Top Careers in Wearable Technology


Last Updated: March 11, 2023
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Picture this.

You are on your way home, your smartwatch tells you how many more steps to go, your smartphone automatically downloads your favourite web series, and your smart pen is at home doing all your homework for you. Finally, your smart kitchen has prepared a mouth-watering meal when you reach home. Does this sound like a sci-fi pipe dream? With the ongoing changes in technology, this ‘smart future” is much closer than you can imagine! 

Let’s start with the basics – what is wearable technology? Well, it’s a broad category of devices that can be worn on the body and used to collect data or perform various functions. Some examples of wearable tech include smartwatches, fitness trackers, and augmented reality glasses (remember the infamous Google Glass?). This field employs different professionals like software engineers, hardware engineers, designers, and data analysts. Wearable technology is in high demand due to the ease it brings to our lives. With the growth of IoT (Internet of Things), wearable technology is more popular than ever before. Internet of Things is a term that we use to describe commonplace things that are embedded with the internet. For instance take the case of a smartwatch, it is in simple words a watch that has internet connectivity which helps it to transfer data and do almost everything that a computer device does

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Careers in Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is a rapidly growing field that involves developing and integrating electronic devices into clothing and accessories that are worn on the body. Check out this list to get an idea of the opportunities in this field:

Product Development:

Product development is at the very core of wearable technology. This involves designing and prototyping new wearable tech products and then testing and refining them. The product has to be designed in a way that it includes features to make your life easier. Professionals tasked with developing the gadget will research similar products to better understand the market. They decide the product’s various features and the materials that should be used to create the device. They also ensure that the product can be produced at scale and that all necessary components and materials are available for the same. 

For instance if you want to launch a wearable tech device. The first step you would take is to brainstorm ideas to come up with an interesting and feasible product concept. Then you define the product, identify its scope and the significance of the product. Next you will have to produce a prototype i.e, a visual representation of the product. After this, is the critical stage of Validating and testing the product. During this stage you will be testing the product to ensure that it is capable of working without glitches. Now your product is ready for consumers last stage is commercialisation, that includes developing and marketing the product. 

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User Experience Design:

UX designers create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for wearable tech devices. It ensures that users can freely access the gadget. Take the case of Duolingo, you can see that the app sets itself apart with its unique gamification strategy. It makes learning languages easier with animations and games.This fun way to learn languages is what makes the app user friendly and encourages users to spend more time learning. User experience designers help create gadgets through their skills in prototyping, testing, and their proper functioning. These designers ensure that the gadget is easy to use for everyone. Accordingly, they also ensure that the device can be used by people with disabilities too. 

Hardware Engineering: 

This involves developing and maintaining the hardware components of wearable tech devices, such as sensors, processors, and batteries. They run tests and diagnostics to ensure the system’s proper working. Additionally, hardware engineers are tasked with creating creative and comfortable ways to design the gadget. It is they who ensure that all the hardware components are properly equipped.

software development

Software Development

This involves creating and maintaining software that runs on wearable tech devices, including applications, operating systems, and firmware. Software developers will be tasked with programming, conceiving, and designing the software components. Software developers help understand and implement the modifications needed in the software of a gadget.

Data Analysis

 This involves using data collected from wearable tech devices to draw insights and make recommendations for product improvement. They  collect data and analyse consumer buying habits to conclude what product will do better in the market. They explore the amount of money that a potential customer will be able to spend on wearable technology.

marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales

This involves promoting wearable tech products to consumers and working with retailers to get the products on store shelves. Every industry at all times needs a good marketing and sales team. There will always be opportunities for someone who can understand the pulse of the target audience and lead effective campaigns. The primary goal of every company under the sun is to create profits. And hence there are bound to be many more opportunities in the marketing and sales section as well.

To pursue a career in wearable tech, you will typically need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as computer science, electrical engineering, or design. You may also benefit from gaining experience through internships, hackathons, or other tech-focused events. The pay scale for jobs related to wearable technology can vary widely depending on the specific role and the level of experience and education of the individual.

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