Do You Think Extracurricular Activities Aren’t Important? We’re Here to Prove You Wrong!


Last Updated: December 5, 2022
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Extracurricular activities prove that not all learning must take place in the classroom.

As the number of commitments increases in school, it’s essential to make time for extracurriculars. You’ll become a more well-rounded person, be more successful in the classroom, and have an advantage over other applicants when you apply to colleges if you maintain a good balance between activities inside and outside of the classroom.

Read on to know why you should make extracurricular activities a priority in high school and not skip those classes.

What are Extracurricular Activities?

Before we dive into the reasons for participating in extracurricular activities, we need to know what they are. You commit to things even beyond your academic course when you participate in extracurricular activities. Sports, music, choir, debate, theatre, service projects, and other extracurricular activities are all examples of extracurricular activities.

There are various extracurricular activities from which a student ca earn money later. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Theatre

Why are Extracurricular Activities Important?

Let’s go through why you shouldn’t forgo extracurricular activities now that you know what they are and how they benefit your higher education.

It indirectly Contributes to Your Better Academic Performance

Some students worry that taking part in extracurricular activities will take too much time away from their academic work, which will lower their grades. However, extracurricular activities can actually improve your overall outlook about school.

Taking part in things you are enthusiastic about can improve your brain function, attentiveness, and time management, all of which help you achieve better grades. For instance, high endurance sports will teach you to concentrate and develop stamina in the face of extreme challenges. You benefit from this when it comes to studying and taking tests.

You can Discover your Hobbies and Develop Wider Perspectives

You’ll get the chance to explore a variety of hobbies and discover passions you had no idea you had when you participated in various activities! Additionally, having a variety of interests broadens your perspective.

Think of it this way: if you join a poetry club, you’ll start to view the world through the eyes of an imaginative poet.

It’ll Help you Build a Higher Self Esteem

Your self-confidence will rise as you succeed at the things you love to do. Say, you participate in a swimming competition and you win the first prize! You’ll surely get a confidence boost and begin participating in more competitions. 

Working hard and acquiring new abilities in a fun, comfortable – and sometimes competitive – setup allows you to be successful without the stress of getting a good grade. Additionally, as your confidence grows, you’ll be more willing to take chances in all aspects of your life.

It Provides you with Socialising Opportunities

Making friends can be intimidating, but one of the simplest ways is through extracurricular activities! Every extracurricular activity you take part in gives you the chance to increase your social network, which is beneficial when looking for a career.

Making friends in your activities will also increase your likelihood of becoming more involved in the activity.

It Helps you Make your Breaks Productive

Activities outside of school give you something enjoyable to do. It also offers the chance to explore things you may be interested in beyond academics while taking some time off hitting the book. In this way, even when you are not studying, you are constantly learning and developing.

It Enhances your Resume

Your extracurricular activities are one of the only ways hiring managers can evaluate your skills and work ethic if you have no prior professional experience.

For instance, if you were a MUNner, the employer would be aware of your ability to communicate well, effectively defend a position, and experience in public speaking—all excellent traits to have in the workplace.

How Do You Juggle Schooling and Extracurricular Activities?

Start with just one activity to begin with! Only until you have established effective time management and schedule balance should you think about including new activities.

Participate only in activities that make you happy and ignite your passion. Your time is really valuable, so don’t spend it on activities that don’t actually excite you!

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