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Last Updated: August 27, 2022
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Think about the biggest conglomerates in India and the globe. Think about what helps them top the charts every year, what drives them to earn billions of dollars year on year, what helps them incessantly scale new heights…  

Take Google for instance. It has been topping the charts of the best places to work for almost a decade now. What is it that helps Google stand out – other than the fact that it is an Internet juggernaut? Employee engagement and wellness, of course!

Its Mountain View, California headquarters offers a seven-acre sports complex, three wellness centres, indoor roller hockey rinks, horseshoe pits, and over 100,000 hours of subsidised massages doled out each year. It’s no wonder then that they attract some of the best talents and develop happier and more productive employees! 

In order for a company to continue to scale new heights, it is important for them to ensure that the people working for them are happy with what they do and where they work. To help companies crack this, Mentoria has been partnering with various organisations. Recently, we partnered with Larsen & Toubro, our corporate partner and helped them make a real difference in their employees’ lives. 

Mentoria is India’s most reliable career discovery platform. Our 4-step career guidance solution, helps us find the right career fit for our clients from 3 streams, 850+ courses & 12,000+ careers. Discover more about the Mentoria Solution here:

About Larsen & Toubro

L&T office building

Headquartered in Mumbai, Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) is one of the largest and most respected companies in India’s private sector. With over 80 years of a strong, customer-focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, L&T has unmatched capabilities across Technology, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing. To add to this, it maintains leadership in all of its major lines of business. That said, people have always been central to L&T’s activities, achievements and the value it delivers to its stakeholders. They say that it is the zeal, dedication and expertise of its people that power their growth and prospects. They, therefore, strive to ensure that the people working for them are happy and satisfied with their jobs.

Some of the past efforts undertaken by L&T include ‘Renew’, an effort to empower women who were on a career break and wanted to rejoin the workforce. They also have a number of specially-abled individuals to promote diversity at the workplace and to sensitise their employees. This time, they decided to not only help their employees but reach out to their families as well. And hence, roped in Mentoria to enable their employees’ children to make informed decisions about their future careers.

Mentoria’s career counselling process all begins with a holistic psychometric test which shows clients where their interests, skills and personality intersect to help them find their ideal career path. Discover yourself by taking the test here

Mentoria’s Career Counselling Workshop

The career guidance workshop was held on 24th April 2019. Twenty-two children benefited from the Mentoria Solution and learnt more about what career path could be the best for them. As part of the solution, they took a psychometric assessment that determined their core interest areas, personality traits and abilities. This was followed by one-on-one career counselling sessions with Mentoria’s team of expert career counsellors. They took the children and their parents through the report, validated the test responses with real-life examples, discussed growth and development areas, and guided the children towards the top three careers they’d be happiest pursuing. The workshop was a big success, and the employees were extremely happy with their organisation’s out-of-the-box initiative.

The Reviews Are In

Here are the Mentoria Career Counselling Reviews

“Thanks to the counselling session, my son is confident about choosing science and has his mindset on his path. I want to thank L&T for taking this initiative for our children.”

– Vijay Koli

“I have approached many counsellors in the past, but so far, I have only been satisfied with the results we got from Mentoria. I look forward to my child having another session after 12th for more clarity.”

– Rashmi Katta

“My child is now clear about her career and is glad that the session helped her see that there are different paths she can take to get to the same end goal. She wasn’t confident about picking commerce earlier; now she is.”

– GK Raval 

“The best part about Mentoria is that they have committed to being with my child until he gets into his chosen career. I want to thank Mentoria for helping him see the right path for his future and L&T for taking this initiative.”

– Supriya Surve

“The counsellor was very understanding and answered all of my questions. I now feel a little more positive about my future.”

– Prajwal Deshmukh  (Child)

Associate with Us

A number of employees spend a major part of their day juggling between meeting their targets at work and helping their children figure out their futures. You could also partner with us and work out a plan that keeps employees – and their families – satisfied with their current work environment.

Through Mentoria, students can develop their confidence, self-awareness, and communication skills. Our psychometric assessments can help students to learn more about their personality traits, interests, and values, which can help in career choices. And through our workshops for employees and career guidance and counselling for their children, we’re on a mission to transfrom lives of our future leaders from clutter to clarity, one aspirant at a time. Mentoria’s holistic approach towards career guidance has helped thousands of children discover their ideal career path, and taken a little stress off thousands of parents’ minds. We’ve partnered with over 18 corporates and seen transforming results; we’d be glad to help you achieve such results as well!

Discover more about the Mentoria Solution and enrich your organisation today by partnering with us. With our expert guidance and workshop initiatives, your employees are sure to benefit.