Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Business


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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Leaving behind a secure job to start a business of your own is quite a risky thing to do. There is so much to consider – getting your finances in place, figuring out a business plan and model, hiring the right people, and much more! But, what if we told you there is a way to at least get one of these worries off your back? Thanks to the growing influence of artificial intelligence in almost every industry, today, it is possible to start a business on your own. That’s right, there are AI tools that will help you perform tasks you would otherwise need an employee for! Check out these 10 tools that can double up as your workforce:

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1. Conversica

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Designed to help you close sales with minimal effort, this tool is a virtual sales assistant that lets you focus on the selling while it handles all the back and forth through automated two-way email. Conversica also discovers patterns and lets you know about unidentified business opportunities. Today, it has become one of the most efficient tools available for sales.


Tired of looking for intuitive calendars that do the work for you? Your search ends with This tool is a smart assistant whose primary function is to handle meeting requests. When someone emails you for a meeting, will automatically check your calendar and respond directly to the person. This leaves you with only reaching the meeting on time. It also offers some additional features like video conferences and sales demos.

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3. Gluru


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While takes care of your appointments, Gluru goes one step further and scans your emails for any and all events and keeps a track of things like deadlines, to-do lists, and appointments. In case of meetings and appointments, it also keeps a stack of all relevant emails handy for you to reference!

4. DigitalGenius

digital genius

If you want your AI to not just answer emails but also look after your calls and messages, you are looking for DigitalGenius. This smart tool is a combination of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) which gives it the ability to carry out human-like conversations via calls and SMS. It uses AI and predictive automation to understand the questions and formulate the right answers which makes it a great tool for customer service operations.

5. Quill


No business can hope to thrive without keeping a record of their expenses and earnings. This however invites a bunch of reports that require cross-references and what not. Quill comes to the rescue here by analysing specific sets of data and converting them into written documents, thus, generating reports almost automatically!

6. Intraspexion


It is not easy to check and recheck every communication for causes that might later lead to litigation against the company. Intraspexion is here to do just that. It continuously runs in the background as you carry out your daily tasks and flags potential litigation risks across internal and external mails for your review. This helps you from worrying about each statement you type!

7. Rocco and SmartKai

Rocco and SmartKai

Rocco will help you save all the time you would spend on coming up with ideas for new content on social media. It is an AI-powered social media marketing agent that analyses your followers and suggests fresh content for your social media pages. While Rocco provides you with content ideas, SmartKai helps you publish the content and keep track of all your social media platforms under one umbrella. Furthermore, based on your content it also suggests the best time to post your content to maximize the impact. Together, this dynamic duo will take a lot off your plate when it comes to social media.

8. Legal Robot

Legal Robot

The Legal Robot is an AI adviser that helps you navigate the world of contracts. Mixed with NLP and deep learning, it creates high-level legal models that cover a broad range of business cases and scenarios. Not only will it analyse the contract, but will also put all the complex terminology in layman’s term so you understand the documents yourself! 

Starting your own company, especially as a lone wolf is a very bold move. But with these AI tools at your disposal, at least you can make sure that all the process-oriented jobs are taken care of leaving you with enough time to focus on the bigger and more creativity-based tasks at hand.

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