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Last Updated: August 29, 2022
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Online Courses

With technology constantly evolving and changing the way we do and approach our tasks, it has become a necessity to keep learning and updating ourselves. However, in our fast-paced lives, it becomes nearly impossible to find the time in between work and our personal life to set aside a few hours to dedicate to learning. This is where online courses come into play. They offer professional and skill-based courses that you can take up at your own leisure to ensure that you are constantly learning. Most of these courses are available free of cost; you just need to know where to look. To help you with your hunt for the right platforms and courses, we have created a list of some websites that offer relevant and free courses for you to choose from. 

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This is an online learning app; all you need to do is register with them. Once you’re done, you can access all the courses they have on various topics and begin learning. Here are some of the courses they offer:

1. Proactive Productivity with Udemy

Online learning

With so much content and information available at our fingertips, it is hard not to fall down the procrastination rabbit hole. One minute you’re searching for a meme you had come across a long time ago and the next you’re two hours into watching a video about the best-dressed dogs. To beat this, Udemy offers a course that teaches you hacks on enhancing your productivity. The best part about Udemy is that they break down the course module into bite-sized classes you can consume every day.

The course includes tutorials on prioritising tasks, thought processes behind it and offers a perspective on how to make it work for you. If you are struggling with ‘having too much to do and not getting much done’, this is the course for you!

2. Creating Excel Dashboards with Udemy

Online courses

We have all had tasks wherein we’ve had to spend hours on end going through long and elaborate excel sheets. But, what most of do not realise is that there is always a faster way to do something on excel. A formula you didn’t know about or a formatting hack you didn’t know existed. This course offered by Udemy introduces you to Excel Dashboards, a powerful communication tool. It works especially well if you want to showcase many details in a snapshot. It helps you pitch, explain points, and keep track of projects. On mastering this course, you will start saving a lot of time you otherwise have to block when preparing or browsing through Excel sheets.

LinkedIn Learning

This is the hub for recruiters and professionals. Your performance on LinkedIn can make or break your chance of bagging your dream job. The team of LinkedIn understands this and have, therefore, come up with a list of free courses that help you navigate the professional portal.

3. Forming a Dream Team with LinkedIn

Team work

What sets certain teams apart from others? What are dream teams made up of? How can you use collaboration to excel at your workplace? These are some questions this course strives to answer. These questions are crucial. They can change your team dynamics and set you on the path for success. Through the course, journalist Shane Snow reveals secrets of team productivity, introduces you to a culture of inclusion and teaches you to collaborate effectively. If your team is game for it, this one’s worth watching and learning together.

4. Managing Conflict with LinkedIn

Conflict management

If difficult conversations make you want to flee, this one’s for you! Conflicts are a part of life. Running away from them won’t solve problems. So, it’s best to face conflicts in ways that don’t destroy the peace of mind. Vice President of LinkedIn, Fred Kofman uncovers the underlying principles of conflict – why they arise and how you can tackle them. For this, he refers to real-life situations and demonstrates how minor changes in perspective, tone or words change the entire game.

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Skillshare offers courses that help you develop the necessary skills for your job. Most of these courses are designed to provide information to you in short modules ranging from 15 to 60 minutes, so you can easily fit these learnings into your busy workday.

5. Visual thinking with Skillshare

Visual design

Does your job involve pitching ideas or explaining concepts to clients? Then you must already know how important it is for you to be as clear and precise as possible in your dealings. This course on Skillshare will prepare you to do just that by helping you develop your visual thinking skills. Good visual thinking helps you understand concepts much better and therefore, communicate those concepts in simpler, more effective ways to your client. If you’re interested in improving your communication with clients, take this 60-minute course!

6. Communicate Ideas Through Story with Skillshare

Communicate ideas

While facts and figures are difficult to remember and digest, our brain easily ingests an impactful story. Imagine the powerful impression your communication will create if you convey your thoughts to another like a story – especially one that your listeners never forget! This course teaches you to communicate and capture the attention of your audience through story-telling with its 15-minute course.

Updating your skills to help stand out in the professional world is no longer a Herculean task. Thanks to the Internet era, you don’t need elaborate degrees or extensive preparations to update your skills, all you need is to log onto one of the many available websites and start learning! If you’re confused about which skills or courses you should pick to best complement your career, we can help!

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