Confused about Career Options? Here’s Why You NEED Career Guidance


Last Updated: August 29, 2022
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India houses a population of 315 million students – the largest in the world! Some of these young minds will soon make choices that will impact their future. But are they well-equipped to make such choices?

While the initial years of education cover most areas of study, the subjects they learn later (think college) are more focused on a particular stream. This would mean that students should have a fair idea of the stream they’re selecting, and how it will impact their future choice of career. No one wants to waste precious time studying subjects that will lead to careers they are not interested in, would they? After all, it only leads to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. But interests – and eventual happiness – are not always taken into consideration while making a career, course or stream decision. And how does that impact a student’s future?

Today, eight out of ten employees in India are unhappy with their jobs, often because they never thought through their career decision. For centuries, most of us have picked careers based on their popularity, or the safety/security they offer, without giving a second thought to our interests. Now picture this – you’ve chosen engineering because everyone from your parents and family members to your neighbours, friends, teachers and well-wishers told you that it held promise. But you have little to no interest in math and science. Would you really excel in a field that requires you to apply the very concepts you have no interest in?

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Additionally, students don’t have the limited options their parents had back in the day when they made career choices. Today, students have over 12,000 career options to choose from, and through education, they’ve probably learned about the 50 to 100 most common ones. To top it all, automation and other technological advancements are taking over several jobs in practically every field. How do they know they are making the right choice, or if the career they are selecting will even be around by the time they have finished graduation?

This article tells you why making an informed and accurate career choice is the need of the hour, and how you can go about it the right way.

Benefits of Career Counselling

1. It Helps With Your Academics

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By the time a student is nearing Class 10, they are expected to choose a stream and more or less figure out which career path they want to pursue. Picture a 15-year-old student deciding what to do with the rest of their life before even stepping into the working world and understanding the options they have. They are already struggling with academic pressure and peer pressure, not to mention the parental pressure that might fall upon them if they are unclear about the future. Can you imagine the confusion and stress plaguing such a young mind? It can pull their focus away from studies and other pressing tasks at hand. The right guidance in making this decision can help ease their confusion, give them clarity about their future and help them focus on the task at hand – clearing their exams.  

Akshata Upalekar, who chose Mentoria to help her make an informed career decision, says, “I find my studies so much easier than before. I’m clear about what stream I want to choose after my 10th, so that tension has vanished and I can now fully concentrate on my studies.”

2. It Helps You Avoid a Confusing Career Journey


Ever come across someone whose eventual job is vastly different from their educational path? Look at all the famous standup comedians we have today – most of them come from an engineering background! Think about the time, effort and money they spent on the course, not to mention the years of frustration they went through, before choosing to pursue their interests! We’re quick to push our children towards certain streams without giving their interests a second thought. Some are quick to realise they’re on the wrong path and actively work towards fixing the mistake. However, given that you have over 12,000 options to choose from, is it really that easy to make the switch? Then there are those who simply ‘accept’ their fate, and hope to find their interest in that path somewhere along the way, eventually ending up in a career they’re not even happy with. Would you want your children to suffer the same fate, or know from the very start what they’re meant to pursue, and invest in the right course accordingly? Having some clarity about their ideal career paths would not only save time, money and effort, it would also help students achieve the happiness and success they dream of having.

3. It Helps You Decode Your Interests

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In a world where new careers are popping up all the time, it is difficult to put a finger on any one field a child would love to pursue. Padmaja Chavali, Principal of City International School, Pune, agrees and emphasises how it affects children from class 9th and 10th, for they have advice pouring in from all sides. “I wanted a knowledgeable entity to guide my students properly. Mentoria is one such solution that is not only taking care of their career discovery but also their mental happiness through their solution,” the Principal offers.

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4. It Helps You Prepare for the Future

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Technology is taking over almost every aspect of our lives. A few years ago, you probably visited a bank to open your first bank account. Today, everything from account opening to investing can be handled online. While this has made our lives infinitely easier, it has also made quite a few jobs redundant. Automation is set to take over 800 million jobs by 2030. What if your children end up studying for a career that is likely to be wiped out by the time they graduate?

Gaining clarity on how fields and jobs are shaping up in the wake of automation has become a must. Rather than pushing students into a world they know nothing about, we need experts who will help them understand where their future lies, and help them prepare for it.

With so many uncertainties lying ahead and the happiness of our youth at stake, children need the right guidance to help them get onto the right career path. Parents and educators may not be able to help them understand all the options children have, or how to work towards the right option. This is where career guidance comes into play. The right career counsellors can help children recognise their interests and lead a happy and successful life in a field they are good at – a field of their choice. Doing so doesn’t just impact the student’s life – imagine a country where everyone is doing what they love and therefore excelling at it! Wouldn’t it benefit the organisations they work for, as well as the country’s growth? It’s not just our students’ happiness but our country’s eventual growth that’s at stake – it’s time we stopped pushing students towards careers that we think might have potential, and start encouraging them to pursue what makes them happy.

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