Careers to Pursue Under Internet of Things


Last Updated: March 16, 2023
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Years before, who would have thought that a phone would be used in place of calculators, telegrams, and calendars? Who would have even imagined that a smartphone would be at the center of all activities known to mankind?

All this was possible only because your ordinary cell phone transformed, got access to the internet and changed to a smartphone. 

Now imagine what if, in the future, everything you use, from the bed you wake up to your toothbrush, is connected to the Internet?

What if you could talk to your refrigerator and it would keep track of your calories?

 Or what if your suitcase could send you its location if it gets stolen? 

This is exactly what the Internet of things (IoT) hopes to achieve. 

The Internet of Things is all about embedding the Internet into things. These things can include your car, a dishwasher, refrigerator, or anything in general. It is estimated that in 2022 Iot will have increased its global corporate profits.

One of the hottest trends in the career market today is the IoT. It has also given rise to some of the fantastic career opportunities today.

Career Opportunities in IoT

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. People are just drawn to anything that starts with “smart”. Be it smartwatch, smartphone or even smart fridge. Everyone is always in search of technologically advanced alternatives to their everyday things. This is the apt time to pursue a career in IoT. The Talent Supply Index by Belong states that between 2014-2015, the demand for IoT talent increased by at least 304%.

data visualisation

1. Data Analytics

If you have searched for jobs that will always be in demand, you would undoubtedly have come across Data Analytics. As the name states, here you have to analyse data. IoT systems produce a lot of overwhelming data. Hence, there will always be a demand for data analysts to analyse this data and transform it into valuable information. 

Engineers who can efficiently use the IoT data and use them to create an analysis of the same are always in demand

2. Software Developers

In the IoT industry, software developers are tasked with developing IoT software. They build user interfaces and use computer languages like Java and python. In addition, they are also required to have a working knowledge of data piracy and network security.

software development

3. Web Development Engineers

Web development engineers in this industry create web applications that work on IoT devices. Their primary task is to create web applications that connect the devices. They also develop security protocols for web applications.

4. Cyber Engineers

The primary task of the cyber engineers is to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and security risks. They develop and implement security solutions to prevent hazards and risks. 

5. Sensors and Actuator Professional

Here you will have to rest the sensors and actuators that you create. In addition, you will have to check the market, take note of the available modern technologies and integrate them into the actuators and sensors that you produce.

6. Data Visualisation Expert

As the name suggests, the Data visualisation expert aids in presenting information visually. This helps to make the information more understandable.

embedded engineering and IoT

7. Embedded Engineers

In IoT, embedded engineers have a pivotal role. Their main task is to develop and implement software for embedded devices. Basically, an embedded Engineer will work on embedded systems and create the desired software, and later test the system to ensure that it can work without hindrances. 

These are the best IOT careers that you can pursue. Which one you should choose depends solely on your interest and your ability

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