in learning will keep you motivated to study and practice no matter what obstacles you encounter along the road, making it the greatest language to learn overall. So, choose a language that matches your career and interests because you don’t want to end up boring yourself. Take your own sweet time and check out the in-demand language jobs to help you understand the importance of multilingualism. Happy Learning.

If you are still confused, Take our assessment today and find out your areas of interest, potential careers, the pathway and colleges for the same, and more!