What is Career Guidance?


Last Updated: April 12, 2022
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Our journey is filled with different sets of encounters, opportunities, and challenges. The choices we make, build the future we want and desire. Our career and professional life is a result of such choices. With new careers emerging every day, it can get really confusing to make a decision. In such situations, you can end up falling prey to the trap of choosing the career your friends went ahead with. Proper and timely guidance can help you avoid this issue and channel our efforts in the right direction. This is where dedicated career guidance comes into play. Trained mentors can help you through this overwhelming process and simplify each step for you so that you can avoid expensive mistakes by making the right career choice.  

What is the meaning of career guidance?

Am I on the right path? Did I choose the wrong career? I’m not made for this. These questions probably plague you from time to time. We all have different desires: some want to know more about habitable planets outside our galaxy while some are enthusiastic about literary pieces and someday want to have their own publication. For some, audits and financial statements are stress relievers. Most might get stuck and ponder upon the career they are suited for. There is nothing wrong with pondering and assessing what is best for us. But in this era of competition, we need to plan our steps beforehand. 

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What is career guidance? While we’re all self-sufficient, we need a helping hand that can direct us on the right route through over 12,000+ career options to choose from. Apart from a plethora of options, you will also be dealing with the constant change in the roles and responsibilities in each career owing to the automation and technological wave. A lot of conventional job setups have undergone a complete makeover and they will continue to rapidly change in the future. Under such circumstances, career decision has become more than just “following your dreams” or considering the salary figure you will be earning at the end of the road. This decision will act as a framework for the majority of your future life events. Think of career guidance as a professional intervention that shows you the right path while giving you the necessary knowledge in implementing the most appropriate career decisions. It educates you about the a-z of a career, including its scope, roles, advantages, and disadvantages (if any), paving a path for an informed decision. 

Experienced mentors help you to understand the compatibility between our interests, our skills and a career as every career path requires a certain set of skills to succeed in it. Career guidance also helps you to understand the strength of your skills and the way to polish them. This will allow you to narrow down the most appropriate career option. That way you can focus all your energy on tasks that will get you to your goal while honing the necessary skills. With a comprehensive view of your financial targets and limits, career guidance ensures that you maintain your social and emotional well-being at the same time. This culminates in success in the long run.

Discover your Ideal future

Get expert guidance and mentorship towards your perfect fit.

How important is career guidance?

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  • Proper career guidance can help you choose the best career option and help you discover the fields you are most suited for.
  • It allows you to save time and learn the necessary skills and techniques.
  • Helps to focus your energy on the necessary tasks and work on bettering yourself.
  • Helps to apply and acquire the minimum experience needed to turn your dream into reality.
  • Allows you to sort out your financial constraints with ease.
  • Proper career guidance gives an unbiased perspective which allows you to think better and hence make better decisions.
  • Proper guidance provides appropriate knowledge and connecting with a resourceful person will allow you to understand the pros and cons of the career options and finally shortlist the most appropriate career option.
  • There’s nothing wrong with having reservations regarding your career but analysing the problems and finding the best solution is what matters and that is what proper career guidance does.
  • Allows you to have a good mental state and hence establish yourself.

Why should you choose Mentoria?

It’s natural to have reservations and doubts when it comes to making a decision this big. You can make a big difference here by seeking the right help at the right time. Mentoria is the solution here for expert career guidance and counselling. Mentoria’s team of experts will help you discover the field you are most suitable for. Our community of 1.3 lakh+ users, 60+ schools and 80+ corporates has been flourishing under the guidance of our 350+ expert counsellors. Choosing the best option allows you to enjoy the journey, cherish the knowledge and become future-ready. There’s a reason why Mentoria is India’s most reliable career discovery platform.

Discover your Ideal future

Get expert guidance and mentorship towards your perfect fit.

Career guidance for Class 8-9

At this stage, career guidance with Mentoria will help you to narrow down your key interest areas while working with you to figure out the streams and subjects that are ideal for you. Starting with a career guidance programme at this stage will help you to understand the starting point of each career path and accordingly, you can start with the preparation for any competitive exams.  In short, Mentoria allows you to find your right fit. Hence you see your grades improving, which makes your academic performance better. You will have better experiences and a better understanding of what your next step should be. As your growth prospects improve and you start seeing visible progress in your academic records, you will be more motivated to work harder and enjoy what you’re studying.

