Tips on How to Study for Class 10 Boards


Last Updated: September 8, 2022
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If you’re just entering the 10th grade, your life has probably turned into a study marathon, revolving around just one thing – BOARD exams! The “Boards year” is considered to be the most vital school year, as your results will play a big role in the college you get to go to and, ultimately, your future career path. Check out these tips to know how to prepare for board exams for class 10th.

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Make a Schedule

To maintain a balance between studies and social life, you should track the time you spend on each. Only studying or only chilling with friends will not serve the purpose. Create your own schedule from Monday to Friday, and allot time for each activity. Revise whatever you have studied in the entire week on Saturday. Keep Sunday as your Funday; stay away from your school books and give your mind a break.

Make Notes

Making notes has proven to be really beneficial in your preparation and study for board exams. Always take accurate notes in your textbooks and reference books, as well as during class lessons. In your notes and books, highlight important headings and formulae so you can find them quickly. Your notes will come in handy for revision in the weeks prior to your exams. You can make a set of notes for each subject.

Take Breaks

You definitely don’t want to be stressed out in your last year at school, do you? Studying is important, but taking a break from studies every once in a while is even more essential. Pick up a sport. Go for long walks. Listen to some good music. Taking a break won’t just ease the study stress; it will also enhance your concentration abilities.

Join Study Groups

Group study is always a good idea! It serves two purposes: 1) studying, 2) being with friends! Learning along with your friends will help you remember your class lessons much better. You can clear each other’s doubts and make studying a lot more fun. And if the studies get too much for y’all, you can take a break with your friends right there!Girl students in classroom

Motivate Yourself

It is impossible to stay focused solely on studying, all day, every day for the rest of the year. You will go through instances where you just can’t find the will to study. It’s not that you’re lazy or distracted.

Sometimes, your mind is just saturated from absorbing so much information. When such a situation arises, simply keep calm and take a deep breath. If you feel like taking a smaller break, catch up with a friend, or simply distract your mind with productive breaks.You can’t force yourself into being motivated, but there are some things that can inspire you. Find something that motivates you in life and use it as inspiration for your goals. If nothing else works, then just think about how much better your life would be if only this goal was accomplished! Once your mind gets some much-needed rest and recreation, you could dive right back into your books.


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Divide your Lessons

When you’re overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to accomplish, it’s difficult to stay motivated to finish or even begin your job. So, to prevent stressing the days before the exam, split your tasks ahead of time. You may also set a schedule for when you should study certain topics or lessons first. This can also make your workload appear less difficult

Don’t Neglect Your Hobbies

It is an important year for you. Studying for Boards is on top of your priority list. You are working really hard. The best way to de-stress is to follow up on your hobbies. Like to paint? Feel like dancing? Wish to sing? Go ahead and do it! Don’t put your hobbies on hold for your exams. They are the best way to rejuvenate yourself.

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Figure Out what Works for you

You will notice how everyone around you has donned the role of a counsellor, sharing tips on how to study, what to do and what not to do. Basically, everyone from your parents to your neighbours, and probably even your milkman will give you advice on how to prepare for board exams.

While it is your Board year, it is also your last year in school! You will probably be seeing a lot of your friends for the last time. Once school ends, you won’t be attending assemblies, wearing uniforms, going on picnics and school trips. This is the year to make some lasting friendships, and also make the most of your last ‘school’ year. It is important that you find enough time for yourself and your close ones too. Figure out what works the best for you.We’re not saying you should ignore their advice and ignore your studies. While it is vital that you make the most of your education and score well, you cannot focus solely on your studies and burn yourself out in the process.

Finding the right balance between school and socialising would mean getting the most out of your education and maintaining your mental health at the same time. Study smart, not hard. These are the golden days of your life. Cherish them as best as you can. Goodluck!

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