Here’s How You ABSOLUTELY MUST Decide Where Your Future Lies


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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Choosing a career for yourself is one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make. It requires a lot of research. Moreover, self-reflection is important. Here are a few things you should NOT to do when making a career decision.

1. Consult your Friendly Neighbourhood ‘Sharmaji-ka-Beta’- Loving Uncles.

Because they’re oh so sure about your future options and oh so knowledgeable about everything out there.


Consult your Friendly Neighbourhood

2. Ask the Palmist/Jyotish

The stars are just sitting around, waiting to tell you, the special one from the special planet in the special galaxy, what you’re truly meant to be.

Ask the Palmist

3. Scan your prints.

They should really work with AADHAAR and include your list of potential careers on that card.

4. Rely on your report card.

Why wouldn’t you, given how your school taught you everything you needed to know about the 12,000+ career options waiting for you out there?

5. Let your parents take a call.

After all, they’re the ones who’ll wait for you to come home and complain about how much your job sucks for the next 30 years.


Let your parents take a call

6. Go with the flow.

Since we all live in an “I’ll be there for you” world where friends stay together forever, why not pick the same careers and STF (Suffer Together Forever).


7. Seek guidance from the guru.

As much as you hated him, your Math sir is right, you’re not cut out for a career in math anyway. Or maybe he wasn’t cut out to teach you Math?

Seek guidance from the guru

Or you know, you could just rely a bit on your interests, perhaps, and choose something that YOU actually like? Take an actual, relevant test to figure out which of your passions would make a great profession for you? And maybe, just maybe, do something that actually makes you happy.

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