Love to Read? Here Are Some Dream Careers For You!


Last Updated: November 30, 2022
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Love to read? Here are some dream careers for you!

If your idea of fun is hanging out in a bookshop, if you fall asleep with your e-reader every night, or if you devour current affairs stories from a wide range of sources, then you might want to check out job positions for people who love to read.

How is that possible, you may ask? It’s more common than you may imagine.

Numerous jobs in one way or another include reading. These reading-related careers are as diverse as the enormous number of books. Some careers allow you to spend the day immersed in books, scholarly works, or historical papers, while others demand that you have a strong command of the written word or an enthusiasm for discussing published research or literature.

Whether you’re fresh out of high school, looking for a career change or wanting a part-time job to keep you busy while you’re studying, one of these bookworm friendly careers could be for you.

One of these bookworm-friendly occupations may be right for you if you’re just out of high school, want to change careers, or just need a part-time job to keep you active while you’re in college.

If you’re a confirmed bibliophile, your ideal job would be one that surrounded you with books day in and day out. Check out some of the career options which would be the perfect fit for you!


The grammar police of the media field are proofreaders. If you love to read, you might love proofreading! Proofreaders need to have a keen eye for detail as well as a thorough knowledge of writing conventions.

They work everywhere: blogs, publishing houses, magazines, schools, advertising companies, and more. If there are words involved, there are definitely proofreaders waiting in the wings! Proofreaders frequently work under contracts, allowing them to choose their own schedules and wages. The average salary of a proofreader is between INR 4-4.5 LPA. 

Literary Agent

The conventional publication industry’s gatekeepers are literary agents. In order to discover fantastic new books, they spend a significant amount of time reading query mails and incomplete manuscripts. However, good literary agents like building relationships just as much as they enjoy discovering new works of literature.

In order to connect authors with publishers, agents must become connected with editors at a variety of different publishing houses. Literary agents also negotiate agreements, and so must have a good amount of pleasant assertiveness and legal know-how.

If your dream job requires a lot of reading and networking, you might be ready for a career as a literary agent. The average salary of a literary agent is between INR 8-9 LPA.

Book Scout

Book scouts read books for a living. Seriously, we’re not kidding! Book scouts find properties (books) that might result in film contracts or international rights (translations) deals for publishers or literary/film rights organisations.

Some book scouts even work directly for film producers who are trying to secure the rights to the current Oscar-winning film. To identify the next great thing before it hits the market, book scouts must establish cordial connections with literary firms. The salary of a book scout is between INR 4.2-4.7 LPA.

Book Reviewer/Critique

When you work as a book reviewer, you can get compensated for your opinions on books. You might be able to make some additional money doing what you enjoy(reading books!) even though you may not be able to turn your book reviews into a full-time job. In addition, authors and publishers who want reviews frequently provide reviewers with free books. The average salary of a book reviewer is between INR 4-7 LPA.


Anyone who has a love of reading should consider becoming a librarian. You’re encircled by books of every genre, writer and story thinkable — right at your fingertips.

The library’s librarians are in charge of managing the books there and decide whether to add or subtract books from the collection. They engage with clients and direct other bookworms toward what they need. Librarians also handle publicising the library, hosting events, and mending old and torn books. The average salary of a librarian is between INR 2.5-3 LPA.

Script Editor

Editing a script is a lot like copy editing but for film and television storylines. Script editors review and edit screenplays in an effort to create a balance between the author’s originality and the brand values and image of a production firm.

When reviewing screenplays, the script editor informs the writer of areas that need improvement and assists them in structuring and outlining the story. The average salary of a script editor is between INR 3.6-5 LPA.


A career as a bookstore can be perfect for you if you enjoy discussing books and being surrounded by them all day.

Selling books is a fulfilling career where you get to help others find books they’ll enjoy, whether you’re working for someone else or starting your own bookstore. Booksellers work in the retail sector of the book industry, advising people based on their familiarity with the current collection and personal preferences. The average salary of a bookseller is between INR 2.6-3.2 LPA. 

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