Career guidance for Class 10-12 

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Grades 10-12 mark a very decisive phase. Mentoria understands this and aims to prepare you for the procedure to follow and help you pave the way for a brighter future. During this time in your life, a lot of important decisions are required to be made. Career guidance with Mentoria will help you make these decisions by figuring out the ideal graduation course for you and the career path that it eventually leads to. These decisions have life-altering consequences, and so need to be taken under proper guidance and with maximum clarity. With Mentoria, you get a better understanding of your goals and work accordingly. This will motivate you and make you more prepared for the future.

Career guidance for college students

As a college graduate, you might get stuck between the choices of working and studying further. This will largely depend on the career path you have chosen and what is ideal for it. Mentoria’s expert counsellors will carry out an analysis of your career path and provide you with accurate options like the ideal specialisations and electives for you or the job roles you can apply, the skills they require and how you can hone these skills in time. We help in sorting through and finding the right internships or the master’s you resonate the best with. All career queries like which job to apply for or which degree programs suit you best are answered by our expert team. This allows you to gain clarity with your choices and career options. Whether it’s about the work which suits you the best, the interviews you should prepare for; or if you want to study further the courses and subjects that will be suitable for you, with Mentoria’s expert career guidance you can ace it all.

Career guidance for working professionals

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As a working professional,  it can get tricky at times when you find yourself at the crossroads of a career switch. Professional career guidance with Mentoria can be your saviour. If you see no scope in your current job or are confused about which job to go for or about your line of work, do not fret. Invest in Mentoria’s career solution that will help you to make a career transition without having to start from scratch. You might wonder, how is that possible? Mentoria’s experts will help you to figure out how to combine your passion, interests and skill set with your current job experience. Thousands of working professionals have trusted us to help them make the right switch in their careers. Their trust in the Mentoria solution has helped them find their dream job in the career which was most suitable for them.

How does Mentoria do it?

Mentoria has a four-step solution to take you from clutter to clarity about your ideal future path.

Step 1: Take Mentoria’s career assessment test

Mentoria’s career test has an 85% reliability rate. This simply means that if you were to retake the test in 3-4 years there is an 85% chance that you will get the same result. A team of experts in the field of psychometric testing from IIT Delhi, Fergusson College, Pune and Jamia Milia University, Delhi have worked with Mentoria to formulate a detailed and error-free career assessment test that measures your interests, personality and abilities to guide you towards careers you will enjoy and excel at. As the report is fairly technical in nature and needs to be supported by behavioural evidence, it is shared with people at Step 2.

Step 2: Book a career counselling session.

Mentoria has a community of 350+ career counsellors who come from varied backgrounds like psychology, education, Human Resources, training, and coaching. Each of them is rigorously trained and certified by Mentoria. During your counselling session, they will take you through your assessment report, validate the outcomes by understanding you better, and enable you to shortlist your top three careers.

Step 3: Unlock the Knowledge Gateway.

Mentoria gives you detailed information about your chosen careers – where will you work, what will you do, how much will you get paid, and lots more! All the information in the career library is checked and approved by industry experts. Additionally, the Mentoria Blog section includes information on a variety of topics,  be it interview preparation, stream selection, internships or an overview on upcoming careers.  

Step 4: Get deeper insights from Webinars

You can watch webinars hosted by Mentoria with experts from the fields you have shortlisted. These interactions will give you a deeper, more realistic insight into how that particular field works, what challenges you can expect, and how you can prepare for them.

Mentoria also has an expert research team to answer all your queries and resolves all your doubts related to college selection, course details, career scope and a whole lot more through a dedicated career helpline. Users get lifetime access to this career helpline and can reach out to Team Mentoria with any career-related query from the time they sign up until they get into their chosen careers.

Mentoria’s career guidance programme enables you to choose your perfect fit from 3 streams, 850+ courses, and 12,000+ careers, and discover what will bring out the best in you.

Mentoria’s #CareerReady Movement is growing stronger every day! Over 1.3 lakh students have begun their #CareerReady journey with Mentoria to discover the paths they will enjoy and excel at. We’ve also partnered with 60+ schools, 80+ corporates, as well as the Government of Delhi and NGOs who enable us to provide career guidance to underprivileged children.

Is career guidance worth it?

Here is a simple comparison to answer the question. You spend on career guidance as much as you would spend on a weekend getaway – except that instead of fleeting happiness, it ensures happiness for a lifetime in a path you will enjoy and excel at. Proper career guidance is worth every single rupee, as it enables you to lead a more focused life, makes you stand out from the crowd and motivates you to push forward to achieve your desired goals. Proper career guidance helps in boosting your confidence, pumps up your academic record and makes your resume stand out from the crowd. 

Kick-start your career discovery journey with Mentoria and discover the right career fit for you. Feel free to call us on 8291856155 to speak to our career mentors and choose the right career guidance plan that suits your needs.