A Career in Cosmetology: All You Need to Know


Last Updated: December 1, 2022
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Everyone in this world likes to look beautiful and attractive in others eyes. Don’t we all enjoy being complimented on our looks? Because of this, there are many job prospects in the cosmetology industry. A cosmetologist is in high demand in the fashion world in India, where this business is flourishing. 

A cosmetologist could wear a variety of different professional hats. A cosmetologist, for instance, might be a hairstylist, barber, perm or hair colour specialist, manicurist, pedicurist, make-up artist, esthetician, or a combination of these professions. All of these roles share the objective of enhancing clients’ appearance and sense of style.

A cosmetologist’s normal day may include a variety of tasks, such as trimming and styling hair, giving scalp massages, using hair dye and other chemical treatments, doing makeup, and instructing customers on how to use these procedures in their own homes.

What is Cosmetology?

It is a branch of medical research that concentrates on improving people’s physical appearance.

It has several branches, including ones for face, body, hair, and general health care as well as beauty treatments. You can work as a cosmetologist in upscale parlours, beauty salons, and opulent inns and hotels.

A cosmetologist is a specialist on cosmetics, skin care, and other beauty supplies. Makeup artists are highly sought after in the marketing, television, and movie studios.

What is the Scope of Cosmetology?

In India and other nations, the field of cosmetology has a broad range of opportunities. Due to changes in the industry, cosmetology is a potential career for young people. A medical license from any reputable medical college is the minimum requirement if you want to work in medical cosmetology.

A dermatology diploma or master’s degree permits a person to perform medical cosmetology. The candidates may enrol in an education or accreditation programme after earning their MBBS degree in order to work as a specialist or trainer. You can work at a beauty parlor or a spa if you have a certification in general cosmetology. 

Aspirants can also operate as nail technicians (manicures, pedicures, nail art, etc.), which is one of many specialist fields in cosmetology. An assistant position at a skin clinic is available to those who currently hold a licence or certificate in skin therapy.

Confused About the Career Options in Cosmetology? Take a Look at the Jobs You Can Go For!

Fashion Designer

In the international fashion industry, fashion stylists are continuously in demand. Fashion stylists choose the outfits and accessories for celebrities, performers, or public personalities for magazine articles, print or broadcast marketing campaigns, music clips, concert performances, and other media appearances. During the delivery of a particular project, they are an essential member of a creative team that also includes fashion designers, photographers, hair stylists, and makeup artists.

Editorial & Advertising Stylist

Models are ready for photo sessions for editorial and marketing assignments by an editorial/advertising stylist. After creating a strong portfolio while working for an agency, one can easily begin styling alone. These stylists must be extremely adaptable, well-organized, and creative in order to adopt a range of styles and features as required by the campaign.

Salon Creative Director

These are the experts who offer a salon or a beauty business its vision and creative style. When developing new hairstyles, colours, and techniques that can be employed as new trends in the upcoming season, they must be creative. Therefore, artistic directors must be forward-thinking, fashion-conscious persons with a creative mind. They must be aware of current trends, effective communicators, and capable of handling multiple tasks at once.

Hair Stylist

A hair stylist, often known as a hairdresser or beautician, styles, dyes, and bleaches hair. A hairstylist can also straighten or curl hair permanently. Hair stylists evaluate the customer’s hair texture before beginning work on them and then suggest a style.

Nail Technician

In this extraordinary line of work, the beauty professional is in charge of moulding the nails of a customer and enhancing their appearance through manicures, pedicures, cuticle care, callus treatment, artificial nail procedures, coating of nail polish, etc.


A beautician is a person who works in a salon and is skilled in performing a wide range of beauty and personalized care treatments, such as manicures, waxing, and makeup application.

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is a specialist who aids in changing or enhancing a client’s looks. Skilled and well-known makeup professionals can also work as editors and commentators for fashion and beauty publications.

How Much Can You Earn While Working as a Cosmetologist?

After pursuing cosmetology, you can climb the social ladder and start earning well eventually in the beauty and makeup field.  Makeup artists, hair stylists, beauticians etc earn INR 4-7 LPA on an average when they’re amateurs. Once you reach a high position in this industry, the salary increases by huge amounts!

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