Reasons Why Students Should Use LinkedIn


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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The world of social media works in mysterious ways for everyone, especially students. Let’s be honest; we live and breathe through these apps! In a sea of these endless social media apps, one that particularly stands out is LinkedIn. What might seem like an app for professionals also has immense potential for college students! 


You must wonder how? Networking and tooting your own horn are the two most important professional skills you need to start working on before you step foot in the complex world of professionalism. And Linkedin is the place where you can sharpen your skills! So let us help you understand how high school and college students can take advantage of their Linkedin profile for a better future!

Why is LinkedIn Important for Students?

Importance of linkedin

The job market in today’s world is a rough and competitive one. It can be tough to stand out when so many other graduates try to do the same thing. But Linkedin knows how to make sure you stand out of the crowd!

Already have an account on Linkedin? Yes? Good! Still don’t? You should, and here’s why!

  • Create your name in the professional world: 

Many of you might struggle with the idea of being on Linkedin as it might seem too bland or even dull. But you’re wrong! Consider your Linkedin profile your professional brand to share with the world. This profile of yours is what people will see when they google you. Your LinkedIn profile is your identity to organisations, institutes, associates and people with whom you want to stay in touch when you transition from student to professional. 


  • Market Yourself: 

LinkedIn is an excellent and effortless way to market yourself as a professional. It lets you talk, post, and share all about your skills, accomplishments, and interests. You can talk about your achievements that you are proud of and want your future employers and college admissions offices to know about. This would mark your digital footprint in the professional world.

  • Build your own Brand!:

Just marketing yourself will only get you some of the attention you want to land your dream job! You need to brand yourself! Like world-famous companies knit their brands, you must also build your professional brand! Show the world how you are better and different from the rest! What makes you marketable? Why are you worth the six-figure salary and more? Let the world know you have ARRIVED!

And the easiest way to achieve this is by creating a simple LinkedIn profile. True personal websites are an alternative, but they come with extra costs! On the other hand, LinkedIn is the way to mark your name on the professional map! 

  • Keep track of your network: 

Remember that friend you had back in high school? Or maybe that friend of a friend with whom you shared the love for your dream industry? Okay, let’s be real, probably not! You’re only a human keeping track of so many people is next to impossible! So why not take advantage of Linkedin and add these folks to your professional network when you meet them? In the words of godfather, “Keep your friends close and your connections closer.”

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  • Keep yourself updated with the latest industry news: 

LinkedIn aggregates a timeline when you sign in, like every other social media site. You’ll find numerous updates from your connections, groups, and organisation. It’s wise and fun to keep tabs on industry happenings and reports. 

  • Network, network and NETWORK!

We probably sound like a broken record by now, but we CANNOT emphasise enough that Linkedin is the key and the best networking tool a professional could ask for! You can connect with mutual associations, folks in your industry, and even your greatest role models through LinkedIn! This might land you your dream job of all time or open a door which might enhance your professional life in no time!

Tips for creating the best LinkedIn profile as a student:

Now that you know how LinkedIn has the secret power to make you stand out of the crowd in no time. Let us share a few more secrets to help you make the perfect Linkedin profile as a student!

Time for you to bag the best job ever!

Now we get it, LinkedIn might not be where all the “cool kids” hang out, but it’s the place where all the big shots, recruiters, hiring managers, opinion leaders and C-level executives hang out! And if asked, we would rather you keep their company over anything!

But before getting started with your professional journey, let us help you find your true calling. We at Mentoria are just one call/ email away to kick-start your professional journey in no time!