How to Improve & Build your Vocabulary?


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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Thinking to Expand your Vocabulary

Who wouldn’t want to leave everyone in ‘farrago of distortion’ the way Mr Shashi Tharoor does? You obviously want to perfect a language being fluent and knowing the right words.


It does not matter the stream of studies you choose, a strong vocabulary will help you succeed every time. Be it personal or professional; communication is helped with the right and most appropriate word. Effective communication must have content and the speech aspects balanced well. Either way, the skill of choosing the right words is what is going to be of utmost importance.

Usage and Importance of Vocabulary in Daily Life


By just employing a shorter synonym for a word or an alternative phrase, a person with a strong vocabulary can readily explain an idea or a storey in a summarised pattern. Don’t you find this cool?


While jargon is frequently frowned upon in any form of communication, this does not exclude you from learning technical terms and understanding how to use them in a conversation. When freshly hired employees, for example, come across some technical terms or phrases, they frequently become confused. An orientation, on the other hand, would be aced if one had taken the time to improve on their vocabulary and was aware of such infrequently used words.

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Role of Grammar

On one hand, it helps you utilise your time and energy to the maximum and then it gives you an edge over others. It adds unparalleled sophistication to your personality.

Vocabulary is central to any language as, without its usage, one cannot grasp or express his/her ideas. Hence, mere mastering grammar is not enough to excel in a language. Shape up your sentences with the best lot of words.

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Here are 4 Effective Ways You Can Increase Your Vocabulary


Clichéd as it may sound, but indeed, reading books is the best trick to expand your vocabulary. Keep a dictionary along with you while reading and you can make yourself a journal too.



A newspaper is sure to be loaded with tons of information. With it come hundreds of words used under numerous topics. Make sure you look up any new, unfamiliar word while reading the paper every morning. Unbeatable hack this!

Social Media

 Let people talk about the ills of excessive time spent on social media.You’re probably aware of how much information is ingested these days while using social media platforms. Often, words and phrases used in social conversations are ones that are trending. Keeping track of these will help you adapt quickly to all that is latest and relevant.

social media apps


There has recently been a surge in the development of a number of excellent mobile applications, such as and Quizlet, that aid in the improvement of one’s vocabulary. These apps are in the form of quizzes, games and so much more. You’d be astonished to see how swiftly you learn while you’re having fun.

Though simplicity and correctness of a language are sure to impress everybody, a little elegance added to it surely cannot do much harm. Arm yourself with a few new words every now and then and live with that ‘Tharoorian’ sass!

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