A Guide to Start Studying in Sweden


Last Updated: December 3, 2022
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Sweden is a Nordic country in Northern Europe that shares borders with Norway and Finland. With a population of roughly 9.5 million, it is the third biggest country in the European Union in terms of area.

But figuring out how to proceed with moving to Sweden can be a little challenging. We’ve compiled a list of what you should do when you should do it, and where you should do it. So what should an international student expect from Sweden? But we don’t want you to hurry with your decision. So let’s find out if it’s worth going to Sweden for future studies!


Why study in Sweden?

Here are a few ways Sweden always makes sure to stand out from the crowd from other countries or colleges.

  1. High Quality, Unconventional Education: Studying in Sweden differs from studying abroad because Swedish universities offer an open environment and emphasise group projects. The Swedish educational system prioritises your academic interests over pressuring you to receive a certain grade. Swedish universities strive to instil these skills in their students since the job market favours ambitious, creative, and astute team players. Swedish universities want you to be prepared for a bright future. In order to prepare students for the job market after graduation, degree programmes in Sweden give them a chance to combine academic study with real-world experience. Sweden’s educational system is centred on the student. In Sweden, you will be expected to call your teachers by their first names because the atmosphere between students and teachers is casual and laid back. If you decide to study in Sweden, you will be expected and required to take an active role and contribute your thoughts and ideas in lectures, seminars, and group discussions. Swedish institutions value personal initiative and independent thinking. You will have the chance to enhance your academic skills and talents.
  2. Highly Innovative Country: Sweden is one of the most advanced nations and the birthplace of many prosperous businesses. Research in Swedish universities and companies has led to the successful invention of a variety of things, including the computer mouse, Bluetooth, the pacemaker, the ball bearing, the dialysis machine, and internet programmes like Spotify and Skype. These most recent discoveries result from Sweden’s longstanding tradition of excellence in academics and research. The Nobel Prize and several renowned universities, some of which date back to the fifteenth century, are both in Sweden. Because of its intrinsic inventiveness, Sweden has become a powerful country in the fields of design, fashion, and music. It is one of the nations that export the most music worldwide.
  3. Best scholarships: At the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels, Swedish Universities and Institutes provide several scholarship programmes for international students. 29 scholarships, nine other fellowships, and grants are available from the 38 universities.

You get the best of the best while studying in Sweden; these three main reasons Sweden invariably stands out each time!

A quick guide to studying in Sweden

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Now that we know studying in Sweden is nothing for you doing your future self a favour. Here’s how you can make that happen in no time!

  • Apply to study in Sweden: The basic and very first step, of course! Research and apply! Although it may appear simple, the first step toward studying in Sweden is to apply. Fortunately, the process of applying to a Swedish institution is rather simple. Additionally, a high school diploma, proof of English language competency, or a bachelor’s degree when applying for a master’s programme are frequently needed for admission to study in Sweden. Keep important dates and deadlines in mind.
  • Accept your offer; congratulations, by the way!: You must then accept your offer after that. For undergraduate students, the deadline to accept is 2 April, and for graduate students, it is 13 April. You do not, however, have to respond to an offer you get during the second round.
  • Find and Apply for Scholarships in Sweden: You may qualify for one of the many different scholarships Swedish universities provide. Check the most recent scholarships for studying in Sweden and submit an application for the ones that best suit your requirements.
  • Request a visa and a residence permit: It’s time to start the application process for your study-related residence visa if you’re from a non-EU nation. For the essentials, see Residence Permits and Visas, and visit the Swedish Migration Board’s website to apply.
  • Plan for accommodations and insurance: You will have access to a variety of accommodation alternatives depending on where in Sweden you choose to reside; see Accommodation for more information about Swedish student housing. After reading the fundamentals, you need to contact the housing office immediately, and they must be your first point of contact. They’ll provide you with information on housing availability in your city and how to do it. Finding housing can be difficult in some areas, especially in larger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö and university towns like Uppsala and Lund, so it’s a good idea to start looking as soon as you can. As you prepare to study in Sweden, it is crucial to arrange health insurance before departing from home. To find out what regulations apply to international students, consult official sources. Examining your money and deciding whether to hunt for a part-time job while you are in school are also wise moves.
  • Link Up with future classmates: Last but not least, making friends before you come on campus and talking about common issues can be accomplished by getting in touch with other students who are enrolled in your programme. Searching for a Facebook group for your programme or looking for postings on your university’s Facebook page are good places to start. You can also look for student groups travelling to Sweden on prominent message boards or social media in your nation. Why not form your own group if you can’t find one already?

Pack your bags and study in Sweden!


It seems like boarding the plane at O’clock, does it? And even if it doesn’t, there are no issues! We are always here for you! Get in touch with the experts here at Mentoria to figure out your true calling and the best country for you to go to for further studies!