Top 7 Future-Ready Careers in Web3.0

Aarshi Ray

Last Updated: August 18, 2022
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Have you ever come across children in a play area, who, while seated on fancy chairs, wearing VR glasses, laugh or yell hysterically? 

Sounds vivid? What if I told you that those seemingly innocent games are now a part of a new era of the internet that screams potential!

Web3.0, as it is now called, is a notch above the internet we know (social media, eCommerce, etc.) and is now also a great work place for GenZ! Wondering what work does the word “work” have in here? Friends, countrymen, lend me your ears – or in this case, your eyes! (if you know, you know)

web3 evolution

If we saw Web2.0, what, pray tell, is Web3.0?

Web2.0 comprises the internet as we knew it until a few years ago: blogs, virtual communities, social media platforms that helped users collaborate in real-time. Simply put, intermediaries would take users’ data, and create services around them.

web2 vs. web3

Fast-forward to now, Web3.0 has done away with intermediaries and introduced a new, decentralised model that paves the way for P2P interactions.

GenZ has a growth mindset and what better to feed this success-hungry, talented generation with a blockchain-powered internet world to work and grow in!

Jobs in Web3.0? The demand is through the roof!

Innovate. This is the keyword for Web3.0 and the career opportunities it brings along with it. 

If you’re already a techie, all you need to do is upgrade, upskill, and market those skills to land a role in Web3.0.

However, if it’s making you think— what skills do I need? Have a look right below!

skills for web3 careers

Which roles can I take up?

Web3.0 brings with it a sea of opportunities, and not just for tech-experts but for professionals across diverse fields. Let’s take a look at the top roles, shall we?

Blockchain Software Developer

A Blockchain Software Developer or a dApp Developer is tasked with building decentralised apps with the help of blockchain protocols. They use several existing Blockchain infrastructure to create these dApps. 

Like how this sounds? Make sure you gain experience with languages like Substrate or Solidity and popular development tools.

If you can crack this role, you can also expect a higher paycheck compared to regular software developers.

Blockchain Core Developer

A Blockchain Core Developer works closely with a Blockchain Software Developer to deploy dApps. 

How are these different? Well, the core developer creates protocols to supply to the software developer, who then goes on to build dApps. Fairly simple, eh? 

However, you’d need a specific set of skills to make it big in this career. Here’s what you must know about: 

Product Manager

A product manager can quite simply be called the lead problem-solver in the Web3 industry. In this role, you question, research, detect, solve, and sell!

You must have a clear understanding of mapping processes so that end-users (customers) know what your product brings to the table.

Simultaneously, you need to ensure that the mapping is aligned to the product’s growth and sustainability goals.

Skills you need? Top-tier problem solving and an adept knowledge of technological innovations. 

Want an edge over other applicants? Get certified in IT Project Management!

UI/UX Designer

The U.S. Navy, since the sweet 60s, has employed the K.I.S.S. principle (translates to Keep It Simple Stupid) to design systems for warfare. 

Similarly, since blockchain is jargon to most end-users in the Web3 world, a UI/UX designer is needed to simplify complex designs and make them functional.

So, from ideating to launching, you need to spearhead the process and bring the app home! (or rather launch it for billions of end-users, but hey— no stress!)

This role will require you to be exceptional with design tools like Figma, Sketch, XD, etc. What’s more, if you’re interested, you could even build a career as a UX designer in the Metaverse!

Legal Manager/Cyber Security Expert

Even the oh-so-popular Camille Vasquez had to sweat it out in court to win the (in)famous Johnny Depp trial, so you’ll need to work long hours too!

As a lawyer in the Web3 industry, you need to be well-versed with cyber laws and alternate dispute resolution methods in the cyber market. 

For this, go on to specialise in Cyber Law or Cyber Security as an additional cherry-on-top to your existing baccalaureate in law.

Content Marketer

Here’s one of our favourites- the dynamic content marketer!

As a content marketer, you will be responsible for sales and marketing of different products and services available in the Web3 universe. Your skillset must include content creation and ideation, marketing, user analytics, search-engine optimisation, social media marketing, etc.

Top tip: Pursue certificate courses to get a closer look at industry-approved tips and content marketing strategies.

Finance and Banking Expert 

NFTs, Crypto, so on and so forth. Yes, we’ve all heard these confusing terminologies. However, we must note that these point towards roles in banking and finance.

The idea’s simple: if you’re buying a product or service, you need to fund it, and where there are funds, they have to be managed.

web3 use cases

A finance or banking professional with prior knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency will be the man of the hour as he would be tasked with managing funds and transactions, advising on financial matters, and more!

Top Tip: Get an industry-recognised certification in a banking or finance (FinTech) niche that will make your resume stand out!

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