Career Change After 30 & 35 In India? – Take Mentoria’s Help


Last Updated: September 8, 2022
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Most people in their 30’s aim to enjoy a sound, well-remunerating job, with the potential to save some money despite paying all annual bills and charges. But one fine day, some of them wake up feeling hollow, querying the objective of their career. This can be a nerve-wracking sentiment for any professional. This dreaded ‘mid-life crisis’ allows you to introspect whether you’re on the proper career approach or wish to pursue something new – something you’re passionate about and would enjoy doing for the rest of your life.

Common Reasons for Career Change at 30 or 35


Although there are kaleidoscopic reasons for a career change at 35 in India especially, given below are a few that should flag you to change your field of work:

1. Lack of passion for the job

Generally, a person works upto the age of 65. If the career is built out of passion, it would be far easier to get up and go to work, even at 65. Hence, although understated, passion is an important aspect you should consider while thinking of a career change in your 30’s.

2. Workload and tedious working hours

Everyone is trying to earn money, personal health, and other basic requirements to help them sustain themselves. The only aspect one doesn’t have direct control over is time. If you are in the same boat, you aren’t in the right line of work and hence cannot optimise your work hours to harness the full potential of available time.

3. Low Remuneration

Although passion is a driving force, the ultimate provocation is money. With the increase in fixed costs like regular bills, education loans, and house rent, it’s all the more important to get a healthy pay check. However, you should consider transitioning to a field that pays liberally if you aren’t there.

4. Minimum Chances of Career Growth

Every professional wants to climb the professional hierarchy and reach the top. It isn’t highly profound at the launch of your career, but the need for career growth becomes

amplified in your 30’s. You could contemplate changing your career path if you feel there’s minimum career growth in your current field.

5. Issues with Health

Any job taking a risk on your health isn’t worth pursuing in the long run. Making a conscious call as to whether it’s worth losing your health over a job, might be necessary.

Why 30s May be Ideal for a Change

It’s better to look for a career change in your 30’s, substantially because you’re more mature than when you were a fresher. Also, there’s a complete range of skill- sets that you have acquired over the former job. This is the age when you have the least instigation, and pursuing your passion will not have drastic monetary consequences on your family. Later in life, you may have to worry about your child’s education, parents’ health, and numerous other commitments.

Tips to Consider

never stop exploring

While it’s good to follow the career you like when you’re 30 or 35, you shouldn’t do so without considering many essential factors. Here are some tips for you if you’re looking to change your career at this pivotal stage

1. Research

Do a thorough exploration of the field you wish to work in. It’s essential to take a wholly informed decision as it impacts you and your family and near ones.

2. Educate yourself

A new career path could very well involve new work to educate yourself and garner fresh chops to help you perform well in the new field.

3. Test out the sector

Doing freelance work or adult apprenticeships can help you gauge first hand if you like working in this sector.

4. LinkedIn

Having a streamlined LinkedIn profile and searching for recruiters on the platform can help you find relevant jobs, apprenticeships, freelance programs, and so on in the sector of your choice. It’s also consigned to upload your updated resume on LinkedIn and other noted job portals.

Great Career Options After Your 30s


Some of the popular career options after 30 or 35 years among career changers are

1. Healthcare and Social Assistance

Healthcare and social assistance has become one of the fastest growing industries, owing to an ageing and growing population, as well as rising need for childcare, home and community-based care. Excellent compensation and social acceptance makes this a popular career option for many.

Courses & Eligibility

Depending on the college or university you choose, this course can last anywhere from one to four years. Admission to a diploma programme in health administration requires a minimum of 50% in your 12th grade from any stream.

2. Education

You can combine your skills and prior experience in another field with your desire to have a great impact on the world by becoming a teacher. This is a highly gratifying, although difficult, profession in which you can assist others in gaining knowledge. You could teach in a primary, secondary, or university setting. The ideal work hours and sense of accomplishment make this sector extremely desirable.

Courses & Eligibility

You can enrol for a two-year Diploma in Education (D.Ed). This course has an 18-year minimum age requirement and a 36-year maximum age requirement. To begin teaching, you must first pass the C-TET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test). There are two papers in this test. If you want to teach classes 1–5, take paper 1, and if you want to teach classes 6–10, take paper 2. To teach as a lecturer in a college, you will need to pass the NET ( National Eligibility Test).

3. Food and Hospitality

The increased popularity of the hospitality industry has given it a bright future for those looking to change their careers. Among all the various professions that the new world is drawn to, this is the one that offers the most security to those who pursue it. Furthermore, a position in this field is extremely rewarding in terms of pay and opportunities. It’s a high-risk business that pays off in the long term.

Courses & Eligibility

You can enrol in a Hotel Management Diploma programme. It is a three-year programme that includes subjects such as health hygiene, sales and marketing, food production and patisserie, and accommodation service, among others. A minimum of 50% in your 12th test from any stream is required for admission to a diploma programme in hotel management. The age limit varies widely depending on the institution or university to which you apply.

4. Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is a booming industry. From yoga to healthy eating, personal care and beauty, nutrition and weight reduction, meditation, spa retreats, workplace wellness, and wellness tourism, it includes all activities that promote physical and emotional wellbeing. It is a challenging field and is therefore quite rewarding. This is an appealing option for those looking to change their careers.

Courses & Eligibility

The term “health and wellness” includes a wide range of disciplines. As a result, you’ll need to decide on a specialisation first. Some of the popular choices are Health Coach, NutritionistPersonal TrainerPhysical Education Teacher, Physical Therapist and Community Health Worker. You can enrol in a Health and Wellness Diploma programme or a specialisation of your choice. In order to be eligible for a profession in health and wellness, you should have passed your 12th grade.

5. Retail

If you enjoy marketing, market research, advertising, and other related subjects, retail management may be the right fit for you. One of the advantages of working in this field is that you can begin at any age. This career choice gives a heady blend of trades and marketing, which offers some people a special kind of high.

Courses & Eligibility

You can enrol in a Retail Management Diploma programme. It’s a one-year programme that introduces you to the numerous activities involved in the retail industry. You must have achieved at least a 50% grade in your 12th grade to be eligible for a diploma in retail management.


We at Mentoria work with experts to give you proper career guidance even in your 30s and mid-30s. We believe there is always a chance to do something new. Sure, it might seem scary at first but it is not impossible with the right people helping you in your journey. All you need to do is, trust yourself and our domain experts and you will be back on track in no time.