7 Ways to Beat Your Monday Blues


Last Updated: August 31, 2022
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What are Monday Blues?

You’ve probably all experienced Monday blues at some point in your lives. The sensation of intense tension, worry, or sadness on the first day of the week is known as Monday blues. It might make a person feel uninspired and unmotivated to go to work on Monday mornings. Monday blues are popular since it is the first day back after two (or one) days off, and many know they won’t get any relaxation for another five or six days.

Here’s a list of culprits that could be ruining it for you:

Stressed working woman


Generally, when people love their job, they tend to want to do more. While involving yourself at work is a good thing, it may also start affecting your overall performance. You may end up dissatisfied with your work and slowly begin to lose interest in what you do.

Personal Conflicts

Personal conflicts can play on your mind without you even realising it. Such emotional or mental stress and trauma can distract you from your work and affect your morale.

General Indifference

Boredom sets in when you follow the same routine for a long period of time. It’s difficult to be excited when you handle the same tasks and issues every day, and it’s hard to tell one day from the other.

Unclear Tasks

If you do not know how your role will progress in your organisation, you might start feeling like your job has no value. Unclear expectations lead to chaos, which only breeds stress.

Lack of Appreciation

If you are always criticised or reprimanded for your misses but never appreciated for your hits, you would never look forward to work.

Wrong Place

Ever feel like you’d be better off doing something – anything – else but this? It is highly possible that you are in the wrong line of work. When your interests lie elsewhere, it’s easy to get bored at work.

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If you are facing any of these issues, start having honest conversations about how you’re feeling with your manager or HR. Don’t think that your current job is your only option. Many young professionals are taking the Mentoria assessment and talking to our expert counsellors to figure out which career path they’d be most happy pursuing. Whether you are a creative person looking for a job to match, new-age career options, or guidance for your MBA aspirations, the right career guidance can be of great help.

For now, apply these seven tactics to turn that frown upside down and keep yourself motivated at work.

1. Focus on happy thoughts

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Think about the vacation you’ve been meaning to take for some time. Plan to meet up with friends after work, and start looking forward to it. Imagine yourself giving great suggestions at meetings, crossing all tasks on your to-do list, and impressing your manager. Imagery is an effective motivator.

2. Be reasonable

Not every thing you do will be applauded, and not every person you come across will be excellent at what they do. The key lies in finding joy in the smallest moments, and realising that nobody is perfect. It is up to you to identify people’s strengths and leverage them to support or further your cause. Additionally, you should also look at your own targets and goals in a reasonable manner. If you set your goals too high, you may struggle and get exhausted before you even begin the day.

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3. Plan your “off” days well

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Take personal days to rest and regroup; they help you avoid burnouts and focus on your goals. Engage in hobbies, like a sport you enjoy, or a book you’ve been meaning to read. A little rest and recreation works wonders for your mind.

4. Break the routine

If routine is what’s getting you down, bring about small changes in it. Try a different route to work. Leave office on time and explore the surroundings – is there a coffee shop, bar or restaurant you haven’t tried out yet? Get a colleague to join you if you don’t like being out on your own. Skip your usual tiffin lunch one day and order from outside. Catch a movie after work. Even the smallest tweaks every now and then will help you break out of the routine and keep things interesting.

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5. Friendly competitions

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Create a positive, competitive environment at work that will excite you about achieving your goals. Competition is a good way to keep yourself invested in your job.

6. Reward yourself

Bonuses and employee engagement programmes are an organisation’s ways to reward you for your effort. However, rewarding yourself is equally effective in keeping yourself motivated.

7. Seek medical attention

If your “off days” are extending to “off weeks” and you just cannot find the will to get out of bed, there could be a larger problem at hand. We all have our ups and downs but prolonged periods of disengagement and fatigue can be a manifestation of an underlying mental health issue. It’s best to consult a therapist because your mental health is just as important as your physical wellbeing.

Be optimistic

Let’s face it – life has its ups and downs. Not every day is going to be a happy and successful one, but not every day is going to be low and exhausting either. Find that ray of sunshine to cheer you up on an exceptionally low day. We hope some of these tips help you do just that!

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