Psychometrics Don’t Just Guide Students, They Benefit Institutions


Last Updated: September 5, 2022
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When Gaurav Shetty* appeared for his Class 12 exams three years ago, his future was already chalked out. “My father wanted me to study engineering, because my older brother is an engineer, too. I had good marks but I could only get admission to mechanical engineering on a paid seat. But not once did my parents ask me what I wanted to do – they kept telling me that even mechanical engineering was a good option. I just wanted to travel, write, take pictures, and meet new people…” He admits that every semester he struggles with tests and that he has quite a few ‘KTs’ to clear.

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Psychometrics that benefit the institutions

For institutions, psychometric exams offer several advantages. It is particularly beneficial to students who are in the process of deciding on a career path. With the help of psychometric tests:

  • Students learn more about their skills and talents, which can be beneficial. 
  • The tests also save students time because they don’t have to go through a plethora of career magazines to figure out what is ideal for them.

For institutions, psychometric exams offer several advantages. It is particularly beneficial to students who are in the process of deciding on a career path.

The tests are also quick and may be done from the comfort of your own home or office.

A good psychometric test may also reveal how well a child handles stress, how he behaves in various situations, and how he responds in times of need. It also shows us what inspires a child and what career path could be ideal for him or her.

Anshula Mishra* has a similar story to tell. “My dad’s a dentist, so even when I was really young, I was told that I would grow up and study dentistry. The plan was that I would take over his clinics in two cities. But I was always passionate about hockey – I even represented the State when I was in Class 9. But when I reached Class 10, my parents stopped my hockey coaching because it cut into my study time. I enrolled for Science and I am preparing for my Class 12 exams now,” she sighs.

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Gaurav and Anshula’s stories are shared by many of students who were forced to pursue careers in fields in which they were either uninterested or not sufficiently passionate. Every year, a number of students walk the fine line between passion and profession when they choose which course of study to pursue – and the decision has already been made by others. In some instances, students change their minds about what they want to study after learning that their whole circle of friends has chosen a different path.

You, as a college, are on the other side of the fence – are you compelled to help students in choosing the correct course, or just enrol them in courses you provide based on their grades? You may argue that a student’s love does not necessarily transfer into a lucrative career — for example, a student’s desire for travel may not lead to a high-paying job, but the same student with a knack for statistics might find a lucrative position as a business analyst.

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Helping students will help your institution

Students who pick up courses of study they are hardly passionate about will choose one of two options: They will either try to cope with the coursework for a while and eventually drop out of the course mid-way to take up another stream or give up studying entirely for a while, or the student will struggle with the coursework, just about scrape through their exams, but not get good grades.

Both these situations affect your institution’s annual results and ranking. There could be many students like Gaurav and Anshula in every stream of study and every classroom in your college! Collectively, this group of students has not been matched with the stream of their choice. They are bound to flounder and be forced to work twice as hard at something they may not even be interested in.

As a college, you can remedy this situation for future batches of students, by offering them the option of appearing for psychometric evaluation tests prior to choosing their stream of study. While this isn’t a mandatory directive, it helps you guide students into discovering their real interests and strengths. A better-informed student is motivated to study better and get good grades; this benefits your college.

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Help your students kick start their career with ease. Our career counsellors will handhold your students throughout their career discovery journey and give them step-by-step guidance for their future career path.

The Solution to Your Dilemma

Here’s the good news; you don’t have to look far and wide to bring about this change. The Mentoria Solution is a comprehensive psychometric test that uses a scientific approach to evaluate students’ mental capabilities. The Solution measures each student’s inherent interests, cognitive abilities and personality traits, before helping them discover a career path they would truly enjoy and excel at. In this respect, The Mentoria Solution differs from a standard aptitude test by using the information from the psychometric evaluation to identify key aspects (which are sometimes hidden) in the student’s mental makeup that can match them perfectly with a course.

The Mentoria Solution can be administered in your college premises, prior to the admission process. Reach out to and figure out the best way to progress as an institution, and as a nation, towards churning out a happier, more productive workforce.

*Names of students have been changed to protect privacy.

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