Top Benefits Of Coding For Students


Last Updated: September 17, 2022
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Ever wondered how your favorite websites, shopping sites, and video games are created? Are you interested in knowing what goes on behind-the-scenes of apps that we use every day? Do you get creative ideas for your own apps? Well, coding might just be your true calling!

With computer technology and the internet being used across industries, all of us have become tech-savvy, and the number of people taking up coding at a young age has also increased. 

A fun fact:  The youngest coder today is as young as six years old! 


If you are reading this, you surely are interested in coding, right? The opportunities for learning and making something substantial out of this field are increasing and what better place than Mentoria to learn about it!

We have put together a list of reasons why coding might be good for you. With Mentoria’s holistic career assessment test, you can find out if it’s the right fit for you! Mentoria assists you in determining which career best suits your personality, skills, and interests, allowing you to find your perfect fit!

What is coding? Does it really benefit a student?

Coding for kids refers to the opportunities for young children to participate in coding. These opportunities are designed to be enjoyable and gamified in order to keep children’s minds engaged. Coding allows us to create things like computer software, websites, and apps. 

Coding may also be referred to as “programming.” It has become easier thanks to various coding camps and courses. For example, you can learn how YouTube works through coding. These courses for students are supposed to make learning fun and interesting to explain the unfamiliar contents.

Today, programming can be an excellent skill for children of all ages, from junior school to high school. Regardless of where you start, coding teaches children many life skills such as problem-solving, decision making, project management, creativity, and more, which can help you succeed in all of their future ventures. 

Coding is one of the most beneficial hobbies for you to pursue, especially because it allows you to develop consistency, connectivity, creativity, and higher-order reasoning skills. Yes, learning to code prepares you for potentially valuable career opportunities, but it also provides you with so much more.

Computer coding enables you as a student to not only consume but also create digital media and technology, which is the base of our everyday life. You can learn everything about coding, right from basic languages to complex codes.

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Let’s understand the benefits of coding for students!

Imagine, how fun it would be if you could translate all your ideas into apps, or even solve your first-world problems by designing a great website! Now, this is exactly what coding will help you do.

1. You can get creative and create whatever you want

Students can become creators by learning to code. After all, programming is all about inventing new things. What a dream it would be to be able to create your own app or video game. You can use code to create projects that you will enjoy. 

Amazon recently launched a virtual shopping platform where shoppers can customize the size, fit, and looks of clothes virtually, meaning every idea that might seem weird or absurd to you has a place in this field. 

While programming is a logic-based activity, it is also a highly creative one. If you have the necessary skills, you can create the aforementioned apps, as well as code games, webpages, and more!

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2. Helps you develop persistence and resilience 

Coding is something that teaches you to not give up and keep coming up with alternatives until you find the one that works for you. Perseverance is not easy to develop but coding makes it easier. Learning to code has the added benefit of teaching you how to cope with challenges through removing bugs, errors.

3. Improves your storytelling skills

Coding, like telling a story, always has a defined beginning, gradual middle, and definitive end. It has its own language with a unique formula for each letter of the alphabet.  This way of thinking has been shown to benefit students in other areas of learning, including creative writing and communication skills.


4. It works wonders to develop your brain’s analytical capacity

Students who learn to code develop structural thinking. You know how to build something large by assembling many small chunks. Kids who learn online can also grow by asking each other questions and working together to solve problems and create things. You will pick up the skills required to solve math problems as you learn to code.

5. It helps improve your self-esteem

Students will face significant challenges and missions while learning how to program their very own virtual robot, which will inspire students to think differently and effectively. 

Walking down this path will expose students to new potential solutions to complex problems they never thought they could solve, as well as make their own minds up to know how our world is actually built.

How to get started?

Learning to code teaches students that it is okay if their answer differs from someone else’s. You can change from a passive consumer to an innovative creator, here is how you can start coding:

  • Coding classes: A coding class teaches students to code under the supervision of a teacher. Typically, the teacher introduces an idea to the students and then has them apply the concept through a fun project. Some coding classes are held in person, while others are delivered online. 

They are age-appropriate, and you can find one that is appropriate for you. There are a lot of online certification courses that help you out with the basics and if you feel interested, you can continue and take up their advanced courses. These courses are cheap and time-saving. For example, we have Byjus, Coursera, WhiteHatJr, Udemy and Youtube.

  • Games: There are several fantastic coding apps available where children can learn to program without even realizing it. Popular games, such as Minecraft, have a learning edition that teaches children how to code. Kodable and LightBot are some apps for students that teach coding. 
  • Scratch: Scratch, created by MIT, is an amazing platform for getting started with coding. It enables students to create interactive stories, games, and graphics. It is used by tens of thousands of students worldwide. 
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What does the future of coding look like?

Coding is one of the fastest-growing job markets, and many employers place a premium on coding abilities. By developing these skills, you will be opening doors to future opportunities. Coding is used everywhere, from the website you’re on right now to the engine of an electronic car.

People are gravitating toward these skills because they carry less risk and are generally very prevalent and steady to base a long-term career on, which people want after all of the risk and ambiguity in this pandemic job market.

With so many options available today, having an extra skill is always a bonus, it will teach you so much and also help you have an upper hand on your friends in school, you can always flex your cool coding skills. 

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